8 ways to deal with the rubble at work

It is difficult to admit that not cope with the volume of work, someone other than friends - you do not want to disappoint or seem incompetent colleagues to the leadership. But if the time to notice that too much upon yourself, and nothing but stress, a new day brings - it will benefit both your career and health. Heroine gathered a few effective ways to keep pace with longer and less tired at work.

1. Do not play "I'm so busy"

8 ways to deal with the rubble at work

There is a strange sense of satisfaction to say to others: "I am very busy." You seem to be currently important, the right person, without which no one will dare to question. It is a pity that with the lifting of the self-esteem emotion, you get tired, irritated and worse cope with the task.

Rather than create an image of a business lady over, check if you properly prioritize, manage time, and if you know how to delegate tasks.

2. If something you do not know, admit it

Every employer wants to employee, who without question to cope with any challenge. But, since this fantasy is obviously impossible, so do not try to become a professional.

There is a difference between being shrug and say that this is not your problem, and the recognition: "I've never done this before, but willing to try." If you undertake for the unknown thing, talk about it honestly and not to hesitate to ask and consult. When you undertake ambitious for what you do not know how, you risk to deceive expectations of management and to kill a lot of time to complete the task.

3. Find a colleague you trust

8 ways to deal with the rubble at work

Well, if you have a colleague who understands what you're doing, and can support at a difficult time. Replace you for a few minutes until you can do it with emotion, tell, hear how you all got. Ideally it should be a person who can show an overloaded list and ask if he could take over some of the tasks. You will be useful our tips on how to work productively with female colleagues.

4. Counsel with someone from another sphere

Get feedback from someone who works in another area, too, it can be useful. Suppose he does not know the specifics of your work, but may look at everything with fresh eyes. This may be a colleague from another department or another company. Suddenly you get from him a fresh idea for your project, or advice on how to simplify your work.

5. Think before you take on the additional responsibilities of

8 ways to deal with the rubble at work

Learn to say "no" to additional tasks, if they suffer from your main job. Nice to be a man who is always ready to assist or intervene. But since you can easily turn into that point of contact for any question.

If you are overwhelmed, you need to complete basic tasks, and not add new ones. When a colleague asks whether you have five minutes to spare, tell him that she wanted to help, but now occupied by another business.

6. Find out temporary or permanent obstruction is

In many companies, the end of the year or the end of the season - the busiest time. If you know that the dam is related to the upcoming holidays or other objective reasons, so you can prepare for it mentally, to gather strength and survive this time.

When the rubble is not the end, perhaps it's not objective reasons, and your problems with the distribution of time and tasks. Permanent processing - this is not normal.

7. Take breaks in the

8 ways to deal with the rubble at work

If colleagues know you as a person who responds to the messages as 0, 1 second - say, now that you check your mail at a certain time (if you have that option). If a long time can not complete the project, devoting his whole day, not sprayed on other tasks. If ever you come to the office before anyone else, leaving late or take work home, see if you can reduce this time. Balance between work and personal life - is a virtue and not a sign of laziness or indifference.

8. Talk to the head of

You can not unload your time alone - talk to the leadership. On such a conversation is difficult to decide because of the fear of appearing incompetent. But everything will go smoothly if you prepare properly.

Rather than run into the office of the chief with a cry: "Help, I'm drowning in work", think about how you can solve this problem. I understand exactly what you do not have time, but what does well. Find ways to improve the situation. If you come up with concrete proposals and not with complaints, maintain positive professional tone, the boss will understand you correctly.

Do you often have a feeling that you did not have time to work, and how do you deal with it?