Callanetics: exercise. Callanetics: reviews, photos

Who does not dream about a beautiful toned figure? Why not choose the right exercises to classes is fun? Especially that the choice today varied. Sports clubs open to all cities of Russia. They offer a wide range of gymnastic directions. One such area could be called a system of integrated static exercise - Callanetics developed by American Callan Pinckney. Callanetics - exercises aimed at stretching and contraction of muscles. It is assumed that one hour allotted to classes Callanetics gives the human body a load equal to 7 hours, or 24 hours shaping step aerobics.

Features Callanetics

This exercise system has a wide range of effects on the human body. We describe its main advantages.

  1. Callanetics - a set of exercises that can be performed at home or in a fitness club.
  2. For classes do not need special equipment.
  3. As a result of the absence of sharp movements trauma is minimized.
  4. The effect of weight loss will be noticeable after a few weeks of classes.
  5. to start the lessons should be 3 times a week. After the first results when the effect is visually visible, it can be reduced to two classes. Upon reaching the desired result training time is reduced to one hour per week.
  6. All training can be divided into 4 sessions lasting 15 minutes each, that is, not necessarily that it was one long workout.
  7. The complex consists of 29 exercises callanetics, which are based on yoga asanas. If done correctly, exercise all the muscles are involved at the same time, it is at this asana is the main focus.
  8. There is acceleration of metabolism in the body at regular employment Callanetics that promotes rapid and effective method of correction.
  9. Callanetics (reviews suffering from degenerative disc disease of people confirm this) helps to fight pain in the lumbar and cervical spine.
  10. Intensive classes will help to remove the folds of fat on the abdomen, hips will slim figure will adjust and rid it of excess weight. In the first week of classes, most zealous ladies will notice how the sides before our eyes began to melt, and somewhere has disappeared ugly flabby stomach.
  11. In the regular classes of the special exercises to remove the fat from those areas of the body where it is needed.
  12. Such exercises will help solve a number of psychological problems associated with self-esteem. Beautiful figure is worth the effort that must be applied to achieve the goal. Tightened ideal forms will bring much joy to the fair sex, mainly because you can easily change your boring wardrobe to a new, more sexy and interesting.
Callanetics: exercise. Callanetics: reviews, photos

The main requirements when exercising

  1. Avoid sudden movements and excessive stress.
  2. Use only bends, deflection, bending, lifting legs and torso in the supine position.
  3. Use only polushpagatami, swaying motion with emphasis on muscle strain.

to begin gymnastics Callanetics (reviews stakeholder groups confirm this) is always difficult, but the effect is slim and attractive figure does not take long. It is necessary to make only some effort to achieve the desired result.

How to start classes at callanetics

The basic principle of such exercises is that when the number of sessions for each exercise movement was not lower than 30 and not more than 100 times. Callanetics - a set of exercises to be performed without any sudden movements and jerks. When there is a painful condition of the muscles, you must stop the exercise immediately. In the course of employment is not forbidden to drink water. Accordingly, the water must be boiled or mineral. Do not use water from the tap. The amount of fluid required limit. It should stop when the thought comes that you can drink another cup.

As newcomers to make effective the exercise? Callanetics for beginners assumes a uniform distribution of exercises from easy to most difficult, that is, on the principle of increasing difficulty. In addition, they are divided into separate sub-headings. You can stop only on those that are of most interest. Not necessarily do all the exercises of the complex.

set of exercises can be performed selectively

Let's say that a woman wants to make the waist more elegant and tummy flatter. From this, you can only perform the complex, which is designed for the correction of these parts of the body. Callanetics exercises for weight loss will transform the figure will give tone and elasticity.

The main thing is not to hurry to complicate the exercise of the complex, as well as not to perform more movements provided for in the lessons. Otherwise there is a risk of rip cords. To anything that does not lead you well.

The basic set of exercises

Callan great experience helped her to form an optimal system for training. She chose 29 to exercise Callanetics. They should perform in a certain order and to take into account the growing complexity. The complex Callanetics exercise includes seven parts.

  1. Warm. Before basic exercises is recommended to warm up the muscles, hold a series of warm-up exercises to help get into shape gradually, which requires callanetics. Photo exercise arranged below will help to understand how to implement his plan. Workout contains 6 exercises: leg, shoulder girdle, neck and waist.
  2. Flat stomach. Three exercises for the effect of abdominal and strengthening his muscles were chosen to produce the desired result.
  3. The slender beautiful legs. They include four exercises to get the right result and slim leg shape.
  4. The thighs and buttocks. Five exercises to effectively act on deeply located muscles buttocks and thighs.
  5. Stretching. Six stretches muscle groups: hips, abdomen, buttocks, legs and arms.
  6. Belly dance. Three exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles directly.
  7. feet building. They include two exercises.

