Alexander Sukhorukov - professional swimmer

Alexander Sukhorukov - professional swimmer, who during his career has participated in the Olympic Games and World Championships. He has come a long way from an unknown athlete from Ukhta to the world sports stars.

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Alexander Sukhorukov was born February 22, 1988 in the city of Ukhta. To water it from childhood accustomed mom. It is thanks to her Sukhorukov loved so much water. His mother worked with children in the city of Ukhta pool. From an early age the boy began to walk on the sports clubs and dreamed of the future to become a famous professional athlete. One day he decided to try his hand at swimming and I became interested in the sport.

His first victory in the sport, he won in 5 years. 25-meter relay race young Alexander was not equal. After this victory, he finally gave up the fight and go swimming. This swimmer studied with outstanding swimming coach Fedorov.

At school, Alexander studied well. Thanks to the good memory of it in a short period of time can learn the lessons and to train. After some time, Alexander Sukhorukov was the most trained swimmer in his school. His talent was noted by many experts in this sport. All held junior competitions Alexander won prizes.

The athlete has an excellent sprint jerk, so swim short distances. In 13 years, this promising swimmer received the first rank and became a candidate for master of sports.

Alexander Sukhorukov - professional swimmer

Professional career

In 2004, Alexander Sukhorukov became a member of the national team on the swimming team. After this event, he began his long and successful path in international tournaments. But Alexander took a while to reach the world level. Only in 2008, he learned that such fame and love of the fans. This year, he participated in the European Championship. There won a silver medal. And at the World Cup, he won gold medals in the 4x100 relay race.

Sukhorukov was an important member of the team's swimmers at the Olympic Games in Beijing. In the 4x200 relay race, our team was close to the gold medal game, but ultimately missed the victory and became the silver medalist.

Alexander Sukhorukov - professional swimmer

The success in international tournaments in 2010

Alexander Sukhorukov in 2010, the national team won the gold medal at the European Championships. Our team in the 4x100 meters relay, 4x200 m freestyle had no competitors.

After this success, Alexander went to the World Cup, which was held in Dubai. There again, our team won the gold medal in the 4x200 m relay, confidently beating all the famous competition. In addition, a team of Russian team set a world record.

Participating in the Russian competitions, Sukhorukov three established national record and 5 times champion of the internal tournament. Championship of the city that a swimmer has won 21 times.

Alexander Sukhorukov - professional swimmer


On the personal life of Alexander Sukhorukov it was not known until 2013. This year, the legendary Russian swimmer met with no less famous gymnast Margarita Mamun. After exploring Margarita Mamun and Alexander Sukhorukov tried as a longer time can be carried out with each other in the breaks between competitions. Together they spend holidays and keep fit. After three novel Sukhorukov did Mamun offer at the Olympic Ball. Margarita Mamun and Alexander Sukhorukov at the moment is one of the most popular couples in the sport. For the relationship of these popular athletes watch fans from around the world, and they are very supportive of their favorites.

Alexander Sukhorukov - professional swimmer

Awards athlete

For a large number of victories at the prestigious international competitions Alexander Sukhorukov received the title of Honored Master of Sports of Russia. After its success at the Beijing Olympics, the athlete was awarded the Order "For Services to the Fatherland, 2nd degree." And at the end of the Universiade in Kazan, Alexander received a certificate of appreciation from the President of the country. At this Universiade, he won gold in the two relays.

In the famous swimmer very revealing biography. Alexander Sukhorukov come a long way on the path to worldwide fame. Now he is one of the most prominent Russian swimmers in history. At home, Alexander Sukhorukov is a true legend. Young athletes always put him as an example.