Maxim Marinin, skater: biography, personal life, achievements in sports

Maxim Marinin, whose biography is described in this article, a famous Russian figure skater. Rides in a pair with T. Totmjaninoj. Twice they became world champions and five times won the European Championship and three in the Russian championship. In addition to the above, Marinin - a frequent participant in television projects.


Maxim Marinin, born 23.3.1977, in Volgograd. He grew up a sickly child. Maxim has a brother. Their parents, Victor and Tatiana Marina's, raised their children in love. We tried to instill in a child a sense of responsibility. Physically and mentally sons were not punished. Maximum - deprived of entertainment or sweets. When Maxim was four years old, his father gave his son skates and taught to stand confidently on ice. As a result, Victor became the first coach of the future world champion.

Maxim Marinin, skater: biography, personal life, achievements in sports

Skating Section

Maxim was often sick, and when he was seven years old, my parents decided that the sport will help restore the health of his son, and sent him to figure skating. Tatiana and Victor did not expect that he will be the champion, as children in sports clubs given earlier for professional sports. But Maxim is so liked figure skating, it is with great pleasure trained hard.

While Marinin was sixteen years old, he was engaged in figure skating. During this time he managed to attend the event in many Russian cities. And he understood that if he wanted to do more, need to be improved further. Especially in figure skating Maxim did not even receive a portion of the double, not to mention the triple jump.

Maxim Marinin, skater: biography, personal life, achievements in sports

Move to pair skating

And when Maxim Marinin received an offer from St. Petersburg, he did not hesitate to agree. With parents did not consult, but merely announced his decision. Tatiana and Victor did not try to dissuade his son, because he understands that this is a great chance for Maxim to go further. So he ended up in pairs, where they could subsequently achieve great results.

Sports career

In St. Petersburg, Maxim Marinin (skater) enrolled in the Academy of Physical Education. It became a professional coach Oleg Vasiliev. The 20-year old figure skater became part of the Russian team. Partner Maxim ice was Tatiana Totmianina. Many believed that it was a perfect match. and so it turned out.

Maxim Marinin, skater: biography, personal life, achievements in sports

They are distinguished by excellent technique, sophisticated programs, which have always been present intractable elements. Nevertheless, the pair pulls back the program with ease. A mesmerizing artistry of not only the audience but also the judges. In the period from 1999 to 2002. Maxim and Tatiana have repeatedly occupied the 2nd and 3rd place in the Russian championships. In 2004, the pair became the first medal at the world championships.

Twice Maxim and Tatiana won the world championship. In 2006, we are preparing for the Olympics, which was held in Turin. Workouts were long. Five-aged couple rolls back in Chicago his program in detail. Before the Olympic Games had only one and a half years when Tatyana received a head injury. Maxim Marinin for the first time could not keep a partner.

Maxim Marinin, skater: biography, personal life, achievements in sports

For the skaters it was a huge psychological trauma. The state of emergency he blamed only himself. Skaters have an unwritten rule: to prevent the fall partner, you miss it even by the hair, but do not prevent injury. Fortunately, Tatiana escaped with a slight concussion and a couple of weeks back out on the ice. Maxim began to be afraid of repeating the treacherous support. And he had to seek the help of a psychologist E. Deryabina. She has helped to restore confidence of the skater.

In 2006, the skaters are finally Olympic champions. This victory they achieved was really deserved. But after the Olympics Maxim and Tatiana took a short break, so they began to participate in various TV shows. A little later, Maxim Marinin, skater and multiple champion, was going to return to the sport. But could not reach an agreement with the Federation of figure skating on the material side. And Maxim retired from the sport.


For the first time Marinin appeared on television in 2006 in the "Stars on Ice", which was broadcast on the "First Channel". At the time his partner was Maria Kiseleva, who won at the Olympics in swimming. In the period of 2007-2011. Maxim Marinin constantly participated in the "Ice Age". Skater has performed with many well-known personalities: A. Volochkova, J. Friske, O. and N. Cape Podolsk. In 2011, Marinin took part in the "Bolero". But along with the common-law wife.

But Max was not limited only to dance on ice. He participated in the "dolphin shows," where he had to learn a new profession - coach. In 2013, he played in the play "Mother". In 2014, he returned to the show "Ice Age". But this time, with his first partner - Tatyana. Maxim TV career is not going to be interrupted. And in front of the audience waiting for new show featuring the famous skater.

Maxim Marinin, skater: biography, personal life, achievements in sports


Personal life Maxim Marinin for the fans is not a "mystery". Many viewers were convinced that love skater - his partner, Tatiana. But his wife has become a champion of a different woman. In 2005, he met with Natalia Marinin som dancer. Love broke out between them instantly. And after the first date, they realized that for each other. They have passed the test of a long separation, but kept his feelings.

Wife Maxim Marinin at the time of their meeting was the leading dancer in the theater of Stanislavsky. She was fascinated by his skater restraint and lack of arrogance. In addition, Natalia is also a very beautiful girl. After the first meeting, they had to leave for a long time, as Maxim flew to the next competition. But they always kept in touch by means of SMS-messages and phone calls. Both did not want to leave for a long time. Maxim Marinin wife, Natalia, in 2007 gave birth to his beloved wife of the first son. Happy parents named her son Artem. Maxim and Natalia hired a nanny. Helping parents. First Maxim and Natasha rented apartment, then bought his own. After that, you start building a country house.

In 2012, Maxim and Natalia daughter. Girl named Juliana. Prior to the beginning of a joint life Natalia and Maxim agreed that the family head - man. He must resolve all the core issues and problems. Therefore, the family is still peace and harmony reigns.