What girl go to a concert?

Girls to each event carefully selected image. But sometimes the beloved or friends to surprise: they buy a ticket to a concert, and talking about it at the last moment. What to do? In this article, we answer the question: what is going to a concert girl?

Speech pop artist

What girl go to a concert?

Before you go to a concert of popular singer, you need to answer a few questions. You have a ticket to the dance floor or seats? The concert takes place in a large room or a small room? And of course, do not forget that each artist has his own style.

So all the same, what to go to the concert? If you want to dance, you should not wear short slinky dress. Hem can be ridden up and correct the situation will be impossible, as crowds on the dance floor a lot. It is better to give preference to jeans or trousers. As for the top, there is need to select something on the thick straps without any volumetric decorative elements.

When choosing shoes, give preference to low-go. Concert - this is not a disco. On the dance floor too many people, and every second you can heel to step on the foot during the dance. As for accessories, they did and do not wear. And where to put the phone? In pocket. Bag hard pushed through the crowd, and of the constant jerking the handle can come off.

Rock Concert

What girl go to a concert?

If the guy you invited to the speech of his favorite musical group, then to deny him ugly. As you go to a rock concert girl? It is foolish to think that for such events need to dress all in black, with lots of thorns. It is no longer in vogue. Today rocker rarely dons the classic attributes. Therefore, going to a concert, give preference to a free and convenient things. Still dressed all in white, it is not necessary. Which outfit is perfect for going to a rock concert? As you go girl? Wear tight jeans, they can be any color, and add the image of a free T-shirt or jacket. From footwear to choose rough shoes, if you do not have these, wear shoes with low heels thick. And you go to a concert girl who wants to be romantic even among rockers? Select crocheted or knitted dress. It must be all dark hues. Today in fashion emerald and burgundy color. Low shoes on a flat course ideal complete image.

The concert of symphonic music

What girl go to a concert?

If you are going to the conservatory or in the theater, she should look not only stylish and feminine. As you go to a concert of symphonic music? You should choose a beautiful dress. Its length should not be much above the knee. At social events of such a plan should not wear revealing outfits and hit the audience a mini-skirt. Beautiful evening dress would be appropriate. If you do not have anything suitable, choose a modest version of casual wear. Black or gray dress will look quite appropriate, if it is supplemented with matching accessories. This can be a catchy necklace, shiny clutch or long earrings. Of footwear should give preference to a boat or a boots with heels. You will not dance, it means that beauty can be put in front of convenience.

Rap Battle

What girl go to a concert?

Such activities in recent years become more and more. They go guys, but they often take with them companions. What girl go to a concert? This is not a social event. Rap battles - a product of the streets, and therefore democratic, sporty style is quite appropriate. Should choose comfortable jeans or a casual skirt. As the top is quite suitable sweater, shirt or bomber. Do not wear anything that is decorated with rhinestones, if you want to add luster, prefer clothes with sequins. Rap-battles people do not sit and listen to the performers standing. From heels should be abandoned. Select comfortable shoes or sneakers.

The concert of country music

What girl go to a concert?

If you are going to such an event, it is necessary to give preference to clothes in casual style. As you go to the concert? Photo variant of one of the orders can be viewed above. What to wear? Prefer jeans. Country assumes clothing made of denim. This does not necessarily have to be jeans. You can choose a jacket made of denim or a stylish suit, which can pull a strap. Free way in which you feel comfortable - that would be appropriate.

If you want to stay at a concert girl - select a dress. This can be something decorated with ruffles and bows. Like this dress dolls. But we must understand that the deep neckline and open back - it's not what you expect to see around. Dress should be modest. Choose a style below the knee, and with long sleeves. Add an image can cowboy boots. But there are not many. Therefore, select the model that is most similar to the cowboys of the Wild West shoes. Even in the summer should wear boots. Naturally, they should be lace or perforated. As accessories give preference hat. It can have a wide field, but still so as not to disturb others choose less massive accessory. Relatively bags can be recommended to take with something small. "Economic string bag" will look out of place.

The attention to detail

What girl go to a concert?

Because of stylish accessories can make any image of a catchy and memorable. If you think that only a social event not wear jewelry, it is not so. At the concert, country music would be appropriate to complement the outfit with leather bracelets. Moreover, they can be combined and silverware. Smaller rings and earrings, studs are an excellent complement to the image. As you go to a rock concert girl, we told you above, but may add an image bracelets and choker. You can also decorate your hair with a handkerchief. It should be woven into a braid or tie on top of the beam.

At those concerts that involve active movement on the dance floor, it is best not to wear anything massive than could cling to the neighbors. This applies not only rings, bracelets and watches. These include accessories and boots on, and decorative elements on the bag. From scarves and massive decorations, too, is abandoned. Quickly moving to the dance, you will sweat, and accessories will bring discomfort due to the constant friction.