7 ways to recover over the weekend

7 ways to recover over the weekend

From jokes "Payne weekend I do not feel" hurt not only those who work on a daily basis, but also those for whom the two days a week - a drop in the Dead Sea fatigue and apathy. If a weekend pass for you like a dream and by Monday did not understand, but there was a holiday, it's time to come to Saturday with Sunday more consciously. Heroine will tell you how to turn an ordinary weekend into a full-fledged vacation.

1. Promise yourself that pritroneshsya not to work on weekends

Many people underestimate this rule and do not believe they overworked, if you do the small tasks, answer a call or email disassemble the weekend. You're doing it, lying on the bed and a soothing mask on her face - so does it work?

Physical rest is not so important when you're head is still in the office. That's why, after spending two days without moving, but distracted by email, on Monday you feel the same way as in the evening on Friday.

If you limit yourself entirely from work, even from discussing office gossip with her boyfriend or friends, you will be able to fully disconnect from everyday stress.

2. Think about what you eat

7 ways to recover over the weekend

This is not to deprive yourself of the pleasure, but let gluttony will be controlled. Choose goodies and consciously monitor the balance: the turn of the pizza and desserts with healthy food. Then towards the end of the weekend will feel easy, but do not be mad at the world for being denied his burger.

3. Sleep as you want, not how much you want to

Over the weekend, I want to catch up on sleep for the whole week, and even a few lives forward, however, to sleep 12 hours a day - bad idea. Interspersing harmful to health as much as lack of sleep, not once confirmed studies.

For example, scientists of the European Society of Cardiology found that sleep more than 8 hours on the 33% increase in the risk of stroke.

According to experts, the best way to compensate for the lack of sleep everyday - to add to sleep on the weekend of 1-2 hours.

4. Bring in the order one place in your home

In addition to the usual wet cleaning in the house accumulated a lot of other cases of varying degrees of complexity. We do not advise to plan them all on one day - even if you have time, it is not rested.

Organize one space in the house for the weekend. Get organized in the wardrobe, make out documents, invoices and other papers, get rid of junk on the balcony. Each of these cases will not take all the free time while you get the same satisfaction, as well as from the full-scale cleaning.

5. Do not read from your smartphone

Paper book or electronic - is not so important. The main thing is that with them you will not be distracted endless notifications on your phone, and you can focus on the content. Let history engulf you - this is the best psychological relief. Only an hour for an interesting book, and it seems, from the moment you worried about the future Monday, it took half a century.

6. Rest of movies and series, and not just to kill time

7 ways to recover over the weekend

The output from TV shows and movies - it's wonderful, it's not for nothing that we regularly throws up fresh ideas to you for viewing.

But think about why you turn on the next film. Try to really relax and not to kill time watching the first got the comedy. I look for something that has long wanted to see what I heard from a friend or read in our magazine.

Turn watch a movie in a special moment: take away the phone, the stock of goodies, the mood to immerse themselves in the story. Let these few hours will complete the experience - then the time will not be wasted.

7. At least once come out of the house

Do not give in to the bed of magic. You do not feel like a weekend pass, including because of uniformity, because the larger the event, the longer it seems day.

Plan at least one outing from home - meeting with friends, going to the theater, a walk in the park near the house. Allow yourself to see something more than the walls of the apartment and the street on which you go to work.

The radically different your life on weekends from everyday life, the better. If the entire week sitting in an office at a computer, two more days - though lying and a movie, rather than sitting behind the report - so-so rest.

And you have enough days off to recover from the work week?