The main types of gymnastics. Wellness and sports gymnastics

Popular sport is gymnastics. It consists of various complexity movements which together form a certain combination. Every athlete at the beginning of the workout is a special set of physical exercises, as they are the main basis. With these exercises, you can learn how to properly distribute the strength, direction of movement and speed, improve the nervous system, organs and muscles. There are some kinds of gymnastics: health, sports, general.

What is needed gymnastics?

Scientists have proven that sports, exercise helps boost mood, normalize the functioning of the body and improve your appearance. For example, you can easily wake up in the morning thanks to the gym to avoid laxity and bad mood. You need to spend as little as 20 minutes, then to please the world around her smile. A person who is regularly engaged in physical exercise, to develop agility, speed of movement, and he is less tired throughout the day feels cheerfully. It is necessary to learn what are the kinds of gymnastics, and choose the most suitable exercises that will benefit, charged with optimism and maintain health.

The main types of gymnastics. Wellness and sports gymnastics


This sport involves jumping, floor exercise, training on various projectiles (beam, rings, parallel bars), basically it involved only people with professional training. For men and women a basic package varies considerably. Forms of Artistic Gymnastics: acrobatics, art, as well as aerobics.

Artistic gymnastics

This kind of gymnastics is intended for women. Its basis is available with combinations of dance with objects or without them. She, like other types of gymnastics, implies a desire to achieve good results, allowing to develop physically, to expand the possibility of movement, to develop more technical exercises. You can see the close relationship with the ballet, so in this sport are taken into account the flexibility of plastic, grace, rhythm, and even artistic. Types of gymnastics are quite common in the choreography. To this day remains the topical use of the famous rooms in dance performances. In order to achieve maximum success, it is necessary to know the basic elements of acrobatics, which will never be superfluous. At the world championships are not allowed without the use of numbers of subjects. If the performance of a group, it can be seen posing with one or two types of sports equipment, such as balls and hoops.

The main types of gymnastics. Wellness and sports gymnastics

Acrobatic gymnastics

This sport combines the performance of acrobatic dance moves, moves, stunts and jumps. To collect performance group of several people (men, women, or mixed). In order to achieve maximum impact and success in this area need to be flexible, accurate, strong, have an ear for music, and most importantly, trust your partner. If only a few years ago, the tumbling is not an important part of the whole gym, but nowadays the situation has changed dramatically. After all, scientists have proven no coincidence that everyone who was able to achieve significant results in this sport since an early age, becoming more successful in this area. Sport acrobatics positive effect on the body, improving the psychological state, develop balance, strength, precision movement. They are designed for people of any age and totally different fitness.

The main types of gymnastics. Wellness and sports gymnastics

Aerobics Sports

Aerobics - a young but quite popular exercises, types of exercises that are astonishingly varied. Athletes involved in the sport are able to make turns, jumps, surprising for its flexibility and strength. Women prefer fitness, familiar with aerobic movements and can easily fulfill them. All the exercises are aimed at demonstrating the dance skills, strength, elasticity, flexibility and continuity of movement. Now sports aerobics put to an international level, which confirms its importance and significance in the sports world.

The main types of gymnastics. Wellness and sports gymnastics

Fitness training

One type of breathing is improving gymnastics. Thanks to her, you can adjust the mechanism of gas exchange, which is useful for any athlete and just an ordinary person. Types of breathing exercises will not leave anyone indifferent. Their foundations were developed several centuries ago in China, Greece and India. Proper breathing allows to rebuild their lives, as strange as it may sound, and to tidy up the body. All you need - to adhere to the general rules for performing exercises. To all kinds of exercises aimed at improvement of the person, to be effective, you need to make them in a good mood, constantly alternate combinations and in any case not to get too lengthy running time. It would be better if all the exercises will show a specialist who will be able to create individually picked complex, aimed at improving the body's work.

To date, developed a huge number of recreational gymnastics techniques. Thanks to the doctors already exist as public facilities and specialty, directed to the treatment of certain organs. The rest of the health exercises, as well as types of breathing exercises, should be selected only under the supervision of a specialist, especially if there are serious problems.

The main types of gymnastics. Wellness and sports gymnastics

General Gymnastics

Musicality, dynamic, easily manageable exercise, low risk of injury - all of it is inherent in the general gymnastics. It is taught in many schools, it is accessible to anyone, allowing children to develop speed, flexibility, strength, which is very useful for the growing organism. All kinds of gymnastics, especially general, affect the psychological and physical condition of the person.

Those people who need to train the cardiovascular and nervous system, musculoskeletal system, and so on. E., It is necessary to focus on rhythmic gymnastics. And those who seek to raise the tone of the body, fit and hygiene.

The objective of general gymnastics is a physical development and strengthening of health, the acquisition of certain skills and increase brain activity.

The main types of gymnastics. Wellness and sports gymnastics

Gymnastics for the person - a very important factor that determines his health. There are many combinations that the power of each individual. For example, all kinds of morning exercises combine basic exercises, the implementation of which will only benefit.