Checklist: 5 signs that you're stuck in a career

Lack of motivation never makes high-quality work. Every day you can perform the same task, to cope with them 110%, and even love their work - but this is not enough, if you feel that you stand in one place. Heroine gathered a few signs that you no longer understand what works and why you feel so depressed.

1. Not enough increase

Checklist: 5 signs that you're stuck in a career

It's okay to feel stuck in one place, if you work hard, and a new line in the summary and does not appear.

Collect evidence that you deserve a much higher position - it can be both objective indicators, and reviews of your colleagues and even your own essay. To agree on a serious conversation with the head and ask, what is the reason that you still have not received a raise. Perhaps, if he can not give you a clear cause or the bar, which you'll need to achieve - it's time to find another place where your contribution will be appreciated.

2. Not enough obstacles

Perhaps you already do your job perfectly. Wake you in the middle of the night, and you betray an excellent marketing strategy, podobesh sformiruesh accounts and reports. Your head can not get enough of your success, and the monthly premium confirms how hard do you think about your goals.

But if you're used to constantly evolve and embrace new problems as a challenge, easy overcoming of obstacles can spoil your mood.

Try to get out of your own comfort zone to feel better. Discuss with the head, do you have the opportunity to take on a more complex project, to join another department for some time, or even open a new branch of its own.

3. Not enough respect

Checklist: 5 signs that you're stuck in a career

The women face this problem quite often if you do not feel that colleagues respect you and consider you an important part of the team, this quickly leads to a sense of the stopper. Due to the lack of respect and equality in the workspace, you lose the support of their own ideas. Colleagues may ignore your comments in business correspondence, the head does not appoint you to the meeting with valuable customers - all of these signals can not be ignored. Establishments frank conversation with others, explaining why they knowingly underestimate your abilities, as well as offering them several options for the development of the current situation. If things really respect, and not in the banal fatigue and inattention - to rely on the best conditions is not necessary.

4. Do not change enough

Surely you have come to this work with the best of intentions. You know how to change the industry for the better, and intends to follow its moral principles, but after a few months you find that you no longer are operating as intended.

Think about what you love and what you hate in his current work. The same whether your abilities, skills and preferences that you like about your work? And whether your skills be useful in another company in the same field?

Perhaps, secretly you dream to become part of another department or get a completely different position in his company. For guidance would be beneficial to a vacancy on the transferred "their" employee, so discuss with your supervisor what you have perspective.

Checklist: 5 signs that you're stuck in a career

5. Not enough break

Lately you klyuesh nose at the table? You can not sleep in fear of what Service is about to tingle? Refuse to work without a cup of coffee?

Most likely, the fact that you just burned out and needed a rest. No wonder you're faced with this, no matter how strong or herself believed. You try to go all out to get promotion and salary, and your job takes a lot of time in your life.

Start with small changes, securing a quality rest during the lunch break, as well as five-minute on what to think about the current task and a little walk around the workplace. Plan your vacation, which had long dreamed of, and do not worry about what it will require significant financial investments. If you lose your job due to the fact that you can not focus - these costs will be far more important.

Think about how you can escape from work or change the profile. Perhaps you are missing your favorite hobbies and you've always wanted to start walking in the pool? Put the rest in the priority list and make sure that as productivity increases.

What do you do if you feel that you are stuck in one place?