The most famous Russian figure skaters - a list of achievements and interesting facts

In the last century, when our state is still called by the Soviet Union, the names of the skaters - our compatriots knew the whole world. Oleg Protopopov and Lyudmila Belousova, Irina Rodnina, Andrey Bukin and Natalya Bestemyanova, Alexander Gorshkov and Lyudmila Pakhomov - these athletes have had worldwide fame. Today, Russian figure skaters, certainly, though not considered the best on the planet, but show good results, their performance continues the tradition of Russian skating on ice. The most famous, the best Russian skaters represented in today's article.

The history of figure skating

At first, a bit of history of figure skating. Skates for the first time appeared in the Netherlands in the 14th century, this country and is considered the birthplace of the sport. Ice Skating continuously improved, skates changed its shape. The primary measure of skill numeracy draw runners different shapes and at the same time to keep balance in beautiful poses. In England in 1772 they released the "Treatise on skating," since for the country secured the authorship of all major figures skating on ice. Sports historians considered the founder of modern figure skating Jason Heinz. This American has played a leading role in the development of the sport around the world, including in Russia.

The most famous Russian figure skaters - a list of achievements and interesting facts

Even under Peter I in the Russian Empire skating became popular. The emperor himself brought skates from Europe. It belongs to Peter I the idea to attach directly to the shoe skates, in fact, this was the prototype of the modern skates. All skaters Russia knows that in 1838 published the first Russian manual for the skaters, the originator of it was Pauli. The first ice rink opened in the Yusupov garden in 1865. Here, skaters and became engaged professionally. In 1878 the best Russian skaters took part in the competition. Figure skating is actively developing in Russia, one generation of champions are replaced by others. To date, our country can be proud of. Introducing the best modern representatives of this sport.

Alexei Urmanov

Skaters Russian male single skaters have always been our strong link. One of these skaters - Alexey Urmanov. Homeland skater - Leningrad, where he was born in 1973. From an early age my mother took him to the rink where he began to learn the basics of figure skating. The first world championship was held Alexis in 1990, here in the junior competitions, he won a silver medal.

Since 1991 Urmanov is a member of the Russian national team in its lineup for the national championship, he became the owner of bronze. Participation in Albertville has not brought results, the guy began to train even harder to achieve higher skill. Alex was given full training, and this has often led to injury. Will force the athlete could envy anyone. Through perseverance, he in 1997 became the champion of Europe.

Many in the crowd thanks to Alexei Urmanova become zealous fans of figure skating. His artistic touches many. Skating on ice Alexey always turns into a small show, where the audience for a few minutes time to go through a lot of touching impressions.

Ilia Kulik

The most famous Russian figure skaters - a list of achievements and interesting facts

Ilia Kulik - a native of the capital, was born in 1977. In five years, he became engaged in Thunder coach group. Only later I became his mentor Victor Kudryavtsev, who has trained many champions.

Ilia Kulik met the expectations of his coach and in 1990 became the winner of the competition in Norway, where the most talented skaters performed. Russian Junior Championships in 1994 brings a victory Kulik, and he deserves the silver in the adult championship. This opened the door to the national team. In 1995, Ilia Kulik became the first participant of the European championship, suddenly snatched victory from Urmanova. In the new season (1995-96), Ilya began to study with Tatiana Tarasova. Experienced choreographer making multiple adjustments to his productions, adds elements of the complex, including the famous triple axel performed twice in a row. However, unable to cope with anxiety, Ilya fails European Championship. But the world championship figure skater manages to win the silver. Kulik begins to prepare for the Olympic Games. Enhanced training for next season under the leadership of Tarasova give the expected result - the Olympic gold. After that, Ilya triumph goes to professional sport and continues to delight his fans.

Alexei Yagudin

Alexei Yagudin was born in St. Petersburg (Leningrad) in 1980. Engage in skating began at the age of four coach Alexander Mayorov, under his wing Alexander was 12 years old. Already with 13 years, the boy began to occupy a place of honor in the competition. In 1996 he won the world championship. In 1997 Alex won the European Championship. At the Olympic Games in Nagano, with the participation of Russian figure skaters (men) Yagudin managed to take 5th place. Since 1998 began to train at the famous Tatiana Tarasova. Trained in the United States, he participated in many tournaments, where the winner was returning.

The most famous Russian figure skaters - a list of achievements and interesting facts

Championship held in Vancouver, proved unsuccessful for the skater. He was injured, and he barely managed to hold on to only 5 seats. The fight for the title has not stopped. After treatment, Alex returns to training. His skill reached second place after Evgeni Plushenko. The next World Cup brought him gold.

The Olympic Games in Salt Lake City brought triumph. Yagudin brilliantly acted, the judges scores were the highest, and he won. In 2002, re-launched health problems, and in 2007 to perform in Germany because of injury skater was forced to interrupt the presentation. After treatment, the athlete returned to the US. It began to be active in showbiz. He played in the ice show, starred in the TV series, he examined the game of KVN.

Maxim Kovtun

A young but already famous Maxim Kovtun was born in 1995 in Yekaterinburg. Under the mentorship Buyanova and Tarasova athlete won the highest award Grand Prix novice talents. He holds the title of master of sports, the champion of Russia.

Family Maxima sports and since the age of 4 my father began to take him to the sports school. Older brothers Kovtun also active skaters and participate in a variety of ice shows.

