Where is the tank biathlon? The International Federation of Tank Biathlon

Winter sports fans are familiar with the ski biathlon, in which athletes compete in speed and accurate shooting. This type of competition is considered a "civilian." At its base it was coined by the military army version, which is called "tank biathlon." Participants compete in skill to drive a tank and shoot straight from the primary and secondary weapons.

Where is the tank biathlon? The International Federation of Tank Biathlon

Russia became the first country to host such sporting events. Information on how and where the tank biathlon, is presented in the article.


Tank biathlon is a new and rapidly developing spectacular views of the competition. According to some sources the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, initiated the resumption of the competition between the tank crews, whose history is rooted in the distant '60s, he became Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Where is the tank biathlon? The International Federation of Tank Biathlon

The origins of the

Despite the fact that the year of official recognition as a separate tank biathlon sport appears 2013th, these competitions have a long history. According to experts, they are carried out as early as 1963. Place for the crews of the competition was the West Germany. Between participants tank biathlon was played Prize - a small model of the British tank "Centurion". For figurine made of silver, competed the best tank crews of the NATO countries and the USA. Battle "Centurion" opposed to American "Abrams" and the West German "Leopard". Events held annually before the end of the Cold War. The main task of tank biathlon was to establish cooperation between the Western European armies and to demonstrate the power of NATO. After changing in 1991 the foreign policy situation such tank tournaments become irrelevant.

About tournaments in tank USSR

Army biathlon competitions were held in the 70s in the Soviet Union. Competition does not have the status of international. The venue for the tournament has become one of the Krasnodar polygons. Already at that time, "biathlon" military called shooting on "Tank headmistress." radio-controlled models of tanks took part in the event.

On the revival tank tournaments

Prior to the XXI century contest held exclusively between the radio-controlled models. Tank biathlon in the form in which it is presented today, first appeared in 2013 in Russia.

Where is the tank biathlon? The International Federation of Tank Biathlon

The author of idea - Sergei Shoigu. According to the minister, tournaments task is working out new teaching methods and strengthening tankers alert crews. In addition, in order to revive the development of biathlon is adversarial traditions in Russian Armed Forces. In 2014, the International Federation of the tank biathlon was formed.

On the competition rules of

In 2014, the organizers of the following rules of the tank biathlon were prescribed:

  • The competition takes place between teams of different countries.
  • It is desirable that the crews used machinery of domestic production. However, experience has shown that participants mainly used by Russian tanks. Exceptions are India and China.
  • As part of the tank crews should be women. This requirement is due to the fact that in the Russian legislation women prohibited military lift weights in excess of 15 kg, while the weight of a tank ammunition reaches 50 kg.

On the steps

Some fans are interested in military equipment, where the tank biathlon and what are its features? According to the rules approved in 2014, for the tournament includes the following steps:

  • Start the tour or the individual race. Tank biathlon begins with the passage of 7-kilometer route with obstacles. Each vehicle must produce aimed firing of the main gun and rocket-propelled grenade on target in a tank. Then use the gun command destroyed target helicopter. For each miss the team placed penalty point.
  • The second step is represented by the sprint and pursuit. Sprint runs on a 3-km route. At the end of the distance tank crews have to destroy three targets. Each target is located at a certain distance. In the case of a miss team receives penalty points. For Pursuit, according to the rules provided for a 12-kilometer route. Using the main gun and gun crew must destroy two targets as tanks and RPGs. Each slip entails a penalty point.
  • The third round is represented by sports start. Involved in it are no longer military equipment and its crew. To run commands are provided with obstacles and performing strength exercises.
Where is the tank biathlon? The International Federation of Tank Biathlon

After the above steps the Commission counted points, which are determined by the four strongest teams. These carriages and located in the fourth round, which contains the relay. From each of the countries exhibited a tank and three crew, who have the right, if necessary, replace each other. Relay is to fulfill Tags artillery and machine-gun fire. In addition, the team must move on a given route and overcome various obstacles. According to experts, the fourth stage is considered to be a very important test for the crew and military equipment, as provided for each tank triple distance.

Where is the tank biathlon?

These tournaments are new sports competitions. For domestic competitions each military unit puts its best soldiers. However, such actions in the audience do not cause much interest. Judging by the numerous reviews, resonant event became international tournaments. Because these events are public, information about the time and place where the tank biathlon can get anyone. The tournament is held every year in the first half of August in the suburban Alabino range.

The beginning of the competition

In August 2013 the first international tank biathlon in Alabino. The event was attended by Russia, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Where is the tank biathlon? The International Federation of Tank Biathlon

An official invitation was sent to the Armed Forces of the United States and other countries. At the end of the tank biathlon winners were named in Alabino. First place went to the Russian crew. Each team member was awarded a car VAZ-21214 "Harmony". Second place went to the team from Kazakhstan. The participants also got cars "Lada". Belarusian team as rewards were given to ATVs. In addition, each participant tank biathlon was awarded the medal "For Strengthening Military Cooperation".

World Cup

In 2014, Russia continued to tank the tournament and send invitations to 41 countries. Of all those invited to the event have agreed to take the crews of 11 States participated: China, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, India, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Mongolia, Venezuela, Angola and Kyuveyta. the tournament participants were given the Russian equipment - tanks T-72B. Chinese team used their military equipment - TYPE 96A. Venue for the tournament was the route the tank biathlon in Alabino. For teams were provided:

  • Implementation of individual races at the initial stage.
  • Coping with land and water obstacles.
  • The defeat of the main and auxiliary arms three targets, which were located at a distance of 900-2220 m. During the shooting of tank crews used the appropriate ammunition. The destruction of conventional purposes carried out by staff and guided missiles, as well as bullets from heavy machine gun "Kord".

Where is the tank biathlon? The International Federation of Tank Biathlon

On the preparation of teams and military equipment

Since the tournament was planned as a demonstration of accurate shooting and overcome distances, crew members were required to take the standards for physical training. In addition, each participant tested knowledge about the history and the tactical and technical characteristics of the combat vehicles. Employees of JSC "Spetsremont" and the Research and Production Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" were working on the T-72 tank modernization. By the beginning of the tournament we have been upgraded to the level of the T-72B3 over a hundred military vehicles.

Where is the tank biathlon? The International Federation of Tank Biathlon

On the next competition

As planned, the contest armored vehicles carried out in 2015, 2016 and 2017 respectively. In 2015 in Alabino brought together the best tank crews from 13 countries: Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Serbia, India, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Mongolia, Venezuela, Kuwait, Angola and Nicaragua. In 2016 they were joined by four more states. The tournament was attended by tank crews from Iran, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Zimbabwe. In 2017, 18 countries have responded to the invitation to Russia. For regular participants tank tournaments joined the best crews of combat vehicles from Laos, Uganda. In all rounds first battered Russian tankers. This year, second place won team from Kazakhstan. Bronze went to Chinese representatives. At the closing of the tank of the tournament was attended by military attachés and observers from the embassies.