Nate Robinson's career in the NBA, personal achievements, and play outside the US

Nate Robinson - basketball player, played in many clubs in the National Basketball Association. Nate was born in Seattle in 1984. Since 2002, he played for the University of Washington for three years. At that time, Nate was one of the most famous basketball players at the college level. American defender became famous for jumping, which allowed declarer with a slight increase to become one of the best Danker National Basketball Association.

"The New York Knicks'

Despite the fact that Nate was one of the famous basketball players in college, the NBA Draft 2005 NBA American was selected only under the 21-m peak. he was chosen team "Phoenix Suns", but was immediately traded to the "New York Knicks", where he spent the first five seasons of his professional career.

Nate Robinson's career in the NBA, personal achievements, and play outside the US

In his debut season Nate Robinson took part in 72 matches, 26 of which are American point guard, "Nikerbokers" was released in the starting lineup. It is the best indicator for the entire career of basketball. Average per match Nate spent 21, 4 minutes. The percentage of hits from the game was 40 .7%. Robinson was a good sniper - 39, 7% from beyond the arc in the first season. The worst case situation was a defender with throws from the line - 75, 2%, which is very low for a player of his position.

2008/209 season was the best for the Robinson five personal performance. His playing time at the end of the season was 29, 9 minutes per game on average. With the penalty throw-back with a precision of 84, 1%. Average per match Nate scored 17 points 2, made 1, 3 and pickup 3, 9 selection.

Other clubs in the National Basketball Association

Until the end of the 2009/10 season in the "Boston" Nate had 26 fights, never going into the start. Due to the fact that Robinson spent a few matches, he was able to increase its percentage of hits from behind the arc. In 2010, the defender from the perimeter got to within 41, 4%, which is the best record in the regular season NBA in his professional career. According to the results of the regular season, "Celtics" took place in the playoffs. Nate Robinson played in 17 matches, in which scored 7, 5 point average.

Nate Robinson's career in the NBA, personal achievements, and play outside the US

The second season of the "Boston" Nate did not finish. In the course of the regular season, he was traded to the "Oklahoma", where he played only four games before the end of the season. For these games, Nate spent on the site an average of 7, 5 minutes, picking up 3, 3 points.

Season 2011/12 Robinson start in Oakland. Before the start of the regular season, Nate has signed an agreement with the local team, "Golden State Voriorz". As part of "Warriors" American took part in the meeting of 51, leaving the floor with the starting minutes in nine matches.

The first full season for Nate Robinson became the last and such. As part of "Chicago Bulls" Nate spent 82 games (23 starts) in the regular season and 12 games in the playoffs. The average American spent on the floor 25, 4 minutes and got to the percentage 43, 3.

Since 2013, the basketball player's career went into decline. In the "Denver" Nate went on the field to start only once. The average per game he spent 19, 7 minutes and 10 scored 4 points. A year later figures are even stronger point guard deteriorated. He again appeared only once in the start. It halve productivity.

Nate Robinson's career in the NBA, personal achievements, and play outside the US

In the course of the season Robinson was traded to the "Los Angeles Clippers". As part of "sailing" until the end of the season Nate was lucky to play only 9 matches. At the start of the defender did not come out even once, since his position at the club from the city of angels playing the best playmaker in the world - Chris Paul. The last one for Nate Robinson club in the NBA became the "New Orleans". In the season 2015/16 Nate played two games, gave two assists and scored no points.

is the NBA's career

After a bad performance in the "Pelican" Nate finished his speech in the strongest basketball league in the world. In 2016 he signed with the club "Hapoel" Tel Aviv. In Israel, the defender played only one season, after which he returned to the United States, where he signed a contract with "Delaware Eighty Seveners".

In 2017 Robinson was replaced by club for the second time in a year. New point guard the team became "Guaros de Lara" from Venezuela.

Personal performance and the achievement of

Nate Robinson is the first and only three-time winner of the Slam Dunk, which comes within the framework of the weekend of the NBA stars. Nate first title won in 2006. In 2007, he lost the competition to Gerald Green. In 2009 and 2010, Robinson once again become the best NBA Danker.

Nate Robinson's career in the NBA, personal achievements, and play outside the US

During his career in the NBA Nate took part in 618 meetings, out of which came with the first minutes in 107 games. On average, Robinson spent on the site 22, 5 minutes and scored 11 points. In the round of the playoffs basketball player played 32 games, picking up to 8, 6 points.

In 2005, Nate got the prize Frances Pomeroy Naismith.