Sergei Grinkov: biography and personal life

Sergei Grinkov - known Soviet and Russian figure skater, speaking in pairs. He has the title of Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, and in Russia. The greatest success achieved in a duet with Ekaterina Gordeeva.

Sergei Grinkov: biography and personal life

Biography skater

Sergei Grinkov was born in Moscow in 1967. At 5 years of age enrolled in junior sports school of CSKA. Learn the basics of figure skating.

His weakness was jumping, so it is not suitable for a single ride. In 15 years, I decided to act in tandem. His first coach in this new discipline was Vladimir Zakharov.

a year later he was replaced by the hopes Shevalovskuyu (nee Gorshkov), silver medalist of the USSR Championship and personal choreographer Marina Zueva, bronze medalist of the World Championship.

In 1983, Sergei Grinkov made his first appearance on the world championship among youth. It took 6th place, and in 1984 won the gold medal. Already at that time, he began to speak with Ekaterina Gordeeva.

At the prestigious international tournament Shevalovskaya coach included in the program unique for its time and pair skating jump - a triple Salchow. However, this risk was not justified. Gordeeva dropped at the crucial moment.

Stanislav Zhuk

In 1985, a couple of promising starts to train the famous coach Stanislav Zhuk - multiple champion of the USSR and the three-time silver medalist at the European championships.

Under his command, the pair felt a confidence and develop new elements of the complex. Right off the bat, they started to win prizes. Grinkov Gordeeva became vice-champion in the championships of the USSR and Europe. In 1986 at the World Championships in Geneva, Switzerland took the gold medal. Grinkova partner, Ekaterina Gordeeva, became at that time the youngest winner of the world championship in pair skating. She was only 15 years old.

In this case, Stanislav Zhuk was very rigid and authoritarian coach. Everything ends that Soviet figure skaters, including Grinkov and Gordeeva, signed a collective appeal to the leadership of CSKA. Eventually, the pair moved to a new teacher.

Sergei Grinkov: biography and personal life

By the beginning Leonovich

In 1986, the couple took to coach Stanislav Leonovich, three-time champion of the Soviet Union. Choreographer was again Zueva.

The first serious test for the pair under new coach was the European Championship in Sarajevo. But then disaster struck. During a speech at the Grinkova untied braid on the ridge. American referee Wright stopped the music and began to whistle. The couple, in spite of everything, continued to speak in complete silence. Estimates were not exposed. Skaters have been disqualified. The offer of the organizers refused to repeat the program.

Rehabilitate managed at the World Cup in the US Cincinnati. They again won gold. We are fulfilled very complicated for the pair figure skating element - the twist in four turns.

In 1987, in a pre-Olympic year, Sergei Grinkov missed USSR Championship because of injury partner. In training Gordeeva concussion.

Sergei Grinkov: biography and personal life

Olympics in Calgary

In 1988, the couple went to their first Olympic Games. The Canadian Calgary profit Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov. Skater felt confident before the performance, in training clearly fulfilled all the support. The rivalry was between nationals and Americans. As a result, a pair of skaters from the United States Jill Watson and Peter Oppergard won bronze. Soviet athletes Elena Valova and Oleg Vasiliev were silver medalists. Gold gained Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov. The story of their success lies in months of grueling training and in bringing to the perfection of the smallest elements.

Their performance was truly outstanding. For example, an arbitrary program to the music of Chopin, Mozart and Mendelssohn became a classic figure skating. All the elements were executed flawlessly, including a double axel, double toe loop and cascade. Such a kit previously met in pairs.

In addition, Sergei Grinko, who in the year photo graced many sports publications, performed on the one hand and the two ejection and three support staff. One of the rotations are also included in textbooks. At first it went in the usual way and then partner down after a rapid ascent and another, already reverse rotation.

Sergei Grinkov: biography and personal life

The best pair in the world

At the World Championships in Paris in 1989, the couple once again demonstrated the excellent skating. All the judges gave the Soviet skaters first place.

Harder got the world championship in 1990 in Halifax, Canada. In a brief assessment of the program have lowered two tenths of points due to the fact that the arbitrators have considered executed spiral non-compliant. In the long program Gordeev made a mistake - stumbled when the triple toe loop, as with blots completed its combination of jumps. Defeating opponents managed only by a margin of one vote. Close to him at the World Cup approaching, Canadians Isabelle Brasseur and Lloyd Asler.

Sergei Grinkov: biography and personal life

In the Professional sports

In 1990, the couple leaves the amateur sport. They begin to speak at the famed coach Tatiana Tarasova at the theater on ice "All Stars". At the same time they have to withdraw from the world and European championships.

Within two years, they act on the professional world championships, receiving much larger fees for their participation and prizes.

In 1991 he had married Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov. The love story of a pair consisted of more than one year. In 1992, their daughter, Daria was born. Because of the pregnancy at the time of Gordeeva interrupted speech.

In 1993, the International Olympic Committee and the World Skating Union changed the rules and allowed to participate in competitions held under their auspices, professional athletes. Thus, the G & G had the opportunity to go on one more Olympics.

They triumphantly returned to the sport. Win first place in the championships of Russia and Europe.

Olympics in Lillehammer,

In 1994, the couple is seeking the right to take part in the Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway. This time they act is not for the national team of the USSR and for the national team of Russia.

It was a triumphant Olympic Games for Russian skaters. Press them from the first place was only a Ukrainian Oksana Baiul, won the women's figure skating. The men won Alexey Urmanov in ice dancing pair won Oksana Grischuk and Evgeny Platov. In pair skating excelled G & G. Russians also became the second (Mishkutenok Natalia and Artur Dmitriev), bronze medals were won by Canadians Isabelle Brasseur and Lloyd Eisler.

Sergei Grinkov: biography and personal life

Tragedy on Ice

Death of Sergei Grinkova skater came suddenly in the prime of a career. In November 1995, during a training session in the US city of Lake Placid, he lost consciousness on the ice. Immediately the doctors who gave him first aid were summoned.

However, it was all to no avail. He died at the scene skater Sergei Grinkov. The cause of death, according to the doctors, a massive heart attack. Famous athletes was only 28 years old.

Grinkova buried in Moscow, at the cemetery Vagankovsky.

Gordeeva out again married to Ilia Kulik, Olympic champion in figure skating.