The first coach of the boy was Wojciechowska. In the famous competition, which involved young Russian figure skaters, Maxim managed to win the "Crystal Skate". Already in the 15 years skater performed in three turns axel. At the Olympic level among youths he won silver.

In 2012, under the tutelage of Tarasova and Vodorezova Maxim took fifth place in the national championship. In international skating in Zagreb, where he was sent, he also skated fifth place.

Specially developed software for Maxim, in which he makes five jumps with four turnovers.

Evgeni Plushenko

The most famous Russian figure skaters - a list of achievements and interesting facts

Figure skater-sculler (Russia) Evgeny Plushenko was born in the Khabarovsk Territory in 1982. As a child he moved with his parents in Volgograd, where he began skating. For further training the boy has to move to St. Petersburg. There, he honed his skills in the sports school. In 2005, Eugene graduated from the University of Physical Education Lesgaft.

The first sporting victory was in season 1996-97. At the world championships for juniors Eugene won. Next, ranked third in the world championship, the second - at the European Championships. He became world champion in 2001 and repeated his results in 2003, 2004. European Championship, Plushenko conquered five times. In his sports collection has more than a dozen gold medals. In 2008, Eugene Dima Bilan performs at the Eurovision Song Contest, win here again. Evgeni Plushenko leads an active social life.

Roman Kostamarov and Tatiana Navka

Famous Russian figure skaters Tatiana and Roman Kostamarov Navka considered in our rink one of the most beautiful and artistic pairs. Roman and Tatyana offered to act Linichuk coach. While the athletes were in Delaware. For some time the duo broke up, Roman Semenovich gave a figure skater. But as soon as Navka after the birth of her daughter returned to the ice in 2000, the couple reunited and began to show very impressive results. In 2004, in Germany they became world champions. Then they became Olympic champions, three times became champions of Russia, the same time European champions. The result - a three-time world champions. Athletes are actively involved in show business, become participants in ice shows. The novel appeared in films, television projects.

Anton Sikharulidze and Elena Berezhnaya

The most famous Russian figure skaters - a list of achievements and interesting facts

The famous Russian figure skaters Anton Sikharulidze and Elena Berezhnaya began skating together at once. Prior to 1996, Elena performed with Shliakhov. After a serious injury Berezhnaya head was literally at death's door. She barely recovered and once again came out on the ice and studied again stand on skates. New partner was Anton, who in all her support. Together, they have achieved incredible success. Their coach was Moskvina. Soon in Paris a couple of competitions has achieved considerable success. Next victory fell on athletes: prizes at the Olympic Games in 1998, then in 2002. Won Russian championships for four consecutive years from 1999 to 2002.

In 2006, Sikharulidze decides to retire from the sport, to do business. As an amateur still out on the ice. He took part in a television show. Anton Sikharulidze few years stood at the head of Physical Education and Sports Committee.

Ilya Averbukh and Irina Lobacheva

The most famous Russian figure skaters - a list of achievements and interesting facts

The famous Russian figure skaters Ilya Averbukh and Irina Lobacheva not only worked together a career. I lived in America. The couple was married, where he was born the son of Martin. Unfortunately, after returning to Russia and broke up a couple of sports. But skaters managed to leave a significant mark in the history of this great sport. Celebrity couple for the period from 1993 to 2002, four became national champions, winners of World and European championships. At the Olympics in 2002 we won silver.

Sports injuries had taken their toll, and skating gradually come to naught. Returning from America, Ilya created the company "Ice Symphony". He was the organizer of the famous ice shows, TV projects, so beloved by the audience. In the field of producer they have achieved good results.

Irina Slutskaya

The most famous Russian figure skaters - a list of achievements and interesting facts

The Russian figure skater Irina Slutskaya was born in 1979 in Moscow. From the age of four began to train at the sports club "Moskvich". With six years it began to work as a coach Gromov. Already in 1993, the championship of Russia Irina won among juniors and won bronze at the World Championships. In Sofia in 1996 he won the championship title in Europe.

In 1998 Irina becomes involved in the Olympic Games in Nagano and is in fifth place. In 1999, Ira marries Sergei Mikheev, at the same time her athletic career is going up. In all competitions Slutskaya wins prizes, brilliantly serves Salt Lake City.

For a while Irina Slutskaya retire from the sport due to injury, but soon returns and regains its leading position. The ultimate goal - the Olympics. Russian figure skaters perform at the Games in Turin in 2006, where Slutskaya won the bronze. This victory has cost many efforts of the athlete. At this she completed her career.

Alexei Tikhonov

Alex was born in Samara in 1971. The first coach was a skater Vera Birbraer. According to her instruction in the 16-year old Alex moved to Sverdlovsk, where for years he trained with Rennick. After that Tikhonov arrived in the capital and became a student of Zakharov. Later in the biography - life in Japan. Upon returning home, Alex became involved in the ice show under the guidance Tarasova.

The first victory in 1989 - a bronze medal at the world championships in pair Irina Sayfutdinova. In 1998 began to act in tandem with Petrova, a year later they became the champions of Europe, confirmed the title in 2000. On the Russian championship four years (1999 to 2005) was the silver medalist. Major victory was the gold medal of the world championship in 2000. Repeatedly he became the silver and bronze medal at the championships and Grand Prix. In 2007, the pair announced his retirement.