5 of traditions that are worth to start, if you work from home

In millenialov not occupation - a fashion trend. In the morning - toast with avocado for dinner - coffee in a cozy cafe with important colleagues, dinner only after visiting the exhibition. But one of the main traditions sought by most of today's girls - the ability to work without being tied to one place.

But lest you become sad and lonely in his own apartment, it makes sense to have some useful traditions and adhere to them on a regular basis. Heroine collected some life hacking, through which you can improve the quality of life when working remotely.

1. Demonstration of the work

5 of traditions that are worth to start, if you work from home

If you spend most of their time at home, you may seem that you have absolutely nothing to publish on social networks. But recently, Instagram, a new trend is motivating: to publish your to-do list for the day in storiz, with marks of how much you have already done.

This will help you to be responsible for the tasks that are in front of you, get rid of procrastination and even learn how to set realistic goals. In addition, your subscribers can you suggest some solutions to the current problems, not to mention the fact that an open conversation about what you are fighting, allows to establish contact with others.

You can also publish several drafts and sketches that are not confidential information of your company to close your people began to understand a little better than you do.

2. A variety of breakfast

5 of traditions that are worth to start, if you work from home

One of the main advantages of working from the houses - the possibility to cook their own healthy food and not eat in the dining room or brought by cold sandwiches. Due to the fact that you do not spend time on the road, you can spend a little more time to prepare their own green smoothie or scrambled eggs with lots of ingredients. Do not be tempted by it to lie in bed an extra half hour, leafing through the tape in social networks, and spend a time on then to repeat some unusual recipes. The food that you eat for breakfast, sets the mood for the whole day, so that the more love you have invested in this process, the more energy you get.

3. Break a walk and stretch

Your habit of hard work, especially if you are away from the team, can do much harm to the way you take care of yourself during the day. In the office, others may remind you that it's time to go, pour yourself a coffee and a smoke go to the symbolic, even if you do not smoke. But if you are trying hard to finish an important project quickly, the tension you will forget about the importance of the break.

Install a timer on your phone, which would remind you that it is time to reach out, drink some water and go through a circle around the room. Every hour interrupt work for at least five minutes to stop looking in laptop or tablet. Use this time not only to have to sit idly by, but for a few simple asanas.

After a while you will find that this tradition helps you quickly focus, formulate new ideas and get rid of procrastination, which is why in general you will be feel less tired in the evening.

5 of traditions that are worth to start, if you work from home

4. This output

Even modern girls who are concerned about the constant development, it is crucial to strike a balance between work and personal life. If you work from home you need to you are clearly specified weekends, holidays and even the schedule for the day. After you complete the task today, you should completely disable notifications stop checking e-mail and even mentally press the "pause" in thinking of new parts of the project.

If you have the opportunity to break off in the middle of the day, Mark himself an hour that you do not touch the phone or computer. At this time, schedule meetings with friends, go to Pilates or shopping, or sketch a few of their desires to sketch notebook.

5 of traditions that are worth to start, if you work from home

5. Order of ready meal

Life is too short to neglect such pleasures. If you want to relax on the weekend of endless routine work, cooking, cleaning, order a dinner party. Pizza, rolls, vegetarian delights - their value is not as high as you may seem, but of pleasure and energy you get enough of the fact that the charge and the following week.

Use this tradition as a way to celebrate their small victory, noting their efforts and what you achieve every day, working hard and earning for themselves and their desires.

And what you have to do to entertain yourself on a weekday?