Reticulation concealers "Meybelin" (Maybelline): reviews. Which concealer "Meybelin" to choose?

Who among us, beautiful ladies, does not dream to look charmingly? Most likely, there are none. In any situation, each woman in the shower princess. Of course, stress, neurosis, lack of sleep and other factors adversely affect the external appearance. But in order and come up with cosmetics, so that even on a cloudy day, we could shine a radiant beauty. Of course, the most important thing - even skin tone without flaws. Concealer "Meybelin" designed to correct skin flaws.

Concealer - what is it?

Masking concealer - cosmetic means intended to correct minor problems arising periodically on each face of the girl. This important element of the ladies cosmetic is able to hide pimples, and some species even podlechivat and dried. And most importantly, some types of concealers mask nightmare woman - circles and bruises under his eyes. This tool is also copes well with pigment spots, various small redness and other minor troubles that are familiar to women of all ages.

Reticulation concealers

The classification provides four types of concealer:

  1. Moisturizing. The most effective concealer, because it is able to hide even significant shortcomings (eg, bruising under the eyes, bags). In addition, the composition of such funds contain useful ingredients that promote skin hydration.
  2. Stick. This is the perfect tool to disguise scars or scratches. He has a dry texture, so it is not particularly removes pimples, redness or bruising.
  3. liquid. It is best suited for evening make-up, because in daylight skin may look a little doll. If, nevertheless, decided to use a liquid concealer during the day, do not forget that it is necessary to apply a dot.
  4. pencil. Evens tone and hide pimples, is a good example - concealer "Meybelin Dream Lumi". It should be carefully applied agent in the eye, because it has the property to pull the skin slightly.

It should be noted that the concealer and corrector for the face - a little bit different things. Origin - sparing agent which masks defects and promotes alignment of skin tone. But the second, except that hides even serious damage, more and take medical treatment in the process. With him you have to be alert and apply exclusively on the problem areas, avoiding the eye area. There are tools that successfully combine these properties.

What unites concealers brand Maybelline

Every year more and more gaining popularity concealer "Meybelin". Reviews of cosmetics mainly good. It is designed to hide flaws on the face, with which all line tools to cope perfectly well. Concealers this company combines light texture. They go to great skin and that pleases not roll off in a few hours. During the day make-up looks fresh and attractive.

Reticulation concealers

Based on the reviews of buyers, concealers justified according to the manufacturer specifications. They mask the pimples, spots, minor redness, as well as coping with circles, bruises and bags under the eyes. In addition, it can be beneficial to shade the eyes, lips or cheekbones.

Dream Lumi Touch

Concealer "Meybelin Dream" women customers called "magic wand saves from dark circles under the eyes." It has an easy structure, which fits well with the skin and with the correct selection of shade becomes imperceptible. As part of the present reflective material, so even in the sun skin looks natural and literally shines with health.

Reticulation concealers

A handy bottle with a stick makes it easy to interact with the agent. A brush applicator ensures a fast and accurate means of applying. For a perfect hiding circles under the eyes and bruises Pick up the tone that plays on the contrast with the color of the defect. Thus it will not be visible.

Correction reticulation

Modern women are accustomed to a lot of work, which invariably leads to a lack of sleep and fatigue. As a result, in the morning there are unattractive dark circles under the eyes, pale, or, conversely, excessive redness. Reticulation concealers "Meybelin" to help cope with these unpleasant symptoms. It has three kinds of correctors that help to bring the skin in perfect condition:

  • Yellow. Designed to mask bruises and circles under the eyes.
  • Green. Masking red spots, which merge with a touch of your skin.
  • Two concealer over dark and light shades will help favorably to shade the face. The kit contains 2 highlighter, which will complete the image.
Reticulation concealers

The successful solution - Maybelline Affinitone Consealer

Concealer "Meybelin Affiniton" has a liquid consistency, which can be easily and smoothly falls on the face. Affinitone feature is that it creates a matting effect. With the right choice of colors means merges with the skin and becomes invisible look.

Reticulation concealers

Satisfied women customers speak about this concealer as an excellent tool, hide flaws. It does not dry the face and, importantly, does not emphasize fine facial wrinkles. Many girls say a convenient brush, using which it is easy to apply concealer. Since it turns out perfect fast day makeup. To a significant pluses is attributed availability and high volume bottle.

Maybelline Age Rewind - radiant, clear skin

Concealer "Meybelin" (Age Rewind) - an excellent base for make-up both day and night. Consistency means in light, lies well to the skin. But the girls in a review, noted that it is necessary to apply with care. If you apply too much, you can stand out fine wrinkles. And using a little money, not completely disguise under-eye circles. Therefore, it is important for every woman to find the "sweet spot".

Reticulation concealers

It should be noted that this concealer "Meybelin" is equipped with unusual applicator. It is soft and has the shape of a hemisphere. Initially, use unusual, but quickly comes to understanding how it is convenient. Such fine feathered applicator means allowing to apply it directly to the place of redness or bruise. This corrector is one feature - it acts as a highlighter, giving the skin a radiant glow.

How to choose and use a concealer

Not to be confused with concealer creams, because they have different functions. The first is designed to smooth out skin blemishes (pimples, redness, bruising, or circles under the eyes), and the second aligns shade.

Choosing concealer "Meybelin", consider the following factors:

  1. Depending on your skin type? requiring masking? Pick up the texture.
  2. On the basis of what the flaw requires masking, determine density means that you need to buy.
  3. Carefully choose the shade: it should be approached by color and tonal cream.

The means must be applied after foundation. Shading is performed using a special brush or warm fingertips. The bristles of the brush can be sprinkled with water. Thus corrector distributed with greater accuracy. Concealer can not only mask the defects, but also beneficial to place accents in the face. To slightly lighten up, put on the projecting parts. You can visually make the lips slightly plump, just distributing it along the contour.

And finally ...

Choose a concealer with a special care is necessary. Many girls, and professional makeup artists recommend to buy concealer "Meybelin". Reviews of the products of this brand are often positive.

Reticulation concealers

How many people - so many opinions. Despite the fact that a cosmetic product, referred to in this article, more than positive reviews than negative ones, pick up cosmetics every girl should own. In choosing to rely on the individual characteristics of the skin, a personal preference.

Yet concealer "Meybelin" - a high quality at an affordable price. But the most important advantage of this cosmetic product is the ability to choose for themselves the perfect option. After line concealers this famous brand is quite broad.