Pool "Ural" Yekaterinburg and Ufa

Water sports are very popular. But to deal with them are not only athletes, anyone at any age can start to swim. A lot of people said that in addition to health effects, this activity brings a lot of fun. And it does not have to wait for the summer, almost every city has an indoor pool, allows you to engage in summer and winter.

Pool "Ural" in Ekaterinburg


The sports center is located on the street Komvuzovskoy, 9, near Shartash lake. There are two modern indoor pools: one large dvadtsatipyatimetrovy, wherein there are six tracks with a depth of 1, 2 and 4 meters, the second - small area of ​​12 x 4 meters and a depth of 0, 7 meters. The sports complex "Ural" pools have a comfortable temperature 28-30 ° C. Here you can swim, water aerobics, there is a section for children.


In addition, you can work out in the gym, solarium, snack and even buy the missing attributes in the store swimming products.

To visit the pool "Ural" one must have a medical certificate from the physician. training cost starts from 280 rubles, anyone can buy a season ticket for 8 visits. Training schedule is best clarified by phone during working hours: from 7:00 to 22:00.

Pool "Ural" in Ufa


The sports complex located on the street Mendeleyev, 219/1. There is a modern swimming pool dvadtsatipyatimetrovy six lanes, a cascade shower and sauna (separate for men and women). Water passes three purification steps, the first step is a filtration Hepa then ultraviolet and last station - station processing water dosing.

Work out here can be anyone, apart from free-swimming, there are group lessons for water aerobics, children's section. On the basis of the complex often hosts competitions in various kinds of water sports. To visit the pool will need to be examined by a physician and obtain a medical certificate.

You can not only swim in the pool, in the "Ural" has a gym with modern equipment, volleyball fans, sport hall for group aerobic dancing and sports.

The complex takes visitors from 8:00 to 22:00, to clarify the time session is better to make a phone call to the cashier. Ticket prices start from 130 rubles (for seniors and students), 150 - for children, and with 190 - for adults. In the basin of the "Ural" a system of discounts for corporate visits, and can be purchased complete passes.

Why is it useful to swim

Swimming is rightly called one of the most effective kinds of sports on the degree of recovery of the whole organism. During the lessons:


  • strengthen your heart, blood vessels and respiratory system;
  • actively involve all groups of muscles;
  • has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system;
  • sailing is a type of hardening and well strengthens the immune system;
  • sessions to help get rid of excess weight;
  • develops flexibility and endurance;
  • enhances mood and performance;
  • in the navigation very few contraindications, classes are recommended even nursing baby, pregnant women and the elderly.

As you can see, the advantages of swimming lessons is a lot left to choose the appropriate pool and enjoy the process.