Figure skater Anna Anna Pogorilaya: career and personal life

Anna Anna Pogorilaya - a famous Russian figure skater-singles skater, which showed high sports results in Olympic cycle 2014-2018 gg. Despite the fact that Anna Pogorilaya failed to qualify for the Olympics in Pyeongchang, fans remembered athlete expressive skating and good results.

Childhood and career in juniors

Figure skater Anna Anna Pogorilaya: career and personal life

Anna Pogorilaya was born April 10, 1998 in Moscow. In four years, I started skating. On the domestic competitions made to attract attention in 2009, winning the silver medal at the Russian championship in his age category.

In his last season before moving to the adult level, Anna clearly declared itself in the international arena: she was able to take the bronze in the final of the Junior Grand Prix and the World Junior Championships, as well as to get in the top five in the championship of Russia.

At the World Junior Championships Anna Pogorilaya second only to her friends on the team - even more young and promising Radionova Elena and Julia Lipnitskaya. In an interview after rolling Anna noted huge competition among odinochnits girls in Russia. She admitted that getting to the World Cup is considered a success.

Despite its success, the first adult season falls on the Olympic year, skater was in the shadow of Julia Lipnitskaya, which the upcoming transition from junior to adult starts.

Season 2013-2014

Season 2013-2014 was for the Russian figure skater Anna Anna Pogorilaya doubly responsible. After the first successful performances of athletes in competitions among women fans and the press began to seriously discuss the possibility of her getting to the Olympics in Sochi. Anna herself emphasized in communicating with journalists, that its purpose - to show on each startup good ride as the main hope experts confer on Sotnikova and Tuktamysheva Lipnitsky. The situation is complicated by the fact that Russia had only two quota for participation in the Olympic Games of the three possible.

In the first half of the season, Anna has qualified to the final Grand Prix and has retained its status as contenders for the Olympic Games.

The championship of Russia, where the struggle for participation in the main start of four years, the athlete was unable to cope with the nerves and show your best performance. It took only the fifth place and third among adults rivals.

Figure skater Anna Anna Pogorilaya: career and personal life

will miss the Olympics, Anna finished the season with fourth place at the World Cup.

Season 2014-2015

Posleolimpiysky season Anna once again began with dignity, being able to reach the final of the Grand Prix series. But, as in the previous year, no athlete qualified for the final podium, noticeably losing to Russians Elena and Yelizaveta Tuktamysheva Radionova and American Ashley Wagner.

Anna Pogorilaya remembered by the audience as a strong but unstable athlete.

Speech at the Russian championship has become one of the most confident for the season, as a result of which it became a party to the European and World Championships in 2015.

In Europe, Anna won the bronze medal, not losing to anyone except the two Russian athletes, but a decent performance in the World Cup injury prevented, and as a result, errors in programs.

Figure skater Anna Anna Pogorilaya: career and personal life

When Anna failure assured fans that will not give up and to work on the stability and the technical complexity of skating.

Season 2015-2016

Anna Anna Pogorilaya beginning of 2015-2016 season so poorly. After the first victory in a small tournament in Mordovia, followed by reduction results. Including one of the stages of the Grand Prix Anna was lower than female athletes, are clearly inferior to her in class and skill, such as Alena Leonova and Li Zijun.

Given the high level of competition in the national team skater almost lost hope to participate in the main event of the year. Unexpectedly for many, it was possible to show in the selection of its maximum. She not only got into the national team, but also repeated his best result in the Russian championship, finishing third.

Anna Pogorilaya after rolling noted that she was able to skate for fun and to present the program in almost perfect condition.

Three best skater Russia again took all the podium of the European championship. At this time, as in the previous qualifying start, Anna became the third after Evgenia Medvedeva and Elena Radionova.

Figure skater Anna Anna Pogorilaya: career and personal life

The best in the career of sporting achievement Anna Anna Pogorilaya shown two months later. She won a bronze medal at the World Championships in Boston, losing Medvedev speaking at home, Ashley Wagner, but ahead of nominally the second skater of his team radio news.

Speaking to reporters about their emotions on the success of Anna Anna Pogorilaya called this result "simply fantastic".

Season 2016-2017, injury

A series of major successes continued into the following season, Anna won both the Grand Prix, in which participated, and was finally able to be with bronze on the final podium. The inclusion of a skater in the team for the European championships and the world no one doubted. In Europe, Anna Pogorilaya surpassed his best result. She won a silver medal, losing only absolutely stable Medvedeva, and first went to the World Cup as the second skater Russia.

However, at the world championships in Helsinki, Russian figure skater Anna Anna Pogorilaya issued a disaster for the athletes of its level performance in the free program, and in the final table took only 13th place.

After the failure of a major athlete faced with injuries and only once appeared at a major launch, the stage of the Grand Prix, showing there is not the best result. After the tournament, Anna announced its intention to seriously take care of your health.

Figure skater Anna Anna Pogorilaya: career and personal life


Anna Anna Pogorilaya long time about his personal life did not tell the press, but in July 2018 it became known about her marriage. Chosen Girls - Andrey Nevsky, in the past as a figure skater.

In September 2018, the skater has resumed training, but at the official launch in the current season Anna has not yet declared.