Retro-bikes: the fashion for the old days

The word "retro" with the Latin translates to "back". The fashion for retro-style has always been, and is unlikely to go away. The old days sometimes longs for every person, and all sorts of things that resemble childhood, cause a smile and warm at heart.

Bicycles retro

Retro bikes - a model of the past years, from whom all your favorite modern bikes. Of course, today there are virtually no commercially available and vintage vehicles mi see only in pictures. When comparing the retro and modern design bikes can be seen a lot in common, although there are many differences.

Retro-bikes: the fashion for the old days

Retro-bikes and is now attractive and popular. Behind it stands to thank the rapid development of the bike industry, which resulted in the active implementation of the transport in the life of modern man. Some, getting a retro bike, just want to stand out from the crowd. Someone found them more durable and reliable than the current models, but there are just lovers of antiques, including bicycles.

Bicycles last

Previously, bikes are not only a means of transportation, but also trendsetters, creating a real buzz around him.

Most desirable bikes in our country steel sports "Tachyons" and model "Sputnik" had virtually every Soviet citizen. These women retro bikes - is a model "the Stork", which was also quite popular.

Retro-bikes: the fashion for the old days

Abroad certain model of bicycle is often considered a symbol of the country. For example, he associated with England stylish "Roadster". Virtually all of Britain moved to this difficult cycle, starting from the beginning of the twentieth century until the Second World War. In America, the most popular are models from Harley Devidson, which are called simply "Dayton". This company not only produces stories, but also engaged in production of useful and stylish innovation.

Retro bikes today

Currently, old bikes are not lost its relevance, because over time they become invaluable rarity. Respectively, and the price for them is growing every year.

Some companies make bikes in the retro style. For example, the company produces model Autum Epitaph Cruiser. Its positioning as a retro bike, but in appearance it is more original than the old one. At the bike has four wheels, bonded pairs, leather frame, seat and handlebars.

Retro-bikes: the fashion for the old days

If you want to buy a real old-fashioned bicycle, you should pay attention to the model of "Ariel", invented by James Starley. In people it is called a "spider". Its distinctive feature - the wheels. The front wheel has a diameter of 36 inches, and the rear - 12 inches. On the antique show leather inserts and dark shades of beige body.

Retro style is now so popular that manufacturers create not only retro-bikes, but other highly original vehicle. For example, in American Chopper Steam-O joined harleevsky bike and engine. Its distinguishing feature - the lack of spokes on the wheels and wheel connection a special mechanism in the form of a rock coupling.

Retro Bicycle Designs

Design, similar to modern bicycles, appeared at the beginning of the XIX century. It all started with the bike scooters - a frame, which has a wheel, seat and steering wheel, but there is no pedal drive. To move it, you had to repel down. Today, these bikes are buying small children. In the middle of the XIX century have appeared Bicycle pedals. Wheel size at the same time very different - the front was more back three times, and the wheel was low. Manageability in such vehicles was very low, and he developed a rather high speed. About the brakes out of the question, so that the transport was too dangerous.

A significant breakthrough in the design of bicycle chain transmission and became equal to the size of the wheels. Ram purchased a diamond shape, which is typical for the current models. And since 1889 they began to equip vehicles with rubber tires chamber with the trigger valve.

Retro-bikes: the fashion for the old days

Soviet classic bikes

Classic retro bikes since the Soviet Union - it is mostly single-speed model. The frame can be either solid or folding.

The most common model is the wheel "Ural". It is characterized by thin and durable frame tubes, 28-inch wheels, brake drums, wide seat, a large right wheel, fenders and trunk. In this bike quite a lot of weight, but at the same time it develops a decent speed. In Soviet times, it transported a variety of goods (bags, firewood) and 1-2 passengers.

Another brand USSR-is "Kama". He produced both in the male and in the female embodiment. This is a bike with 20-inch wheels, low frame, high seat and the steering wheel. Also, the "Kama" could be the front rim brake and a variety of additional accessories (mirrors, bag for tools, trunk, wings).

Some bikes were Soviet and other attachments. For example, the model of "The Tourist" was specifically designed for long journeys. Such a bicycle equipped with two load carriers special bag and a large lamp. For kids produced its own model - a tricycle. Its design is similar to the first front-wheel drive model.

Cruiser - retro bike of our times

Cruiser-bike - urban retro bike designed for walking, having the original design of the frame. Its three main advantages: aesthetics, comfort, simplicity.

He appeared this bike in 1933, and became popular in the mid-twentieth century. The second wave of popularity began at the end of the last century. These models are produced with an exquisite frame, large wheels, wide recreational saddle direct high wheel and additional canopies (trunk footstep and t. D.)

Cruisers are both singlspidnymi and speed. True, high-speed transmission models quite a bit, but the city bike a lot and does not require.

Retro-bikes: the fashion for the old days

As mentioned above, the cruiser - is a bicycle city. Retro bike is only for driving on a flat surface. Thus it is heavy and rather stable.

To summarize, I would like to say that, despite the emergence of new models, which are also constantly improving, in a retro-style bikes do not disappear from the market and will continue to be in demand.