Tattoo styles, from skulls to portraits

Tattoo - a figure that is applied directly to the skin. Such an image is almost all my life, except that over the years may lose their brightness. Of course, many people do tattoos only from a desire to stand out, emphasize belonging to the majority. However, it is best to focus on those sketches, which carry special meaning for the individual. Tattoo styles also should choose depending on what exactly is the owner of the picture, based on the nature or life situations.

How to choose the right style?

Today emit about forty different styles for tattoos. Among them you can find images that are suitable romantic ladies, and drawings selected gothic girls. However it is necessary to consider not only and not so much the fashion trends, as your character.

Tattoo styles, from skulls to portraits

In the first place, you need to choose something that will be shown in the sketch. Tattoo styles you can pick up a little later. The main character drawing should bear some meaning. It can be like a wolf, which emphasizes the strength and the ladybird, which is considered the patron saint of chastity and hearth.

However, it should also be combined with the appearance of a tattoo. It is not always a strong man with a fair amount of muscle will be organic look with a tiny hedgehog on his shoulder. However, because everything has its exceptions. For example, more and more girls are stopped at a fairly masculine images. Styles tattoo in this case stress feigned aggressiveness or belligerence.

Realism. Sophisticated style

Tattoo in the style of realism appeared a long time ago, but to this day has not lost its popularity. As is clear from the title, the tattoo in this style should be as accurately and realistically portray any subject. These tattoos include portraits of famous personalities or relatives.

Tattoo styles that help most accurately represent a phenomenon or a living being, is usually chosen personality punctual, rationalists by nature. They like it when everything is going according to plan. Such people often have limited imagination that does not prevent them to stay in the center of any company.

It is worth noting that the tattoo in this style should perform really good master. Otherwise, the portrait can be a caricature, rather than any character.

Tattoo styles, from skulls to portraits

Tattoos in black and white

Apart from the style of realism can be identified and the next trend in the art of tattoos. This kind of image are executed in dark, gray and black colors. However, not always the final image can be called realistic. In this style of tattoo master can express their imagination.

An interesting fact is that many people believe that the tattoo in this style better heal. However, this is not quite true. Much depends on the care for tattoos. However, this style, in turn, gradually helped to be born, and other variants of tattoos. In black and white can be represented by almost all the sketches, acquiring a special charm.

Tattoo styles, from skulls to portraits

Gangster tattoos. Style Chicano

One of the very interesting styles, something associated with images in black and white and color tattoos in the style of realism - is Chicano. Such tattoos are directly discharged to the underworld. Initially, they have arisen to the forties. Latinos associated in any way with the underworld, these tattoos were applied. It was not the only distinguishing mark for "their", but also the personification of the thoughts and actions of the bandits. The name itself has a particular translation. It is believed that this distortion of the word "Mexican" who disparaged Mexicans gifts to US residents.

Also, this style often includes skulls and images. Sketches tattoo in Chicano style, depicting the occult character, rooted in Mexican tradition. It is a sugar skull was considered a tribute to all who lost their lives. There is even a festival that helps to remember the fallen. Therefore Chicano tattoos and often include this element.

Tattoo styles, from skulls to portraits

It is explained, and the color of the tattoo. Chicano style adheres to black tones. If the original still image is applied with a sewing needle and a simple black only because of lack of materials, and now the followers of this style refuse colored elements in tattoos on principle.