Step platform with their own hands. Exercises on the step platform

This is a relatively new trend in fitness as a step aerobics gained success among customers of sports clubs, and soon became available for home exercises.

What it is

Step platform is a sports equipment in the form of bench or step height adjustable. Changes in the level you need to change the training intensity. In fact, the simulator simulates the descent and climb the stairs and is used for aerobics and fitness. Some kinds of platforms are transformed into other sports equipment, and may also have a number of additional devices.

Step platform with their own hands. Exercises on the step platform

They are used for training leg muscles, perform strength training and stretching. But mostly classes affect the body holistically, developing strength, endurance and body flexibility.

Producing a shell made of plastic, and the upper and lower surface has a corrugated structure rubberized. This provides stability and absence of slip during the exercise. Platforms are of different lengths and widths, the choice depends on the specific areas for future loads.

The advantages and disadvantages of

Classes at the step platform has a number of significant advantages, chief among them are the following:

- reduction in weight due to intense burning calories;

- strengthening the muscles of the lower extremities, press back and arms;

- strengthening of the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems;

- stabilization of blood pressure;

-development of the vestibular apparatus;

- improvement in mood.

Step platform with their own hands. Exercises on the step platform

However, the step-platform and activities on it have certain contraindications. They are mainly associated with a high rate of training, which has a considerable strain on the heart. That's why people with diseases such as hypertension, arrhythmia, tachycardia, varicose veins, liver disease and kidney such classes are not recommended. Also, people who have problems with joints, should be normalized load.

Step platform with their hands

This is very popular shell, which is available in every fitness club. However, not everyone has the opportunity to visit them for various reasons. Therefore, there is a desire to make their own simulator. As the need may arise among residents of small settlements, where sports stores such equipment is not available. But even a shell, made with their own hands, should have the following characteristics and properties:

- strength;

- resistance;

height-adjustable and amortization;

- lower and upper surface must not slip.

Step platform with their own hands. Exercises on the step platform

Step platform with their hands made of strong and thick planks. Plywood or other thin materials for this purpose are not suitable, as the equipment should have a heavy and durable. board length approximately meter and a width of about 40 centimeters. You will also need glue, small nails, rubberized fabric and rubber pads to the bottom. On the basis of the board is necessary to make a box with a board height of 10 to 20 cm, depending on the required load. The resulting construct should be well sanded. Further work surface and the lower part are pasted skid materials. The edges of the nails are nailed to the box. The main thing is to step platform was safe and stable.

The basic rules of training

For a good result, which will benefit the health and condition of the body during exercise on a step is necessary to adhere to certain rules. Firstly, you should not drink too much fluid, as it creates an additional burden on the heart. Second, do the exercises to be performed correctly, evenly distributing the load. That is, each leg load no more than one minute. In order to reduce the risk of injury and to achieve maximum effect, you must stop completely put on a platform. If you want to pump up the glutes, again it is better to put the heel. Back should be kept straight, do not bend over and hold the balance. joints contribute to the preservation of soft steps and movements.

Basic exercises

Exercises on the step platform are quite diverse and can be carried out both in dance and in a standardized form. The basic steps are up and down, alternating left and right leg. This activity is complemented by bending your knees, flapping straightened leg to the side and back.

Step platform with their own hands. Exercises on the step platform

alternating the position of the feet, you can achieve an excellent cardio and warm up the body. As the power load, you can use the following exercises to the step platform:

1) Lying on his stomach on the platform at the same time lift the arms and legs. You can put your hands on the floor and lean on them.

2) Standing on the platform to carry out attacks on one foot forward, backward and sideways. First work right leg a certain number of repetitions, then left.

3) Exercise on your abdominal muscles. Sitting on a step, the body to reject the maximum back and return to its original position.

The versatility of the design step platform allows it to perform exercises for all muscle groups. So, you can do push-ups, ups the body, a variety of sit-ups, and so on. D.

Result of training

Undeniable the positive results that brings step-platform. Reviews from employment with the shell mostly positive. Many notice a slimming effect, because such active load contribute to weight loss. As a result of the strengthening of muscles and overall body tone. To enhance the load, use additional weights and dumbbells. The home will be an excellent alternative to a water bottle or other handy gravity.

Step platform with their own hands. Exercises on the step platform

The platform is also used to perform stretching, which increases the flexibility of muscles and gives elasticity. Due to improved blood circulation and the oxygen saturation of the body strengthens the immune system, metabolism, and overall health engaged aligned.

Many coaches offer to do the dance composition degree, using the motion of the Latin American or Eastern destinations. These lessons will not get bored, but on the contrary, will help to lift your mood and relieve stress.