8 advantages of a small apartment to a large house

In my opinion, in the case of housing value space highly overrated. Not so important square footage as the ability to properly use them, although the number of people in the family certainly plays a role. The compact apartments have their charm, which we often forget. Here are some advantages of a miniature housing front of a large home, which you have to use.

1. You need to be more selective with furniture

8 advantages of a small apartment to a large house

Take your time to consider it a disadvantage. The need to carefully approach the selection of furniture - is a great way to find exactly what will fit perfectly into the space and does not make compromises. If you have room for only one chair - you will look for the best option. This applies to the arrangement of other decorative accents. Living in a compact apartment, you should always think about saving space and do not clutter up his senseless things.

2. Update the decor is much easier to

A small housing requires fewer consumables, repair therefore not converted into a protracted saga, and extends in one breath. You can change the decor seasonal, follow the latest design trends and meet every season in new surroundings. Even if you live in a rented apartment, there are many inexpensive ways to add to the interior individuality and not to quarrel with the owners.

3. You use a creative approach to things stored

8 advantages of a small apartment to a large house

Experienced miniature tenants of apartments know all about how to free up space. Hanging shelves, the secret drawer, folding racks, each wall or ledge hidden original cabinet. A bit of experience and creative approach - your apartment will be the epitome of minimalism and functionality.

4. No non-residential space

No matter how big the house was not, still it has one or two main rooms and other rooms are used much less frequently. This is especially true of those who live alone or a couple rather than a friendly gypsy family. One of the best qualities of the smaller rooms - all the space in it - from the sill to the last corner - has its purpose. You can get the most out of their apartments, if properly approach a layout of the room.

5. You are more realistic look at their needs

8 advantages of a small apartment to a large house

Opportunities storage in a small apartment are limited and it does not mean that you need more space. In fact, you need fewer things. The compact housing makes it better to think of buying, avoid impulse purchases. In addition, it greatly facilitates the adoption of decisions about things that it's time to throw away. All lovers of boxes, packaging beautiful, old magazines, outmoded clothes, useless souvenirs and other nostalgic knickknacks I advise you to live in a small apartment. In the limited space to determine the priorities is much easier.

6. It is easier to create a uniform style throughout the apartment

We always want to pass the house individuality and express it in their own ideas about beauty and style. It's not just when the rooms are separated by corridors and entrance hall. Trying to make every room in a different style - too time-consuming process, especially considering that the things and furniture often roam around the house. Fill a tiny apartment unified aesthetic whole lot easier. Hollywood chic gloss interior, refined French romantic, carefree expression Boho styles or any other subject your possibilities and budget, if it is a miniature housing.

7. spend less forces for cleaning

8 advantages of a small apartment to a large house

When I see a massive house with panoramic windows, the first thing I think, "How hard to keep them clean," and then: "Oh, how beautiful!". Even the most diligent of us will not deny the fact that one of the advantages of small apartments - they are easier to clean. You do not have to dream of a housekeeper and spend the weekend at restoring order. It's all about the economy again, only this time not money, but time and effort.

8. Thou hast enlarged their understanding of the design and decoration of

Compact apartment all the time makes you explore the exciting possibilities of decoration. How to organize your workspace? Make the room bright, spacious and add warmth and comfort? This is a good opportunity to pump his design skills and develop creativity. Use different accessories, color and other tricks and enjoy the creation of apartments, which will reflect your personality.