How to cope with multitasking

Companies appreciate the multifunctional employees, but even if your work is not related to the implementation of a number of tasks, it is necessary to combine a lot of different things in life. If the plans are usually longer than you have time to perform in your to-do-list, it is advisable to reconsider its approach to self-organization. Here are a few tips to help you be more efficient multitasking.

Begin with the difficult task of

How to cope with multitasking

The main rule of multitasking - intelligently prioritize. Marketing Director of MAP Communications American company advises to start with the most difficult or unpleasant tasks:

Make a to-do list at the beginning of each day and "eat the frog" in the morning.

"Frog" in this case - the thing that you most want to be postponed. Once complete this step, and it will cease to loom in the head, you will be much easier to achieve other goals.

correctly the list

Endocrinologist and coach Sasha Nair key to effective multitasking finds the right combination of things. Here's what she suggests:

If you are going to practice multi-tasking, one of the actions should be automatic or require a minimum of thought and does not imply a decision, and the other should require light concentration only.

For example, you can easily listen to podcasts useful while cleaning the house, without prejudice to any of these classes. But talking by phone and sign documents - a bad idea.

Play video games

How to cope with multitasking

In the free time to train the brain to multitask can be video games. Choose those in which the need to simultaneously monitor the movement, respond to stimuli and to keep abreast of the status of the update - for example, health or number of remaining objects. So you will improve the ability to process information. Then there will be only apply gaming skills in real life.


Multitasking does not mean the work in non-stop mode. When to perform several tasks at once, the brain is extremely tense. To effectively handle the load, make sure to take breaks.

Short rest during the working day to improve concentration, facilitate decision-making and help to find a creative approach to problems.

Uses every free minute to move: do exercises, or just walk around the office. Even minimum physical activity will make you healthier during the day, improve your mood and add energy.

Do not confuse multitasking with Internet addiction

How to cope with multitasking

Often people confuse multitasking and procrastination. When you give up work to look through the tape of social networks - you do not superdelovaya lady and a man who can not concentrate.

It's all about priorities again. If you really want to develop the productive multitasking, have strictly limit the time you spend on the Internet. And if you think, how to spend half a day on social networks and all have time - here will not help even a flywheel of time, which she enjoyed.

Find a type of multitasking

Despite the fact that multitasking is considered one of the key competitive characteristics of the modern expert, it does not work for everyone. Understand where you can combine different types of activities, and where there is no need to empirically.

Do not try to force yourself to be broken, if you feel that you can not. If you can not read at lunch time - put off all these things and let yourself eat in peace. On the other hand, if you know what the doctor will have to wait a long time, or go home from work, why not take a book and do not combine business with necessary.

Try to develop their multi-tasking costs, but do not dwell on this skill. In the end, it is not so useful. Even those who are able to manage multiple processes, in the end are not as effective as if doing something one. In addition, the constant multitasking exhausting emotionally and physically. If you can consistently do the job, not all at the same time, use it.

Do you have to work in multitasking mode and whether it affects your productivity?