The dress code is "cocktail" for men and women, photos

Cocktail parties are generally appointed for 16-17 hours. Such events are carried out in a less solemn format than, for example, secular receptions. Therefore, the appearance of the guests can be a free and relaxed.

The dress code is

The most common presentations are held, exhibitions, opening of cultural institutions in cocktail format. The invitation to such events is usually indicated dress (dress code) - a "cocktail." Some people prefer to register it in Latin letters: Coctail and Coctail Attire.


The concept of "dress code" appeared in the UK. Dress-code word literally translates to "dress code". The British always honored tradition, the appearance of guests of the event is very important for them.

But the concept of the dress code is "cocktail" has appeared in the United States. During the heyday of the "dry law" became popular soft private parties. Guests often linger on holiday until dawn. And so the girls did not have problems with the police, it was decided to put on elegant, but short dress. Such attire was easy to hide under the cloak or coat.

The history of the cocktail dresses began in the 20s of the twentieth century. This was due to the growing popularity of the twist dance, during which the lady could get lost in flowing dresses floors. It was much easier to dance in the dress with a short skirt. Leaf at the same time remain the same.

The most iconic and popular kind of cocktail of female attire and in those days, and today is considered a little black dress.

First, the rules of dress code "cocktail" were quite strict. It was thought that the outfit should certainly be monotonous and have a closed top. Men were allowed only strict business suits, black and brown. Today's designers are a little bit away from the classical dogmas. Before modern mods opens fairly wide scope.

The dress code is

What happens at such events?

"Cocktail" dress code is required for different occasions. More often than not it is appropriate to formal events, when the expensive business suit may look strange, but a tuxedo too pretentious. For example, the invitation marked Coctail Attire can be found at the following events:

  • festive corporate banquet (including the Swedish format);
  • a family celebration with many guests;
  • a dinner party;
  • presentation of the book;
  • opening of an exhibition gallery, a new restaurant;
  • the celebration of the contract, the professional holiday, an important event in the life of the company.

In most cases, the holidays in a cocktail format are held indoors. But in the warm season as a place of celebration can be selected, for example, an open terrace restaurant.

There are three formats cocktail parties, and the dress code on them more widely. Let us consider in detail.

Business Party

This category includes corporate parties or business meetings with counterparts in the restaurant.

In such cases, provided a fairly strict dress code "cocktail." Ladies is recommended to choose a strict dress simple cut without cleavage. Excess lush decor like Fuld on the sleeves, ruffles and lace inserts are not suitable for such cases. But relevant today Basque is quite acceptable.

Massive decorations also not welcome, it is better to choose laconic earrings or a brooch. Shoes have to be strict, the best choice will be the classic boats. Man better put on a strict black, brown or dark-blue suit, dress shoes and monochromatic light shirt. Tie is a mandatory attribute.

Classics of the genre

This category refers to any cocktail event starting before nine in the evening. Apply the laid-back dress code. You can wear a bright dress with bare shoulders and arms. Desirably, the skirt was 10 cm below or above the knees. You can put on shoes sandals with an open toe or unusual high heels.

Regarding the choice of decorations should give preference to expensive jewelry or too massive jewelry with natural stones. But the jewelry with diamonds or solid gold items better reserved for another occasion.

The dress code is

For men permissible and even desirable cufflinks and an expensive watch. But you can not wear a tie.

social events

Tighter "evening cocktail" dress code operates at social events. There are valid even long dress (this is the only cocktail format, where you can select the elongated outfit). Appropriate cables, draperies, cuts. Add an image can be long gloves, fur boas or coat.

Recommendations for Ladies

Stylists tips will help all those who received an invitation to the event marked "dress code" cocktail "."

Photo of women dressed in the style of a cocktail party, help to once again see how wide choice of attire.

The dress code is

When making a decision, consider the features of the figure. Today, in a fashion easy retro, reminiscent of the 20-30-ies of the last century. It looks very elegant lace and guipure inserts from, but under them have to be lined.

If you are lost and can not decide, take a win-win - give preference to the little black dress. Probably, this advice is still relevant in many decades. Very important bag. Suitable theater model on a thin strap or clutch. The bag can be richly decorated with embroidery, beads, and sequins. Bulky models for cocktail image did not fit.

What not to do

"Cocktail" dress code for women does not allow for a combination of white blouse with a black skirt. This dress will be more like a guest waitress.

Too short skirt and frank neckline cheap way. Ladies over forty is better to abandon dresses above the knee length. Particular caution should exercised in skirts to the floor, especially lush.

The dress code is

If you dress bare shoulders, deep cuts and a mini length should not be. Dresses in linen style popular again, but at a cocktail party, which takes place in the cold season, they have no place, as too glittering clothes.

Jewelry should be no more than three. Bracelet, a small pendant on a thin chain and concise earrings - a great option. If you prefer a spectacular necklace of other accessories is to refuse (the only exception is the wedding ring). There is another unusual option - the so-called cocktail ring with a large stone. Amendments thereto are not necessary.

"cocktail" Dress code for men

What to wear gentleman? Today in vogue cocktail along with classic monophonic allowed pinstriped suit. Shirt in the case must be monochromatic. But when it comes to taking in high places, such liberty is not allowed.

Range of accessories is also regulated by Ravil dress code "cocktail" for men. Photo of elegant gentlemen in the illustrations indicate that although the choice is not too wide, but that details make the image. The main requirement - it should be very good quality.

The dress code is

In order not to experience difficulties, you can pay attention to the ready-made solutions. Today, many brands offer sets of cufflinks, watches, Tie pins, which are ideal for each other. Some stylists recommend hats. Cocktail dress code loyal to this accessory, but it should be ideally suited to the image.

Footwear corresponding dress code "cocktail"

Photos clearly show that for women is compulsory heel. According to the rules, he should not be less than eight centimeters. A wedding, an anniversary presentation and you can go in sandals or shoes with open toe. Ankle boots and boots for such events do not fit. If a cocktail event to be signing a contract or negotiations with partners, toe and heel should be closed. A mandatory part of any cocktail image are stockings or tights. If you have to have fun on holiday in hot season, pick up a very thin stockings, but in no case do not go there with bare feet.

The dress code is

Particular attention should be given to shoes and accessories. Shoes simply have to be in perfect condition. Universal color black is considered, it is appropriate in most cases. When choosing a model, it is worth paying attention to the derby or oxfords.