8 ways to overcome emotional overeating

8 ways to overcome emotional overeating

For those who eats on emotions more than expected - the food is not just food. It is a way to recover, to overcome negative feelings and to experience happiness from what you eat. Alas, emotional overeating leads to a variety of diseases and serious impact on mental health. If you want to stop to absorb all that is in the refrigerator at a time, try a few simple techniques.

1. Allow yourself to experience the feelings

Sadness, grief, fatigue, anxiety - whatever it may be, let yourself feel the emotions. Thus, you will gradually learn to cope with their emotions and problems, due to which they are called, and cease to rely on food to feel better.

Do not convince yourself that everything is fine, and is not blocked by your feelings. If you pretend to be someone else, you will never be yourself, and the more you deny the existence of the problem, the more stress you continue to experience.

2. Consider whether you're really hungry

8 ways to overcome emotional overeating

If you are hungry and want to eat crazy, do the test for broccoli. Imagine green vegetables and ask yourself whether you're really hungry. If the answer is yes, you can afford a small lunch. If not, then you just crave extra calories to seize stress.

3. Seek triggers

Those who are prone to emotional overeating, always there are certain triggers which lead to craving sweet or salty snacks. Food in a diary of what is happening during the day, to identify these levers. For example, you need food when you watch a movie, work after the split with partner, miss, or if you have had a bad day. When you propishesh, what brings you to the excessive consumption, it will help you consciously stop responding in a similar way.

4. The component of the

8 ways to overcome emotional overeating

Plan your meals for the next day, because every goal and desire to remain until it is written on paper. Once you have formalized their menu, it will take root in your mind and you'll stick to the plan more likely. Yes, it may take more than one day to get used to, but every journey begins with small steps.

When the component of the plan, pay attention to what should be serving, and how many calories they contain. This will be your argument, if you want more food - hey, this body has received enough energy for today!

5. Carefully choose the products

Purchasing the product that will be really useful for the organism - vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, proteins, spices and milk products. Do not buy junk fudnye products, and the less frequently you will come across in your own home on a different junk, the less you will want it.

Since you already have the habit to use not the healthiest meal, you will be hard to ignore cravings for unhealthy foods. Instead of the usual chocolate purchased several packages of bitter, store in the refrigerator frozen berries, nuts and plain crunchy carrots.

6. Keep an eye on the water balance of

8 ways to overcome emotional overeating

You may feel hungry, even in situations when in fact your body is dehydrated. The next time you feel that you want more food, and lunch time is not yet come - make a few sips of water. The use of special applications on the smartphone, which will remind that the rate of date is still not drunk.

7. Eat slowly

Chew their food. Use small plates, enjoy the flavors and feel the texture of the products. When you start to eat slowly and stop being distracted by reading or watching the show, you will feel much faster and richer you will not be hungry for a long time.

8. exercise regularly

Any exercise is important when it comes to emotional overeating - they help to use stored fat and a surplus of calories as useful energy. If you feel depressed, instead of buying ice cream, Making of a walk or even to attend the opening session in the fitness center.