Digest Mojo Media # 2

Have you noticed what a delightful Sergei Druzhko boots? And the fact that the glorious Red publishing Mojo Media, in addition to the highly turbulent megazhurnalov BroDude and Heroine, there are other projects? No? What the heck?! Perhaps you missed our first digest and therefore, the most brilliant materials before last week. All knowledgeable and ignorant remember: in such digests we talk about the latest developments of our editorial life and Mojo Media publishing house, and advise what to read, what to see and what to listen to.

Week we started briskly, with the ritual of transformation dvuhrublevoy coins in the nuclear ashes with a homemade Ray's death. Officially, we are so cold and accompanied met kebab house-borzhomny period. But the secret to say that we had a deadly weapon - a huge Fresnel lens, which, using the sun's energy and the magic juice Gummi bears, generates hot as of Modern Talking guys beam temperature 1200 degrees. With this vundervafli we will deal with competitors, frendzonami our subscribers and filthy bills.

Digest Mojo Media # 2 Digest Mojo Media # 2

And basically before disperse "by nature" and some sleep, we worked fruitfully and masterpieces scattered in all directions. Let's start with the cult in wide circles men's shelter wisdom BroDude.

We often instruct our readers on the right path so that they have grown from sniveller powerful, competitive wise, holding life by the throat. Sometimes alone, our advice is not enough, you need to turn to thoughts of our wise teacher, ordered in rows of books. I must admit that Ivan Kalyagin in his article "The books that make you a man" advised a great reading, and that the perpetrator guide on the right path. We are rightly proud of their literary collections, but this is definitely one of the best and most useful. Leonid Novak, by his own admission, it was about a hundred girls and two wives. The guy obviously exaggerating, but the fact that he understands women - is indisputable. Otherwise, the article "23 sign that she was secretly in love with you" would not have turned out so accurate and true. This article will help you understand what the girl next to you hungry for more than just communication.

Digest Mojo Media # 2

And there are articles that angered the just some of our readers, and we suspect the readers. This is not breaking all conceivable frame vaginal awareness article "Vagina as they are." By the way, it is necessary to clarify that it is more about the unpleasant nuances of anatomical sense, which can meet the inexperienced hero-lover. We're talking about the article "Questions that can not be answered true." It is highly recommended reading for those mature, experienced, unfamiliar with concepts such as bigotry, able to distinguish between "black" from "white" and understands that the world is not as easy as it seems, and even with the truth needed to be careful.

Brilliant toiler Heroine pleased bold articles to match the name of the magazine. No one was spared and write as is. For example, in the article "10 things that make you worse," Mary Lisitsina criticized those awful habits that affect half the world's population. The main thing is do not try to justify myself, better to get rid of them as soon as possible.

And on Heroine cite as an example only strong, strong-willed and self-sufficient women. There is no place raving ovulyashkam in favor only such exquisite lady, Claire Underwood. Article "7 leadership lessons from Claire Underwood" useful even to those to whom the name of the character of Robin Wright of the series "House of Cards" nothing says. Well, a small charge of art from Darya Kharchenko. Albeit very specific, but not yet a time to laugh. Sometimes you have to suffer for the benefit of themselves, a time-tested and nerve cells Asian films. But why expose yourself to such emotions, and under what kind of movies, read the article "6 Korean horror that will make you suffer."

Digest Mojo Media # 2

Now let boast the fruits of our activities in the promising messenger one talented guy named Pasha. Our telegrams channels worked tirelessly and collected only the best from around the web. And that's what they can boast at the end of the week.

The channel "They are moving", as always, elegant collection, as they say in one of the Public, "vsratyh" animals and exactly the same people. Sign up - and you will see what cats are dangerous and how to behave during urban riots.

Legendary channel transcendent absurdity "Mole" continues to mock the reality. New portion of peaceful abuse of dogs and their bodies, as well as immoral God knows what is waiting for you.

Channel "will lie with me", as always, engaged in sexual educational program, enlisting not only experiences, but also statistics. Therefore, on this channel only true and relevant articles from which you can learn how many men and women prefer to rough sex and about working adultery.

Channel "mystical show" still has nothing to do with psychics and still make a selection of the best mastridov from around the web. But be careful when reading a few articles a day about the killer doctors and successful businessmen, do not forget about articles BroDude and Heroine. Channel "Know!" All week was at the forefront of the scientific world. Past 7 days were bright in the event that any day - the opening or news. channel executives to keep abreast of the scientific world by publishing summaries of recent space voyage with the probe "Cassini" and talking about the new traces of ancient man.

And now gradually move on to the content, so that everyone loves - podcasts. They do not have to read, simply listen and enjoy the wonderful, is not devoid of wisdom trills Besfamilnov Daria and her co-host and guests. On the left of all three programs, instead of the traditional four last week. Shit, as you know, it happens. But we dare to assure, next week the program will be released in the usual amount.

In the fourth edition of the podcast of the news, "We live in this" mysterious person, who call themselves Dashko, Sasha and Pasha, remember stories about public transport, argue that these stories - the truth, and just enjoy life.

In the podcast about the relationship with the telling title "We have sex," was to discuss urgent topics - how to meet friends in social networks and whether it is necessary to do so. And what if you want to delete your account. But you have sex whether leading or not - we learn in the next releases.

In the "wild ducks" Daria already without the help of my wonderful colleagues trying, in her words, "to get into the woman's head," and find out what's going on. The head belongs to the charming Anna, who unabashedly talk about his main problem - why she constantly falls ... in the shit, and other funny stories. And we have a general chat People in the Telegram, where you can discuss various things - from cooking pumpkin soup to prom celebration. You can even write your complaints, but it is better simply to praise the authors and all publishing in general. And best of all - appeared in this chat, you are automatically connected to the tank with inexhaustible good and you will find people who will support you in every way. We have only positive - a bad deal with the legendary Volodka butcher.