Barbel Alexander: biography, photo and achievements in boxing

Barbel Alexander - a professional boxer from Ukraine. With each passing day the number of its fans is only growing. Barbel promotes a healthy patriotism and protects the reputation of his country in the boxing ring. To his credit more than a title won by hard work of the athlete. And according to the AIBA rating, Cirrus ranked leader among heavyweight boxers.

Childhood and adolescence

January 17, 1987 was born Alexander Barbel. Parents of the future athlete met in the city of Simferopol in 1984. Sasha's mother, Hope, originally from Rybotina Koropsky area. Barbel Alexander Medvedev, his father, grew up in the Ukraine, in the Sumy region. The future famous boxer in his childhood visited section of folk dances, judo and football. Sasha was in junior Tavria football team, where he was left midfield. But Barbel gave no great hopes on the football field, so tied up with the sport. He became interested in boxing quite late. Only at the age of fifteen he began training.

Barbel Alexander: biography, photo and achievements in boxing

The main thing - do not give up!

Sergei Lapin became the first coach Alexander. It was he who saw in Sasha talent. Seeing the spark in a guy, he took it into his boxing section. Then there are now hundreds of boys. But then almost all of them have dropped classes. Faithful training there were only three men - Sergei Lapin, his son, who later became the champion of Ukraine, and, of course, the Sasha. Remembering my youth now, Barbel Alexander said that in the first training session he "snitched" on the full program. The young man is very hurt, so he began to train two times longer and harder. Sasha spent every day in the room for four hours, not allowing yourself to relax. After he saw his first successes, Alexander fell in love with boxing really. A lot of the guys were laughing at the fact that the Sasha constantly "hangs" in the hall. But it paid off.

Barbel Alexander: biography, photo and achievements in boxing

Boxing - a great game. The Beijing Olympics

When Sasha was nineteen years old, he made his debut in the championship of Ukraine. He has performed in the 75 kg category. Alexander was victorious in his first fight. Immediately after that Sasha was invited to the national team of Ukraine. Then he took only the second place in the team. But the chance of success was just around the corner for the young athlete. On the license tournament in Italy he was to act Poyatsyk Denis, who could not attend the event due to injury. Instead, he went Barbel Alexander. He had to spar with opponents who were heavier than his eight kilograms. As a result, Sasha got his ticket to the Olympic Games in Beijing. But Barbel reacted to this competition lightly. Therefore, in the quarterfinals he lost to Italian Clemente Russo.

On the path to

In 2008, Alexander has a new coach - Anatoly Lomachenko. Under his leadership, the young boxer has lost only one amateur fight. In 2009, Cirrus could not overcome Russian Egor Mehontseva in the World Cup semi-final. But in 2011, Sasha was expecting the first major success. At the world championships such strong rivals as Turley Pulev Arthur Berterbiev, Sergey Korneev Timur Mammadov defeated Alexander Barbel. Fights with such serious opponents, culminating in success for Sasha, he opened the way to the Olympic Games in London, where he went as a captain and one of the main favorites of the competition. And antennae did not disappoint the people who believe in him. In the final, he defeated a boxer from Italy, Clemente Russo. After that Alexander hopak danced in the ring that has become the best advertisement for Ukraine in the world.

After the death of his father

Alexander was unable to fully enjoy their triumph at the Olympics. His father died. The cause of death was a heart attack. At this time, Barbel was going to move to the professional ring. But for this it was necessary to go to the United States, and the family could not leave Sasha. As a result, he signed a contract with the "Ukrainian Atamanov" command. For them, he made his debut, defeating boxer Fa from Britain. In this project, Cirrus performed very successfully. On account of his victory over the Germans were Eric Brechlinom, Briton Joseph Joyce, Italian Matteo Modugno and Romanian Mihai Nistor.

Barbel Alexander: biography, photo and achievements in boxing

professional boxer

In 2013, Cirrus Alexander moved to the professionals. It rained a variety of offers from US and British promoters. But he chose the company of Klitschko brothers named K2 Promotions. James Ali Bashir became the new coach Alexander. He said that in order to work with Sasha, he would fly not only in Ukraine, but even on the moon. In 2013, November 9 Cirrus had his debut fight in Klitschko's company. His opponent in the ring was a four-time champion of Mexico, Felipe Romero. In this battle, Alexander won a knockout victory. The following contractions were also successful for Alexander. He defeated Colombian Epifanio Mendoza, Ben Nsafoa German and Argentinean Cesar David Krens.

Barbel Alexander: biography, photo and achievements in boxing

Intercontinental Champion

In 2014, October 4 took an important match. Barbel boxed against Daniel Brewer. Defeating the enemy heavy knockout in the seventh round, Alexander became the interim champion of the WBO Inter-Continental. In the same year, on December 13, the Ukrainian boxer resisted the strongest opponent of his career - Danny Venter. Fight lasted nine rounds. As a result, Cirrus knocked Venter mnogoudarnoy combination. In mid-April 2015, Alexander entered the ring against South African boxer Johnny Muller. The fight was stopped by the judge when it became apparent that the Cirrus caused serious damage to Muller. 12 December of the same year Alexander has defended his title Intercontinental Champion. He knocked out Pedro Rodriguez.

Barbel Alexander: biography, photo and achievements in boxing

Against the Krzysztof Glovatsky

In 2016, 17 September, in the ring were two of the strongest boxers - Pole Krzysztof Głowacki and Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk, the weight of which was 90, 8 kg, and height -. 190 cm Striking is the fact that up to this fight on account of Krzysztof was not a single defeat. Despite the fact that the Poles tried to constantly increase the pace of the fight, he was not able to lock the Cirrus the ropes. Alexander met Glovatsky jabs and punches from his attackers left standing. Fight lasted all twelve rounds. Ukrainian boxer shown itself fast and accurate athlete. The judges gave him the unanimous decision win. Barbel Alexander, whose photo shown above, became world champion in the first heavyweight in his tenth pro fight. In this way he broke the record of Evander Holyfield from the US, which has received the title of champion in his twelfth fight.

Last match

April 8, 2017 to ring out the US boxer Michael Hunter and Alexander Barbel. The last fight for the Ukrainian boxer was a success, as all previous professional bouts. Fight lasted twelve rounds. At the last minute the fight Cirrus sent Michael Hunter in the knockdown. With a score of 117-110 defeated Alexander. He is the second time he defended his title.

Barbel Alexander: biography, photo and achievements in boxing

A few words about the personal life of an athlete

Cirrus wife, Catherine, she studied with Alexander in parallel classes. Young people began to meet still at school. After a while they started to live together. In 2009, the couple decided to formalize their relationship official. At the moment, Sasha and Katie already has a daughter and two sons. But the athlete is not going to stop and says that he wants another boy because he's worried about demographic growth in Ukraine.