Bicycle "Stealth Navigator 550": description, specifications, reviews

When choosing a bicycle must take into account its purpose, optimal technical characteristics and cost. Mountain bikes are expensive and not all models are suitable. Universal and pretty budget model is the "Stealth Navigator 550". However, its features are not for everyone, so it is recommended to study the characteristics of the sample and determine the feasibility of buying.


The brand "Stealth"

The company is a Russian, but the components are purchased in China and Japan. Bicycles are available for cheap, so they are often bought as a transport for teenagers.

The manufacturer boasts fairly rich assortment. Among the samples can choose a model with various characteristics and technical features.

The assembly is not of high quality. The people data bikes are considered recreational option for adolescents and amateur racers.


Design features

Every bike has its own characteristics. "Stealth Navigator 550", on the idea of ​​design engineers, equipped with an unusual shape frame. The geometry of classic bikes consists of the triangle. The frame design of this type is considered to be the most stable and durable. However, the bicycle considered its own characteristics. Designers began to adhere to standard tradition and have developed something new. As a result, the frame formed output beam. Special advantages it does not give, but "Stealth Navigator 550" many remembered this feature. According to reviews, this frame does not look too appealing. Others, by contrast, believe that the output beam emphasizes the convenience of landing.


Used Suspension

According to the type used by all suspension bikes are divided into two types:


  1. Dvuhpodvesy. They present depreciation on two wheels. But because of this particular bikes are capable of crossing the mountainous areas and can jump on the curbs. However, they differ too much weight.
  2. Hardtail. The structure is provided only on the front wheel fork. They are not designed for mountain trails and are used mostly on bike paths in the park.

"Stealth Navigator 550" can be classified as a hardtail. The rear suspension it lacks. With the included only the front fork damping. Therefore, the model is not designed for mountain descents. However, the rear part is reinforced, so many young people to easily overcome curbs and other obstacles and maneuver the bike stand.

It is worth noting that all of the bike is not equipped with high-quality spring-damping system. But the model of the budget price range are not equipped with this kind of design. Therefore, jumping over obstacles pretty much felt by rider.


"Stealth Navigator 550": characteristics of

Despite the lack of rear suspension, the sample refers to mountain bikes. The manufacturer claims that it is possible to overcome rough terrain and off-road drive. Consumers appreciate the "Navigator 550" for its versatility. Its design is suitable for teenagers and adults. In the study of the bicycle "Stealth Navigator 550" specifications look pretty decent. Mountain bike, he has a rather low weight - only 17 kg. But keep in mind that weight is calculated without taking into account accessories. The standard package includes:

  • lights;
  • the speedometer;
  • bag.

Additional characteristics should be made of a steel frame. Of course, the material is cheaper, but not as durable. Better models have an aluminum frame. Steel has its drawbacks. One of them - the susceptibility to corrosion. Therefore Stels Navigator bicycle is not recommended for use in rainy day. Besides it is necessary to observe the rules of operation and storage. So, it is better not to keep the bike in the winter in an unheated garage or balcony Open. After racing through the puddles better to wipe dry the body of the bike.

Features tires

Stels Navigator bicycle is not different from other mountain bikes and has 26-inch wheels. The manufacturer took care of the terrain and set tires with aggressive tread. Thus the model is suitable to overcome rough terrain, but we should not forget the not too quality suspension.

It should be noted particularly strong rim, which was used for the production of an aluminum alloy. As a result, they have gained a strong, yet lightweight. To overcome the mountain trails specially reinforced wheel design.

Bicycle "Stealth Navigator 550" refers to the category of the mountain. For this purpose a 21 speed. However, to switch them provided the most simple system. But, judging by the reviews of users if they are properly adjusted, the cavity they perform their intended functions.



there are very different views among buyers. Many satisfied riders. Universal model, suitable for beginners and experienced cyclists. Many people purchase the bike for teenagers, so they drove into the yard. Parents are satisfied with the price of a small model. Qualitative characteristics are pretty decent. Bike withstand daily load and fully justifies its cost.

However, the "Stealth Navigator 550" reviews from professionals is negative. Looks from the bike pretty decent. It looks like a mountain. But if we consider the technical aspects, the true purpose of his - a walk in the park or cycle paths.

The advantages of the model

"Stealth Navigator 550" has long had its admirers. Some are satisfied with its accessibility, the other - the universality, others will appreciate the good performance. Among the advantages of users allocate:

  • Bright appearance.
  • A solid, light steel frame.
  • The presence of plastic wings.
  • Alloy wheels and reliable brakes.
  • Light weight.
  • The presence of steps.
  • The ability to jump on the curbs.
  • an affordable price.

Bike often taken as a recreational option or to drive teens. If you want a professional mountain bike, the model can serve as a first choice.

Those who are eyeing the "Stealth Navigator 550" model price helps to make the final choice. Bicycle, according to the place of purchase, can be purchased for 9000-11000 rubles.



Bicycle "Navigator 550" aggressive and has a striking design. It belongs to the mountain bike, but its real purpose - bike paths, forest trails and easy terrain. Judging by the reviews, the bike behaves well on the road, the steering wheel to maneuver and easy to manage.

Many notice that the bike is a family. Its unusual frame allows convenient perching men, women and younger children. Bike reliable, strong and bright.

It is important that the steering wheel is adjustable for height. Therefore, many children acquire a bike, and he "grows" with them. At the same father or mother can take advantage of the bike, just set it up for themselves.

Do not worry about the "eight". Japanese used rim of an aluminum alloy. They do not bend even under the weight of an adult and aged reinforced load. Rounding out the complete set of reliable brakes. They respond well and the bike is stopped, even on a wet track. For maximum comfort provided stylish saddle. It is conveniently located high-spirited teenagers, brutal men and women demanding.