12 ways to become healthier now!

Each week, we promise ourselves to maintain such a lifestyle to suffer less from fatigue, loss of concentration and headaches, but after a while completely forget about these resolutions. Today, we have gathered a few basic ways to become healthier as quickly as possible - using habits, not taking a lot of time and money.

1. Correct posture

12 ways to become healthier now!

If you do not normally take the time to ensure that good practice - in those days, it is sufficient to give the correct position of the back muscles. Good posture is useful not only for the state of your back, neck and shoulders, but also for the digestion, and even improve mood. Put yourself some reminders in the phone that you have to tilt your shoulders back - and this will have a lot to gradually begin to restore health.

2. Add ginger to your diet

Ginger - a great tool for nausea, abdominal pain or cramps, and it is a good natural remedy against inflammation. If you feel that the immune system is at zero and you are about to get sick, start adding a little fresh ginger in their cocktails, tea or salad.

3. Take a shower before massage

12 ways to become healthier now!

Improvement necessarily spend nutrients only through changes in diet: you have the opportunity to use a bit of stimulation of the lymphatic system.

A massage with a dry brush before heading into the shower to lymphatic vessels quickly cleared your body from harmful substances.

4. Eat probiotic

Most people know about the benefits of probiotics in the intestines, but does not accept them, except a waste of money. In this case, the lack of beneficial bacteria in the gut can lead to bloating, abdominal pain and digestive problems, as well as reflect on the condition of your skin, nails, hair and even mental condition. If you want to get rid of all these problems, take probiotics daily. Bear in mind that they are contained not only in expensive yogurt, but also in the sauerkraut, miso soup and cottage cheese.

5. Go out for a walk

Number of steps per day - that first of all it is necessary for your health and not fitness gadget. Any outdoor exercise increases your heart rate and strengthens muscles, even if it seems to you that you do not feel any stress. Walking can also be a great way of meditation - with the help of it you can lift your mood and get rid of obsessive thoughts. Do not stay in the workplace at lunchtime - go around a couple of quarters nearby, listening to the cheerful and inspiring podcast playlist.

12 ways to become healthier now!

6. Drink a glass of water with a useful additive

Water is crucial for cells hydration and health, so this method should not be neglected whenever you feel that the forces at the end. Water helps the functioning of the whole body, from the digestive system to the assimilation of essential nutrients. Want more benefits? Added several ingredients, such as a slice of lemon, digestive, peppermint, enabling the brain or liquid chlorophyll.

7. Make a banner

Stretching is useful not only because it allows you to avoid injury and make cool poses in the photo. If you want to increase your endurance, it is worth doing a few stretching exercises muscles and joints twice a day upon awakening and before going to bed. This will help you improve your body balance, correct posture, as well as cope with the effects of long hours of work in an uncomfortable position.

8. Eat dinner without interruption

12 ways to become healthier now!

We usually eat while watching the new series on Netflix, on the road or flipping storiz colleagues and important customers. To power on the go is easy to get used to if you're trying to take from life, but your health is very important to pay attention to chewing food thoroughly. Only careful prozhevyvanie allows you to allocate a sufficient amount of digestive enzymes, so they can easily break down food.

9. Make a cup of green tea

The tradition of drinking tea - not just the oldest remains a popular practice. He has many beneficial properties for health, saturating your body with antioxidants that prevent inflammation. Tea also enhances the brain, kills harmful bacteria and helps boost energy levels in the body. If you want to feel a bit more cheerful - change to your favorite dining coffee mug on the natural tea leaves.

10. Go to bed half an hour earlier

Sleep every day at least 8:00 at times it seems a daunting task, especially when we were waiting for so many exciting activities. But what will really help your health - so it's a new habit to go to bed for five to ten minutes each day earlier than usual. Put aside the phone, apply moisturizer and go to bed. Gradually, after a few days you get used to the new schedule, and you'll wake up more refreshed.

11. Add greenery

Any leafy greens - whether kale, spinach or arugula - the most useful food in the world. They are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber, but practically no calories. They should be added to any dish, if you want to prevent anyone from aging, improve the performance of your heart and get rid of excess cholesterol. The same goes for condiments, contain important phytonutrients that prevent disease. Use as much basil, cilantro, mint and parsley in the preparation of their dishes, and after a few weeks you will notice how you feel yourself cheerfully.

12. Throw out all the excess out of the cupboards and refrigerator

Healthy habits are highly dependent on what surrounds you. As soon as you will be taking a break from work, spend a time out to make their kitchen cabinets, drawers and refrigerator from expired products. Check expiry dates and storage conditions, as well as throw out all that you and not going there any time soon. Act by the method of Mary Kondo - all that does not cause joy, must leave your house.

What do you usually do to maintain your health?