There is no reason to despair, if the result will not be visible in a few weeks. As a result, still get a beautiful body. The result of the work on a cause to rejoice any beautiful woman, and the entire complex will energize and bring a lot of positive emotions.

Callanetics: exercise. Callanetics: reviews, photos

Useful advice for beginners

  1. In no case do not need to force your body to overstress. In the early days of training should rest more often. If done less exercise than you need, but felt a slight pain in the muscles, it is best to stop in time.
  2. to carry out exercises necessary before the mirror. So you can look at yourself and clearly perform all the movements.
  3. Be sure to follow the breath. It should be such that it is. In any case not to delay it because the body is likely to remain without a certain amount of oxygen.
  4. These exercises are best done in silence, another rate may go astray.
  5. Do not worry and do not be depressed because of the fact that the weight will start to be added. This is normal, as the inflated muscles weigh more than flabby. As a result, still activates the slimming process, and everything returns to normal.
Callanetics: exercise. Callanetics: reviews, photos

Why do so many women opt for callanetics

Callanetics - exercises that take on a more and more popular every year. In the world, each representative of the fairer sex wants to have a perfect, slim and beautiful figure, but one desire is not enough. To do this, you need to eat right, to lead an active lifestyle and keep your figure in different exercises.

There are many ways to make the muscles toned. For example, aerobics, shaping, yoga, dancing, strength training, and so on. But if you still have difficulty with the choice of either not finding the ideal form of exercise Callanetics - a perfect solution to this problem. She recalls a leisurely gymnastics and yoga. And most importantly - it exercises no load on the heart.

Callanetics: exercise. Callanetics: reviews, photos

Reviews of Callanetics

Callanetics - exercise is a specific posture, involving all groups of deep muscles. With the help of these exercises muscle activity becomes very high, despite the fact that there is no field in the movements. Callanetics exercises are specifically designed for maximum load of all muscle groups. Feedback from participants in group sessions Callanetics mostly positive.

Callanetics quiet suitable for people who love to meditate or think, because when you exercise does not have to jump and run. It includes a more measured and restrained stress on muscles, so it can be an excellent choice for many people. It should also be noted that during exercise is excluded an opportunity to get a serious injury. People speak of callanetics as a gym for intellectuals.

With regular exercises complex, and reviews of satisfied members of the group confirm this statement, each person is required to get the desired look, formed a beautiful figure, normalized and optimized metabolism. In addition to all these exercises can significantly reduce weight and learn to control the body perfectly.

What is a non-force exercises

Non-force exercise Callanetics allow stretch and train your body muscles, making them stronger and more resilient. They have a positive effect on problem areas of the body, making them resilient and elegant. Awkward postures enable us to develop those muscles, which an untrained person is not even aware. When doing Callanetics muscle volume does not increase significantly, so every woman is sure to get a nice, slim and attractive figure. As you know, beautiful people attract, and with such gymnastics among them may be one. Everyone is guaranteed a spectacular appearance, which will acquire with the help of course of study called callanetics. Exercises in pictures to help understand all the nuances of the sport lessons.

Callanetics: exercise. Callanetics: reviews, photos

What is success to be expected from the classes Callanetics

If you decide to lose weight, and accurate understanding of where to start, do not, then believe me: callanetics - the best solution for this. It will really help to say goodbye to excess weight. Plus callanetics that do not need to buy special equipment to exercise or go to the gym. You can do everything at home. So will more economical and easier. Only need to wear comfortable clothing that will not hamper the movement and begin to exercise for beginners.

When doing Callanetics markedly improves metabolism. With exercise, you can lose weight very quickly and easily, but the skin will not look flabby because all muscles work when performing complex.

In addition to the positive effect on the metabolism, improves posture, chest becomes elastic, will take place a problem such as low back pain. Every move will be a smooth, elegant and more feminine. Gait acquire leogkost. At the beginning of the path to develop its awesome callanetics noticeable impact on the appearance in a relatively short period of time. Callanetics lessons will bring many benefits, this is confirmed by reviews of many women.

Callanetics: exercise. Callanetics: reviews, photos

Who is the callanetics

In callanetics exercise rather complex, so it is not for everyone. There are some exceptions. Even assuming that the exercises seem very easy, it is not necessary to deal with them if there are contraindications, described below. Refuse such exercises necessary in the following situations:

  1. There are surgical procedures (1 year).
  2. MOVED cesarean section (1, 5 years).
  3. There are problems with vision (need advice eye doctor).
  4. There are varicose veins.
  5. The problems with the spine.
Callanetics: exercise. Callanetics: reviews, photos

According to statistics, most people fit kind of sports activities under the name callanetics. The exercises do not bring any harm, but rather a set of activities will strengthen health. For example, if a person has shortness of breath, or severe intolerance and heavy exercise, the callanetics help get rid of these problems. This complex helps to lose weight quickly and effectively, as well as the correct figure. A big plus for those who do not have much free time. These exercises can be performed at home, without spending money on a gym.