Women's stories: how to choose the size of the frame of a bicycle?

There is a misconception that women's bike does not happen, but it happens only female frame - always open. This is not true. Women's bikes and there are a number of features that make them such. For example, what parameters need to know to choose the right frame size - height, weight? And yet? Let's face it.

What are the characteristics of women's bike?

Women's stories: how to choose the size of the frame of a bicycle?

An important role is played by the size of bicycle frame: a woman needs in a more compact design - with a smaller distance from the steering wheel to the seat. Thus, women's bike shorter top tube, seat but - on the contrary, is wider. Female bike, if we are talking about a city or a walking, much sleeker male: it may be increased wheelbase, set a wider rim and a soft seat. There are bikes for women with automatic switching speeds. frames for women's bicycles usually made of aluminum, and the pedals with the possibility to drive not in sports shoes, and sandals. And, of course, on such bikes are often paintings and decorative items.

How to choose a bike: city models

Women's stories: how to choose the size of the frame of a bicycle?

To begin, decide what it is you need, and then we'll figure out how to choose the size of the bicycle frame. For trips outside the city and more serious trips require different types of bicycles. City bicycle as a rule, once equipped with wings and luggage compartment. This is not a professional design, and it is intended for skiing in the parks or streets. The cost will depend on the frame and hitch. To manage this bike does not need to have any special knowledge, as manufacturers typically put on them automatic gearshift and foot brakes.

Mountain bikes

In women's mountain bike bicycle frame size and its geometry will differ from city, but, nevertheless, especially the female body is still taken into account. In addition, the wheels have a smaller diameter (24-26 inches), brake - hand, one must have a large number of shock absorbers and gear.

Road Bikes

Women's stories: how to choose the size of the frame of a bicycle?


They are considered classic. Roadies make it possible to develop a high speed on a flat road, and enjoy it. They set the wheels of large diameter (about 27 inches). Touring bikes

Otherwise, they are called hybrids. The diameter of the wheels like roadies, but they put a thicker rubber. These wheels permit to ride not only on paved roads, but also on gravel. On this bike is good to make long trips - the size of the bicycle frame is fitted so that the body is in the most comfortable position.

So, what to choose?

Based on the information presented above, it is possible to make a choice in favor of a bicycle. For sightseeing, choose a classic feminine frame. For long trips on good roads - road bikes. For more complex routes and sessions hybrids suitable fitness. And for serious training in cycling - mountain biking, or, then again, roadies, if you want to take part in high-speed races. For frame selection issues is best to consult a specialist, which is in any sporting goods store. Remember one thing: the best counselor - your body, and if it is convenient - means the bike is right for you.