What is a tournament chess, tennis, gymnastics

Tournaments their origins go far back in the mists of time. It is believed that the first time they were held during the initiation rites by Germanic tribes. On the question of what the tournament and what are its variants, try to find an answer, digging into history.

Where we are held the first tournament of

In many communities, the barbarians initiation ceremony involved the donation of weapons ripe young men. Then hold public fights between them, so that they can fight to prove the right to be full members of the tribe. Similar competitions were held and ceremonies on another occasion (funeral or re-election of the leader, for example), only the participants are not only youth, but also adults warriors, and sometimes even the priests and elders.

What is a tournament chess, tennis, gymnastics

In the Roman Empire held sporting events, which were very similar to those of medieval tournaments. Participants of such events, as well as their horses dressed in sumptuous armor and were divided into two teams. One of them was armed with blunt darts and the other played the role of the target. The participants of the first team had to hit the target, that is, the riders of the second group of participants. The winner was determined by the number of hits. Historians say that such competitions were not invented by the Romans, and most likely, the Celts either come to Rome from the East. According to them, the origins of the tournament matches are rooted more deeply into the story.

Mention of the fact that such a tournament in today's sense, first appeared in the 11th century, and in French tournoi means "war game of knights." The story describes a battle during the siege of a Gotfreya of Prey warrior with opposing armies. It was first invented Godfrey competition rules, although they do not saved him from death in that duel. The main feature of the rules was the enslavement of the enemy in order to obtain a ransom, not murder. Today, tournaments are associated only with sports competitions, but winning them no less important. To better understand what a tournament, look at some of those that take place in our day.

Features chess tournaments

Chess - one of the most popular games around the world, which is also a sport. Each year at chess tournaments, both among adults and among the younger generation. To reach the heights in the sport, learn to start from 4 years. In this connection, the qualifying competition for the World Chess Championship to suit the age of eight. In our time, it is likely you can find a 13-year-old child, who already holds the title of Master of Sports.

What are the different types of chess tournaments

Qualifying - this is such competition that will improve the rating (category) chess. They can participate anyone who knows how to play chess. A child who does not have a discharge, but who wants to receive it, to play with the athletes of the 4th category. If you win it, too, will receive a 4 digit. The following chess tournaments ranking will rise to the 1st category. Then assign the title. Considered the highest title of International Grandmaster.

Qualifying - this competition, which is conducted for the selection of players for the World Championships. They organize every year in all regions of the country. In case of winning the district tournament, chess player hits the regional competition. They are followed by the game in the first league of the country, the final and so on. D. Commercial - a competition with a prize pool that is guaranteed to be distributed among the participants. Depending on the category, such tournaments allow to earn a game of chess a lot of money. Carry them around the world.

tennis tournament

It is impossible to be indifferent to tennis. This sport with pleasure are engaged in all - from politicians and successful actors to pensioners and housewives. Tennis lessons help keep in the form of body and spirit.

What is a tournament chess, tennis, gymnastics

What is a tennis tournament? Today it is a spectacular and exciting event. Considered the most prestigious Grand Slam tournament. They spend one season in countries such as England, Australia, France and America. Here are some of them:

  • Wimbledon - the oldest competitions, their origins: men back in 1877, among the fairer sex in 1884.
  • Davis Cup - the competition between the men's titled teams that form, depending on the territorial jurisdiction. Consisting of only the real stars of the tennis world, with crowds of fans.
  • Australian Open - one of the oldest competitions. It was first held in 1905. To be eligible for all: men and women, youths and veterans, the individual players and teams.

Sports and gymnastics

Even the ancient Greeks loved and revered sport such as gymnastics. They believed that it helps the body to acquire flexibility, strength and agility, so actively used it for training of soldiers.

What is a tournament chess, tennis, gymnastics

Tournaments gymnastics sports nowadays are classified depending on the gymnastic. For men, they are used 6 for women - 4 appearances on each projectile assess different judicial groups. They are divided into two groups: some put the points for technique, the other - on the complexity of execution.

Rhythmic gymnastics is not as old as her sister - gymnastics. She appeared in the 40s of the last century. But her age did not stop to win the hearts of thousands of fans - fans of strength and grace.

What is a tournament chess, tennis, gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics involves performing a variety of music and dance sports exercise. It can be without the use of objects or using a rope, ball, hoop, ribbon and clubs.

The main tournament among athletes in sports, and in rhythmic gymnastics are considered Olympic sports.