How to choose a bike for your lifestyle

On average, buyers of the new bike will spend about two months in thought about what it is they want, selecting the suitable model. This is understandable: if you do not uchtesh certain factors, your two-wheeled friend after a couple of weeks, it may be in the pantry or on the balcony, and then completely to be put up for Avito. For your convenience, I have decided to create a guide that will help you quickly understand what you need and make your first purchase of the bicycle.

First of all, you need to decide what style you plan to go for a drive on a surface, and how often.

If you want to go more often to the nature of

How to choose a bike for your lifestyle

The mountain bike models, as a rule, very light, which helps faster to call up the hills, and convenient location for the hand makes it easier to release and control the situation. Almost always, they are designed with front wheels for maximum aerodynamic position.

Traditionally they have rim brakes, but recently there have been models Dikov brakes. These bikes provide better stopping power - and therefore indispensable for serious downhill.

Women's mountain bikes are designed considering the fact that the girls hands length is less than that of men, but also made narrow handlebars and saddle.

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If you want to go to work

How to choose a bike for your lifestyle

In this case, you should choose a hybrid bike - narrow model for quick trips around town. they usually have heavy frames, gives more grip on the road, and much more durable than other types of bikes. They are chosen by those who prefer to travel quickly and in a straight line, in a comfortable position - no stooping as professional racers.

These models differ more weight than that of a mountain bike, but require much less effort to develop speed. So even if you are afraid that you can be there, where there is no normal roads - hybrid bike you easily get over all the obstacles.

Special female models also have a comfortable seating area by taking into account the geometry of the female body.

In hybrid bikes rarely multiple transmission speeds and the brakes are usually located on the handles and easily when pressed, and therefore does not require a major effort. In addition, manufacturers often produce models with small load carriers that allow you to even go shopping in the supermarket.

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If you want to go far

How to choose a bike for your lifestyle

If you want to prepare for the Tour de France, or planning long trips to check their own endurance - road bike is the best choice. It is designed for the rider it easier to develop a high speed on the highway. The frame is very light, strong wheel is omitted, and the flat rigid seat and the wheels are very thin. By the way, road bikes also have female models, whose normal frame is a little lower.

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If you want to ride slowly

How to choose a bike for your lifestyle

For leisurely walks and trips to the park are perfect for cruisers or Citybikes. They are characterized by a heavy frame, do not develop high speed, and also have the widest range of female models.

We cruiser the emphasis placed on style and comfort: in this category you can find a large number of accessories, multiple trunks, multi-colored chain holders for smart phones and other comfortable setting. In this category are no different bike transmission, but the seat is the most comfortable and soft.

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What to look for:

When you test a new bike, pay attention to the position of their feet. By pressing the pedal slightly bend the knee. If your leg completely straight when you pressed the maximum down - the height of the bike is too big. If the knee strongly bent, then the seat should raise. For such problems should be taken seriously, because they can cause injury to the knees and just to complicate the ride.

The seat should not be tilted down - despite the fact that this feeling may seem comfortable, it will force you to bend and stretch arms and neck. When choosing, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you comfortable enough in this position? If you have a hybrid bike if you like to sit exactly? whether it will be comfortable to go to work, if the road takes more than an hour?
  • Does this bike suitable for the locality, on which I am going to go? Do copes with hills and slopes?
  • whether it is enough lifting force? Do you need special accessories to store things?

Only by answering these key questions, you can be sure to choose the appropriate model that will help you stay in shape, to maintain their health, and quickly get off to the right place.

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