Sport exercise equipment

Gymnastics is one of the most spectacular sports. It is part of the compulsory program of the Olympic Games, world championships and various competitions are held regularly in gymnastics. This sport includes exercises using special shells, floor exercise and vault. To engage in gymnastics, needs special equipment, which can be carried out exercises.

Horizontal bar

One important gymnastic equipment is a horizontal bar - a steel rod, whose diameter is about 28 mm. This rod rests on two legs, and they, in turn, are attached to the floor surface by means of stretch marks. There are two types of horizontal bars - intended for use in competitions, as well as universal, which are suitable for both athletes and amateurs.

Sport exercise equipment


One of the most popular gymnastic apparatus in gymnastics rings are - the best help in the development of strength, stamina and skill of the athlete. Their effectiveness is due to the fact that they are moving in different directions, and therefore involves all the main muscles of a gymnast - to stabilize the position of the rings in space and control the body. All exercises with the equipment at the same time involve the views of a large number of muscle - from the smallest, which are not worked out in a different type of exercise, to major.

Sport exercise equipment

Exercise mat

Used for the purpose of cushioning when jumping athlete. The shell of the mat, usually made of canvas, linen, cotton fabrics. For internal use packing foam or sponge rubber. Covers made of leather substitutes. As a rule, mats come in two standard sizes: 2000h1000 mm and 2000h1250 mm.


One of the most versatile of shells, which is suitable for both warm-up, and for the basic exercises. One of the main characteristics of the rope is its thickness. It shall be 0, 8-0, 9 cm. Typically, the rope is manufactured from nylon. Sometimes you can find models of other materials - such as hemp. However, because of their characteristics they are now virtually out of use. The standard length of the projectile is 3 m, but it is desirable to select the rope with the athlete's performance growth.

Sport exercise equipment


This projectile is a two pole set parallel to each other. Made of solid wood - beech or birch. However, this is not enough to support the weight of the athlete's body, and therefore into the boards sewed rod of steel. Poles are interconnected by special swivels. The height of the shell can be easily changed - rack made of telescopic feature. To provide additional stability frame bars made of cast iron. Bars are male and female.

Equipment for rhythmic gymnastics

We should also mention the special equipment for rhythmic gymnastics - women's sport, is to perform special exercises with dance elements. Exercise equipment used in this field of sport - this tape, rope, ball, hoop and others. Gymnastic stick is used to perform exercises involving weights. Usually it is made of plastic or wood. The length of the stick for children is 750 mm, adult - 1100. The diameter of the gymnastic usually ranges from 21 to 30 mm.

Sport exercise equipment


Often, the performance of flapping exercises used and mace. As a rule, it is made of solid wood or rubber. Plastic products in recent years overshadowed. Increasingly, sports used shells of high-quality rubber. Mace has a bottle shape with a ball on the end. Sometimes also made lightweight shells (made from plastic) and weighted (with a metal rod inside). Mace should be stored in a specially designed carrying case - so you can keep the tool from scratch, keep it clean. Any mace can decorate their own hands using the multi-colored coils. Currently, there is a large assortment of these windings, which cut their bright patterns and then glued to the shell.


Gymnastic apparatus, which is the key to success for any athlete - this hoop. There was this kind of equipment is not so long ago - in 1958. Its creator says Richard Knerr, first shown by athletes from Australia, a new tool. Previously, it looked as a ring made of bamboo. Now wrap a little changed. There are several varieties of this sport exercise equipment, the most popular of which is the hula hoop. Currently, manufacturers are offering two types of hoops - simple and professional.

The shells of the first type, as a rule, is much more economical, but they wear faster. From shock very quickly lose their shape, crack, become useless. Ultimately, it may break during the exercises athlete. Much higher quality are professional hoops. They are made of a durable plastic that does not break from the numerous blows.

Sport exercise equipment


The ball is also one of the most important in this sport gymnastic apparatus. Gymnastics - is primarily aesthetic and beautiful sight. It takes into account not only the skill of the athletes, but also its appearance, including how it looks inventory. Therefore, special attention is always paid to the choice of the ball, which should ideally be combined with the clothing colors.

This projectile also is a professional and non-professional. The ball is in the first group are used in the world championships values, the second - in the circles and amateur groups. Also, balls are classified and other criteria - according to the age of the athletes, to a special adhesive coating size. For long life of the ball you need to buy a dedicated bag for storage and pump.

Sport exercise equipment

Gymnastics and its types. Exercise equipment for different areas

Depending on the purpose for which perform specific exercises, identify several types of gymnastics: improving, developing, and applied sports. By type of wellness concerns hygienic gymnastics, rhythmic and therapeutic. these shells are used in this direction, mats, mace, dumbbells, balls, ladders and others.

Rhythmic gymnastics is different from the other types in that it exercises are performed under a certain musical rhythm. In this direction, we use different exercises that have a healthy effect on the body. They are also well stabilize the psyche. Apply hoops, balls, ribbons. Educational and developing gymnastics has another name - the main. It is also divided into two types - teaching and educational and athletic. Used the following equipment: trampolines, rings, rods, foam pit wall bars. Gymnastics includes several groups of exercises - jumping, pair and group elements. In men, it includes exercises on the horse, parallel bars, rings, horizontal bar and other equipment. In female uses multilevel direction parallel bars, balance beam.