Digest Mojo Media # 58

This week will be the last for many things, but not the end of life. The finale of one - it is always the beginning of something else. Live this week as if after it there will be nothing, and you will see how beautiful and interesting life. And read Mojo Media Digest to get back on the right path.


Digest Mojo Media # 58

Yard Dogs urban neighborhoods: how in Russia as Gopnik: Quite unexpected, but very interesting article about the noble street children who annoy everyone except themselves. Time to meet gopotoy closer, and at the same time cherpnut some useful information that will help in case of emergency "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

Work should be hating, otherwise it does not work: Absolutely. And if you think otherwise, then get to the thoughts of the artist Bill Waters and our author Marat Babayev. The phrase "work - this is a serious work, contrasted with the game or love" has never been closer to the truth, but there is nothing wrong with that. Why? So read the article.

Digest Mojo Media # 58

How do women relate to porn: Usually the secrets of one of the sexes are revealed in another journal - Heroine. And the floor of this, of course, male. Now it is the turn of men to lift the veil of secrecy over the women and explain how they relate to the most popular genre. It is, frankly, very well, well, the details in the article.

What to do if you are in debt and you kicked out of the house: Listen to the songs of early Peter Gabriel, translate the text to try to understand him, to marvel at the depth of the song "Red Rain", and then take your ass in his hands and began to correct. In more detail, without Gabriel and sharp words in the article itself.


Digest Mojo Media # 58

The gender Dictionary: What you need to know about transgender: transgender Recently acquired a peculiar popularity. But what do we know about them, except now the popular joke, as if she should be a member? And a damn and do not know exactly how and what causes people to take such a serious step as a sex change. So, it's time to meet with transgender closer. Note meet, not to evaluate them.

Fan love: girls on dating to the 2018 World Cup: At jokes about Russian fans, too eager for intimacy with foreign fans do not come across just lazy. Can be absent, not understanding, and blaming them for this behavior, it is possible to 593847294156 th time to joke about the unfortunate Belgians who wanted to cheer for the national team, and forced to meet Russian girls. But it would be better to listen to themselves the culprits accident that they say and do. What we are actually doing.

Digest Mojo Media # 58

7 Simple beach hair on wet hair: If talking about it and say it is only now, when everything is rapidly sent on vacation at sea. All the smart girls know that it is better not to dive in the sea, otherwise it would be hell on his head knows that. But there are ways in the world to be beautiful, even if you are wet, like a chicken.


"Employee of the Month"

The party was a representative of the most beautiful profession in the world - canine. Because there is in the whole world is nothing more beautiful dogs, with the exception that cat in sunglasses. Who else but the canine will reveal all the nuances of the life of a dog, tell you how to choose a dog for the house, how dangerous fighting breed, and to share, where it can still earn a canine. "Guys, we have sex"

Eternal and endless topic - how to forget your ex. About it have already spoken, but the repetition, as we know, the mother of learning. In addition, the bonus will be aired - 20 minutes of additional interviews on the eternal themes. It will be interesting to listen to everyone.

"The Wild Duck"

We end up crazy guests, so we throw in the battle of their own employees. This time it was the turn mysterious girl who asks to call themselves Margot, and her stories about the first time, and the immense number of cases, when it is something broke and fell.

"We live in the"

The boys had hoped that their listening Potanin that tried to joke better than usual. It turned out as always. But there was something to discuss. For example, the night a cucumber in Suzdal, the guy who took revenge for geese, and the unit of measurement of the odor.