How to choose a crossbow for spearfishing?

Currently, the market presents a wide range of devices for underwater hunting. Many fans of fishing, in particular newcomers, have difficulty in selecting such equipment. Our publication is intended to facilitate the procedure for finding the best crossbow for spearfishing.

Advantages and disadvantages of

How to choose a crossbow for spearfishing?

What are the advantages of crossbows for hunting underwater pneumatic guns before? It is worth noting the following:

  • Minimum fluctuation barrel during firing, which has a positive effect on the accuracy.
  • The reliability and simplicity of design.
  • The relatively low cost.
  • No need to use additional equipment such as a pump, as is the case with pneumatic guns.

If we talk about the disadvantages of crossbows for spearfishing, that, first of all, it must be said about the impressive dimensions of the equipment. This becomes obvious disadvantage when engaged in fishing in difficult conditions is necessary. Moreover, such systems do not allow the power-shots, if the device is in a charged state. In addition, compared with a pneumatic gun, crossbow for spearfishing has a rather modest force combat.


How to choose a crossbow for spearfishing?

Determining parameter of equipment for spearfishing trunk serves length. The higher the score, the greater the distance you can make an effective shot. It reflects the characteristics as the destructive power and stability of the trajectory flight harpoon. Ordering a crossbow for spearfishing in the online store, newcomers often assume that the said length of said common dimensions of weapons. In practice, manufacturers often mark only the length of the barrel. As a rule, the spear and crossbow handle extend for another 15 and 20 centimeters, respectively.

Another important parameter of the barrel acts as the bending rigidity. Cocking rod deforms the structural member. During the shot the trunk straightens and several throws a harpoon. To avoid this, it is necessary to pay attention to the barrels, made of fiberglass or carbon fiber. Products based on these materials practically do not deform during firing compared with metal.


Handle for underwater hunting crossbow is fixed on the barrel with a special pin. If necessary, the element can be easily removed. Experienced hunters are advised to choose a weapon with a light-colored handle. In this case, released from the hands of the crossbow will be easier to find in the murky water.

Sticks are universal and made for right-handed or left-handed. Performed such structural elements made of rubber, plastic or composite materials. The choice of a particular type depends on the personal comfort of each underwater hunter.


How to choose a crossbow for spearfishing?

element is used to tipping rope crossbow. It is recommended to choose a weapon with a metal linesbrosom which will retain functionality at low temperatures. It is better that it is positioned laterally with respect to the handle. In such a case will not cause extra windage weapons.


A trigger is a trigger mechanism for the crossbow. On it the object of fixing harpoon pulling rope. The advantage is better to give the weapon to reverse the trigger that will show an increase in travel of the harpoon and the firing range. In other words, the power of weapons in the presence of such an element will be much higher.


The diameter of the rod is directly dependent on the power of weapons. If the purpose of acts hunting big fish, preference is given to a thick drafts on fine - fine. At the same time the element cross-section must correspond to the parameters of a harpoon. For example, when using the boom about 6 mm rod diameter is used at least 18 mm or more a width of 14 mm, which will achieve more power.

Popular models

How to choose a crossbow for spearfishing?

What is the best crossbow for spearfishing? Today, fans of thoughts often prefer the following systems:

DemkaAmi 2 - crossbow, which is allocated to assembly quality, the presence of comfortable rubber grip and metal side linesbrosov. In addition, it is very conveniently located fuse. The only comparative disadvantage performs custom propyl under the boom installation. For this reason, this model will not work to use a harpoon crossbows from other brands.

Omer Cayman ET - according to the technical characteristics, such equipment for spearfishing clearly superior to direct competitors in the market. At the same time, it affects the relatively high cost of a crossbow. Weapons stands out from the rest of the devices by the presence of the closed track. This prevents deformation of the spear during the shot, and achieved the highest level of accuracy. Salvimar Voodoo Rail Open Pro - dignity weapons is the existence of two rods, which provide quite impressive power shots. Crossbow has a slotted guide, thereby reducing the water pressure on the spear.

Spora Sub One has a guide made using hydroforming technology. This decision has a positive impact on the performance balance of weapons during the hunt. Hence the increase in accuracy.