Mountain bikes MTB: reviews, specifications, model range

Mountain biking is the most common and popular to date, this type of two-wheeled vehicle. It is also called mountain biking: from the English. Mountain Bike (abbreviated - MTB). This bike is primarily intended for the poor quality of roads or areas with rugged terrain. Apparently, therefore, it is so in demand today.

Mountain bikes MTB: reviews, specifications, model range


The term "mountain bike MTB" is very broad. It combines a significantly different in purpose and design of the subtypes. According to the second feature of the Mountain Bike divided into rigidy - model without depreciation, Hardtail with suspension fork and dvuhpodvesnye stories. Whereas for other purposes, there are mountain bikes, designed for straight, Dirt, frirayra, downhill and so on. N. general purpose bikes.

The most popular are the very last among the population. MTB Bike - Non-specialized mountain type, is intended for moderately Aggressive driving on roads or off-road. This variant is in demand among those who like to travel by bike, while not a professional athlete. The concept of "bike MTB" appeared in the XIX-XX centuries, when the US Army is exploring the possibility to use the bike in the mountains.

Officially, however, the first instance of the two-wheeled vehicle in 1975 was made by Ritchey. However, he was very different from its current prototype. The first MTB bike weighed about thirty kilograms. Gradually improved it. In 1981, the company was issued Specialized model-completion Ritchey. It was called the Specialized Stumpjumper and was much cheaper. Soon the mountain bike market has been formed: it appeared many products are now well-known brands, for example, Shimano or Santour.

Mountain bikes MTB: reviews, specifications, model range


In order to understand what is decisive for the class mountain bike, you must first formulate their purpose. This class of bikes designed for off-road riding. So it has certain features in the design to allow easy uphill, use it to jump, reliable performance under load. MTB bicycle equipped with nodes that differ from those elements highway, road and track patterns. At the same time they have the same general structure.

Many leading manufacturers are trying to introduce new technologies in the design of bicycles for mountain biking, but from it the essence of this vehicle is not changed: he still has a frame, two wheels, handlebars, fork and seat.


Consider all the elements of mountain bikes and their features. MTB bicycle equipped as light frame. In this case it uses underestimated geometry and reinforced tube. As a result, increased as a visual volume and the real weight of the bike. Almost all bikes for mountain bike suspension fork is present. The rear shock absorber is placed solely on dvuhpodvesnyh models. MTB Bike has a large skylight.

Mountain bikes MTB: reviews, specifications, model range

Almost all models are equipped with reinforced wheels with dual wheels, fat tires with a strong tread pattern.

Another characteristic of MTB mountain bike - a combination of reduced transmission, which can compensate for a sharp rise. The brakes on most models, simple but reliable v-brake, mounted on some circular variations with hydraulic line for maximum precision power transmission.


Choose a mountain bike challenge. On the market today is represented by many manufacturers. Best quality, according to experts, is the production of sportswear companies Specialized. Bikes from this manufacturer can be seen on the Olympic Games and major competitions. This is a real innovative bikes, however, and the price is the same.

Another market leader - the company Trek. One time MTB bike 26-inch this manufacturer led by sales in the US. The wide model range, consistently high quality - so speak about the company's bikes consumers. Another big name in the market - GT. Its products has a unique frame geometry, which gives maximum reliability and rigidity. The company is a large holding company, which also includes Mongoose and Schwinn.

Economy options

Classic production is the range Cannondale - producer, who has always focused on new technologies. production mountain bikes German company Cube was launched in 1992. Its products are a little bit behind in quality from the American counterparts, for example, Cannondale, but it is cheaper and has a striking design.

Mountain bikes MTB: reviews, specifications, model range

In recent years, the sales leader was the Chinese Giant. His range is renowned for average quality, very low price. For example, a bike MTB Sport this manufacturer can be purchased for only twelve thousand rubles. And the abundance of the line allows the buyer to choose a favorite bike, taking into account the required parameters. Bicycles MTB Stels - is reliable Russian model. They have a well matched components, advanced frame-clone brands, which makes it possible for a small amount to buy a reliable bike, the appropriate high level.

Bicycle Altair MTB HT 26

These domestic mountain bikes belonging to the budget class, technically suited for active driving over complex topography and various types of coatings, including dirt, gravel, sand, and so on. They are ideal for use in urban environments. Mountain bike "Altair" is equipped with a transmission for multiple speeds, but their number is less than that of similar bikes high price category. They are designed for both men and women. Bicycle MTB Altair has a rigid plug, V-Brake rim brakes, steel frame and the same rods system.

Mountain bikes MTB: reviews, specifications, model range

Tales of this manufacturer are deprived of many expensive options that are specific to unique premium. Competitive races on rough terrain or professional training in the aggressive style they are, of course, will not stand, but on the other side of this company, and does not apply. The characteristics of most models of this brand experts have called quite satisfactory for ordinary cyclists, more than half of technical improvements or complicated settings never come in handy.

The model number of this manufacturer is also a bike MTB 24, Teen from nine to thirteen. He assembled on a steel frame and has all the necessary parameters for dynamic driving. This model eighteen speeds, suspension fork, tires with an aggressive tread pattern, V-Brake brakes, and lightweight plastic fenders that protect the off-road dirt. Available models are available in two colors: white and blue.

Mountain bikes MTB: reviews, specifications, model range

Pros and cons of

Bicycle MTB Altair advantage is their staffing practically necessary novice biker - trunk, pump-up footboard supporting a pair of wheels in children models, etc., coupled with their low price... These bikes are heavy, however. Therefore, they can hardly be recommended for girls as well as the elderly and women, who are not prone to weight lifting. For MTB bike eighteen kilograms are very serious claim to inconvenience in use.

Bicycle MTB: reviews

Experts believe that the lower price limit price is more or less a decent model for mountain biking is not less than five hundred dollars. Judging by the reviews, for peaceful or long-distance travel is great bike MTB, which has a steel frame. Such models are cheaper, and they are durable and never break suddenly. About the upcoming failure owner can guess from the cracks that appear on the steel frame.

Mountain bikes MTB: reviews, specifications, model range

Pros trust transmission manufacturers such as Shimano or Sram. As evidenced by the feedback of fans, it is enough to drive twelve speeds. While extreme athletes are advised to buy a model with a large number of this option. For driving on hills and bumpy forest roads disc brakes can not do. However, reviews of amateur cyclists they are not too flattering, since accidentally damage them, should be prepared for serious spending. Choosing a bike MTB should be based on how it will be used, therefore, for non-professional drive is quite possible to stay at the Economy option.