Cyclists Author: customer reviews

Bike - one of the best means of transportation. He is environmentally friendly and helps maintain a healthy body. Own bike should fit under all of the options you want. That is why you need to consider the choice of the new bike is very serious.

How to pick up a bike

Choosing a new bike - a serious matter. Before buying you need to carefully think over. Each bike has its own specific parameters. But they were many. So you need to choose a two-wheeled transport, which best could fit in all respects to the buyer. You need to decide before purchase, what will be the new bike: what material is made frame, which brakes which the height of the frame, what tires installed, design and much more. But the most important - is the quality of the bike and its components. This is the main criterion in the selection. Now sells a lot of cheap low-quality products, the dignity which is, unfortunately, only the price. At the moment, only a bike Author can combine the two main parameters in the selection - quality and price.

Cyclists Author: customer reviews

Few words about the company

Cyclists Author, reviews of which make pay attention to it, is being developed on the homonymous company located in the Czech Republic. Bikes themselves mainly produced in Taiwan. The company itself is still quite young. It was founded in nineteen ninety-third year. Maybe because the manufacturer has not yet become a legend, a bicycle Author is not so expensive, in contrast to many other hyped and propiarenny velobrendov. Every year, the company is getting closer to success. Production is growing, too, because the demand is becoming more and more. Then bike Author became known not only in the Czech Republic, but also in other countries.

Cyclists Author: customer reviews

Why is the company so successful?

For quick success need only one thing - a good combination of price and quality. For this reason, the bike Author and has become so popular in the market. The manufacturer has clearly identified the main requirement that will be produced products - it must be of high quality. Buyers pleased that bike Author, whose price was not fabulous, remained primarily a good and reliable.

Many components of the bike are manufactured at its plants, so the quality of parts do not worry. Of course, in terms of the aesthetics of a two-wheeled horse is also not inferior. Designers of the company very well try to make their product was unique in its kind.

Cyclists Author: customer reviews

Bicycles from the "Author"

The company is engaged in production of many bikes. In "Writer" has its lineup. Each model is designed for a particular purpose. To know which bike to choose yourself, you need to decide the style and skating place.

Mountain bikes

Mountain bike Author used to driving on rough terrain and overcome the complex natural obstacles. Frame it powerful and heavy, and wide tires with deep treads. This is the basic difference MTB (Mount bikes). They are divided into two types: dvuhpodves and hardtail.

Let's start with dvuhpodvesov, they are called fulami. The most important feature of them - the presence of the second suspension. It absorbs rear wheel. In hardtail only damper on the plug. Due to the fact that the seat post he has no suspension, it was called "Hardtail", which means "strong rear end." These bikes are almost all-terrain. The only thing that upset, because this is their weight. mountain bike reaches twenty times the mass of a kilogram, while dvuhpodvesov it even more. All the fault of a heavy suspension, sturdy frame and wide tires weighty. So that such a miracle is not adapted for long distances.

Cyclists Author: customer reviews


Roadies - a kind of bikes. They are tailor-made for fast driving and long hikes. All this influenced their design. The fact that the roadies very light frame. With all components ready bike can weigh up to ten kilograms, and it is a very big plus for long-distance travel. Characteristic features of Roadies - a thin casing, the chuck brakes and steering wheel-ram. Due to the folded handlebars while riding can be enough for me, that makes this process much easier.


Hybrids - a unique bikes that have their own characteristics. They have appeared on the market just a couple of decades ago. The fact that hybrids - the product is Mount tanks and roadies. It turned out something new. This bike is designed for those who love to ride both on the ground, cross-country and forest paths as well as for conventional asphalt. In short, it is a versatile bike that shows its effectiveness in all conditions.

From Gornik he received a heavy and sturdy frame that is ready to withstand heavy loads. From the highway the bike hybrids went wheel-ram and dvadtsativosmidyuymovye wheel.

Cyclists Author: customer reviews

Bicycle Author: reviews

The most famous names of this brand hybrids. They are popular for their high quality products, reliability and practicality of each model. But the rest of the model as a whole is also noteworthy.

For what people like "author"? Reviews say that these bikes have a special ease of movement, which was not observed in other brands. Also it enjoys a very good handling. It performs well on rough terrain: not much loses control in the sand or mud, well takes some of the obstacles in the form of puddles, bumps, holes, rocks and jumps. One of the downsides - service. Sometimes it is hard to find and replace a broken part. So you have to move to some other options.

Children's bicycle Author

One of the main factors of a happy childhood - a bicycle. So the choice of bike for your child, too, must be taken seriously. Most importantly, he came of age and was not too expensive. Bicycle "Cosmic Author" - is the perfect solution. He has a solid frame, dvadtsatidyuymovymi wheels, rigid fork and rim brakes - everything you need for a children's bicycle. It is the "Cosmic" is best suited to children. Not only that it is specially designed for them, so he still has a couple of advantages. Its weight - about nine kilograms. This means that a child can make this inventory. He also has six speeds, which will make it easier to ride.

Cyclists Author: customer reviews

For teenagers perfect bike Author trophy. "Trophy" - is the most common bike. It belongs to the mountain type. It has everything you need for walking on rough terrain, besides it is inexpensive. It is fitted on the basic elements "Shimano" frame, the movable plug is made of steel. This bike will not fail in difficult situations.