Leave beautiful: how to finish a working day

Even in the same office, each employee completes the day in their own way. Some frantically to finish something that had not; others count the time before the start; others - talk with colleagues. Tell us who is right and what should be spent on the last 15 minutes of the working day.

1. Cleanse mail and desktop

Leave beautiful: how to finish a working day

letter sorting is better to finish the day, but do not start it. So in the morning you do not have to finish yesterday's task, and you can get started right away.

Especially do not put off cleaning e-mail over the weekend. Better every weekday to spend a couple of minutes, than to spend at the computer floor Saturday.

Tidy desktop, get rid of unnecessary papers, harmonize the space around them. This will return clarity of mind and help you move on to the next step.

2. Summarize

Checked his diary and mark which cases you met, what you need to move and what to cancel. Working with to-do-sheet helps to keep all the processes under control, effectively manage your time and understand that you have spent a day in vain. Inscribe sudden problem that had to deal with.

Do not blame yourself for something that was not in time, the best compliment for what she had done. From that, what emotions you finish work depends rest of the day and the spirit with which you return to the office tomorrow.

3. Make a list of tasks for tomorrow

Leave beautiful: how to finish a working day

To-do list to write better, while you are at work, but not before going to sleep, otherwise it will be difficult to escape from the worries. Count what you have to do and at what time to meet. Start with the most difficult and unpleasant task, you can break it down into several small to remove the psychological barrier.

A sober assessment of its capabilities: the realistic to-do-list, the more likely that you will be satisfied with myself at the end of the day. Plan compulsory rest breaks, we have been told how important it is to work bleeders.

4. defer challenges to more productive time

You see, that time is the end of the day - do not touch for a massive challenge, of course, if they are not urgent. Otherwise, they will have to perform in a hurry, and this will affect the quality. In addition, you risk to be late or take work home, which hurts your productivity.

To establish a working mode so that others know what time it is better to turn to you with a problem. The most productive part of the day - morning, so that the transfer to it all the most difficult.

5. build relationships with colleagues

End of the day - the best time to communicate with colleagues about something other than work. Drink coffee, discuss latest news, or the latest series. This is a good time to get to know those with whom you work, and build understanding. In addition, informal chatter will help you all switch and tune in to the holiday. Try to talk not only about what happens in the office, and finish the day on a positive note.

6. The mood itself actually finish time

Leave beautiful: how to finish a working day

Sometimes, in order not to drag your work home, you need a conscious effort. Fight the temptation to finish later in a calmer atmosphere.

Clearly separated from the rest of his career life planning will help hard time: set your own specific duration and focuses on it. Not necessarily it should coincide with the official end of the working day. Leave for half an hour left for rituals, we are talking about in this article.

You'll understand why important strict time management, if you remember about the Parkinson's Law: "Work fills the time allotted to it." When you know that you need to perform the task in two days, you will be working on it for two days. But if for the same case to set a period of a few hours, you're likely still can handle the time with him.

Set a goal to finish the job to 17.30, and you will be easier to concentrate during the day.

How do you usually spend the last minutes of the working day?