Bicycles Shulz: overview, characteristics, manufacturer, reviews

Bicycle Shulz -Transportation Russian production facility, first appeared on the market in 2008. The stylish aluminum folding - they are based on similar imported products, however, compare favorably with those of its predecessors relatively low cost and the availability of the planetary hub which minimizes the care of the bike, and significantly extends the period of operation.

Very compact, high-quality, beautiful and inexpensive folding bikes Shulz made on the principle of "sat down and went," intended for daily skating and are in high demand among consumers. Manufactured in large plants - the world leader in the production of bicycles in Taiwan.


Value for money, bright cheerful colors and constant control of production - is not a complete list of features brand Shulz, and the benefits of this model of consumers have carried the following:

  • fast and compact folding on the "one-two" - omit the seat to the end and turn slightly to the left, folding pedals, steering wheel and, finally, a frame - everything is ready. All actions take not more than 20 seconds at a certain skill. These bikes except for the frame and are formed in the steering wheel and pedals. Folded vehicle turns very compact and can be secured by tie strap;
  • on any growth - Shulz can be adjusted in height to 195 cm with the ability to adjust the height of the saddle;
  • low weight - the first and the most popular models of Goa-3 weighs about 12, 7 kg with a full set of equipment;
  • a willingness to Russian roads - all Shulz model unlike many similar bike equipped with wide tires to drive both on asphalt and on rough dirt roads;
  • three-speed planetary hub on all models of speed switches using a small lever on the steering wheel and is maintenance-free for many years.

Bicycles Shulz: overview, characteristics, manufacturer, reviews

Shulz GOA Coaster

Overview Bicycle Shulz's start with the very first model of the company. Shulz Goa - a great option for exploring the city, and also overcome the bumpy road without any problems. Wheels can be pumped in the usual pump for cars.

At long trips on a bicycle back will not be tired at the expense of the classical half-landing. Lowered frame makes it comfortable to "ride" the bike, but with a convenient handle to easily carry it up the stairs and to overcome obstacles.

GOA model comes in two versions:

  • equipped with hand brakes;
  • one hand, and the second foot brake.

The Japanese planetary bicycle hub is responsible for three speeds, switching is simple and intuitive.

Bicycles Shulz: overview, characteristics, manufacturer, reviews

Bike Features Shulz Goa Coaster:

  • the plug is made of steel and the frame is made of aluminum (balance between control and stiffness);
  • frame folding steering locks and have an automatic lock and are made of aluminum;
  • Stem-component;
  • the wheel assembled on the Dutch equipment double rim and spokes tensioned qualitatively;
  • 2017 bush wheels for industrial bearings are made of aluminum and is perfectly protected from dirt;
  • seatpost length 33, 9 mm withstand even the toughest riders;
  • a bicycle equipped with footrest, full fenders and trunk.

The new model Lentus

This folding bike Shulz is made using reliable and proven components and is designed for heavy duty applications. He easily withstand the rider to load up to 130 kg and the effective disc brakes mechanical help to stop in time before heading off. The main "chip" of this model is a modern eight-planetary disc brake hub c. It can be used for off-road driving, do not forget the timely service.

Bicycles Shulz: overview, characteristics, manufacturer, reviews

The advantages of a folding bicycle Shulz Lentus:

  • 2, 3 inch thick all-weather tires from Kenda brand;
  • very robust and most modern eight-hub Shimano Nexus 8D SG-C6001C disk brake;
  • stiffness and give nakatistost bicycle frame and fork are made of aluminum;
  • Automatic locking frame lock;
  • reliable folding lock;
  • cartridge carriage to the industrial bearings of closed type.

Logo on the frame is made with a reflective effect that the cyclist was noticeable on the road.

Bicycle Shulz Krabi

This model is suitable for those who value comfort more than compactness. Wide comfortable seat, big fat tires - these are its distinctive features.

Bicycle Shulz Krabi size slightly larger Shulz Goa, with it not as convenient public transport, but it is perfectly placed in the trunk of most sedans. On this model, you can fit a child velokreslo.

Bicycle Shulz Krabi features a large, comfortable and wide seat, which is really comfortable and help you enjoy cycling.

Like all other models in the wheel Krabi has comfortable handles and The lever for switching speeds. Stem formed a single element and has Aheadset system.

Bicycles Shulz: overview, characteristics, manufacturer, reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • half-fit and comfortable saddle will spare your back, and the number of speeds (three) shchadjashche will affect the knees;
  • A baby velokresla;
  • folding pedal of impact-resistant plastic;
  • in the kit bag, luggage rack, running boards, bell, fenders, reflectors and reflectors;
  • double rim - milled aluminum, 28/36 spokes;
  • Kenda brand tires with avtonippelem on the camera.

This bike model Shulz, on responses of respondents, is an excellent folding option, the best for the city or garden. Due to the wide comfortable seat and 24-inch wheels of the vehicle is ideal for driving on any roads, including in the country.

The smallest

We are talking about a bicycle Shulz - Hopper 3. Three-speed modification of this model is useful to those who are not afraid of differences of 1-2 kilos, but who need the confidence to rise to the bridge or Vgoru, as well as those who want to accelerate quickly.

Bicycles Shulz: overview, characteristics, manufacturer, reviews

As a compact and versatile bike fits easily in the trunk and goes well with any kind of transport. Ideal for those who need to visit several places in a short time.

Bicycle manufacturer Shulz says Hopper good alternative folding patterns of trade brand Strida of the following characteristics:

  • convenient height adjustable steering wheel;
  • aluminum sleeve wheels with industrial bearings;
  • locks with automatic locking on the wheel and the frame;
  • closed type of cartridge carriage;
  • footrest and wings, additionally installed trunk.

Shulz Max and Mika

Since 2015 lineup Shulz models enriched by two interesting and inexpensive bikes. The single-speed Shulz-Mika and Shulz-Max with a two-speed automatic planetary hub from Sram Automatix.

Both vehicles have the same geometry, but differ in its details and components of the steel frame does products lighter (14 3 kg 14 5 kg) and increases nakatistost and allows the use of reliable folding mechanism, constricting rigidly its two halves into a single unit .

Bicycles Shulz: overview, characteristics, manufacturer, reviews

Convenient soft seat, ergonomic grips, folding pedals, gum on the roof rack, running boards, reflectors and a bell - despite the low cost of both models - a bicycle in which it is not necessary to change anything or redo - just set up the steering wheel, seat and I went.

Besides adult folding bicycles Shulz company produces several models of children's scooters, and bicycles begovelov.

Lightweight and durable bike Bubble 12

This model is a perfect gift and the beginning of the cycle for the young athlete's career at the age of two to four years. Smooth motion is provided with a belt drive, and stylish leather grips are not only practical, but also beautiful. Additional ladders, wheels will help you quickly learn to ride a bicycle. In addition, when teaching a child to hold comfortably for a special handle on the saddle.

Bicycles Shulz: overview, characteristics, manufacturer, reviews

Silver children Bubble 20

For young cyclists between the ages of 6 and 9 years old suitable lightweight and stylish Bubble 20 with easy to maintain a belt drive. It makes an easy start, running - smooth. It is not contaminated when driving. A reliable and unpretentious in the use of the planetary hub quickly teach a child to switch the speed to facilitate driving uphill.