6 ways to stop postponing the case until later

Psychologists say that there is no laziness - there is only the problem that we are not interested. We answer - what? After all, to perform something they still have. Heroine has found several ways to set yourself up for the unpleasant, but necessary things, which abound in our lives: from dishwashing to prepare for the exam.

1. Make any minor cases

6 ways to stop postponing the case until later

To begin, create a working mood - productivity, as opposed to laziness, does not occur by itself. Take care of things that are not related with the most hated task: shalt things, wash the plate in the kitchen, bring the trash. The main thing is that these efforts are small and do not become a general cleaning of the whole day.

So you come to work thinking, and the realization that you have made today, something useful and generally well done, will set up in a positive way.

2. Get out of the house

6 ways to stop postponing the case until later

When it comes to intellectual work - to prepare for the exam, write a report, finish a project - home atmosphere is not conducive to business spirit. Try moving to another workplace: coworking, a library, any suitable public space. Exit out of the house would be to signal the brain that it is time to work. Being surrounded by people at the time of work is also helpful - when you see that all around are busy, prokrastinirovat a shame. Just look for a place with an atmosphere of business: focus the clink of glasses at the next table will be difficult.

3. Calculate the perfect time for breaks

That the absence of a break in the work reduces productivity more than once confirmed by scientists - one such study conducted by the University of Toronto. Its author, assistant professor of organizational behavior and management, John Trugakos staff believes that each of us has a limited supply of psychic energy:

All efforts to control behavior, execution and focus, based on the pool of psychological energy. As soon as this energy source is depleted, we become less efficient in everything that we do.

Derive a formula perfect workday researchers also tried, for example, recommended to do a 17-minute break after every 57 minutes of focused work. But you should find something that will work specifically in your case. Perhaps break the project into smaller tasks and make small breaks in between efficient than track time and interrupted at the height of inspiration.

4. Use the right one minute

It will help those who are used to put off small everyday tasks. Make it a rule: if something takes less than a couple of minutes, do it now. Their bed no matter how much you are in a hurry to work, my dishes right after eating, replying to a message after having read them. This will help to reduce anxiety, as unfinished business will not pressure you for the rest of the day.

5. Reward yourself

6 ways to stop postponing the case until later

Financial compensation for the performance of tasks stimulates us. This is especially effective when a person works alone and forced himself to control and organize. This is confirmed by a study of the Academy (Academy of Management), which studied the effect of encouraging the motivation in the online learning environment.

When entreaties like "I pass the exam", "boss appreciate my project if I will make enough efforts" do not work, try something a little more substantive. For example, after a productive day Allow yourself to go to the cafe, where for a long time going.

6. reformulate its purpose

You do not need to adjust itself to the ambitious goal, imagine how much work to be, and try to mentally prepare for it. Make a small step. Answer the three letters from a dozen, to learn one of the hundreds of question, start cleaning with a specific room or even a closet. This will help to overcome the initial resistance. Move on it will be much easier, especially since it is often in our view the problem is much more complicated than it really is.

What helps you to tune in to a productive way?