Digest Mojo Media # 30

The past week turned into some kind of disaster: Igor Akinfeev broke his record, died Charles Manson and Dmitri Hvorostovsky. But what to do, that's life. It is what it is, it attempts to describe Mojo Media authors whose digest we present to your attention.

Let's start with BroDude, who hated to limited people with stereotypical thinking last week. But first, a couple of gentle.

Digest Mojo Media # 30

The less people agree with the point of view of the author, the more it militancy. Even if it comes to the overall good article, where one little nuance caused disagreement. The reader immediately gets involved in an argument and begins to argue what the author of a bastard as guilty before mankind.

We do not take offense, even when we are called vaginolizami, misogynous, filth, feces chunks deeply degraded people. Well, what offense? After all, we know your mama, who among us a real asshole. Just have to understand that the authors have their own position.

Why all this? To ensure that you commented more! Do not hesitate to pour bile includes the dispute, but remember, in easily in this life seem a fool. So think about what you write.

So here's a stormy discussion, grows into anger, said Michael Skamina debut in our magazine. The article is called "Why is rap - a new rock." It caused a wave of objections from the old and new rockers: people did not agree with this view. Sometimes the word "literally", pardon the pun, it is necessary to take too literally. It should be read carefully, especially ex-rockers, who have been sharply rap luminaries.

Digest Mojo Media # 30

In the words of a classic, "no matter how much taught myself to look at the woman as a person, I can not!". Some of our readers are likely, too.

Probably, in the article "How a woman exploits the man", they wanted to hear about the fact that all women - prostitutes and sluts, finally ruined the unfortunate man. And Theodor Sedin, that he, nit shameless, was healthy, writes why this is happening. To be precise, answers readers' questions. And I had to just write that women - creatures and hangers. We do not work: we are looking for and answer questions. And calls to decide what kind of people to surround yourself, and do everything that their actions are consistent with your opinion.

But Rodion Makhov no one angry. Because the guy is good, on the nonsense is not distracted, reasoning does not abuse, he writes about the important of life's truths. For example as to why you have to move out from their parents. As many as 7 reasons for this find. On the one hand, when you sit on my mother's grocery bag and rejoice life, these facts seem to be a farce. But if you move down a couple of months to live from hand to mouth as once you understand: Makhov was not lying.

And now is the time to learn how things work in the bastion of logical feminism. The Heroine.

In men, orgasm - like vodka in the Soviet shops: there is always a but only 1-2 varieties. We do that by hand, which naturally - feel the same. There are enthusiasts who cause explosive excitement through the "main exit", but, as they say all men, minority. Women are much more fortunate: they have as many as 9 types. You want so you want some sort. In short, Alina Kolesnikova about this business knows and will tell without reserve. When the actress "Divergent" advises you to sunbathe her vagina, which means honey overheated his head. Do not listen to everything you say the stars: they say a lot of stupid things. Because in order to become famous, it is not necessary to be wise - is sufficient to be an idiot.

Digest Mojo Media # 30

How to distract yourself and very nice man from the working process? Make him a novel on the job. But even this must be done with intelligence, feeling, plainly and emphatically, not as Zooey Deschanel in "500 Days of Summer." If you really do not care about you will think of others and what would happen if you suddenly parted, then read the right article.

Guys, friends, brothers, fellow citizens! Finally! Our channels Telegram resurrected! Finally, this beast (by channels), which is almost a month was treated for necro-scat-homo-addicts, recovered. Now all our channels operate in the same mode. No entries so far small, but recently the patient gets used to the hard cruel dependence. Be sure to come in to the wise "Know!" Cheeky "man lie with me," mobile "They are moving" and bogurnuyu "Mole" to draw knowledge and rofly.

To multiply the excitement of a good news, like the resurrection of our channels, you need to listen to podcasts. Especially, for the second week in a visit to the show, "Employee of the Month" comes the interesting, as it was expressed leading, creative person. On was a priestess of love last week. And who could be more interesting it?

Only a talented writer and publicist of a very good edition. Far to go he did not have: he writes for BroDude, it is our good friend Ivan Kalyagin. The conversation was long (after all, the person writing, thinking) and interesting. Disclosed chertyaga, the entire inner kitchen, fairly and in the case trampled into the mud bogomerzkih Journalism School, described his career, even suggested how to write lyrics. If you want to spend an evening or day with an intelligent, thoughtful, nice person - listen to Ivan, which will occasionally interrupt Daria. And tell who the best writer. In the show, "Guys, we have sex" again about frendzonu. However, he does not complain about the guy, as we are used to it, and the girl. The poor man can not understand, in love with her boyfriend or not. Thankfully, there are several, who understand how to find out what's going on in his head.

After Daria with Paul discussed what is happening in the lives of individual people, stick to them, Alexander and the show begins, "We live in this." In this release discusses sneakers Kanye West, festive wagon "Coca-Cola" and "sweet table" of the past.

But in the "wild ducks", as usual, adequate guests. They tell inappropriate stories from his childhood, which was held in a small village. Little House, Russian song, rock fests and paintings of female breasts - and how was your mladye years?

So in the end, as always, our national chat Telegram. Join. Talk to local old-timers, because there are so cozy and warm. It is unlikely that someone kisses cover your eyes and forehead, but provide pleasant company.