"Feather" the tattoo. Meaning pattern for men and women. Color selection

Recently gaining popularity the fashion for tattoos, especially because they are applied professionally in salons on the design and color, please clients. Young men and women adorn their bodies, so samovyrazhayas. Stylish, beautiful and original tattoo is considered "the pen". Meaning it is different for men, women, and people of all lifestyle and character.

Individual perception of tattoos

The main man for when choosing a tattoo is always individual approach to drawing. Image pen - this is not an exception to these rules, that's only for men and women symbol interpretation is carried out differently. Beautiful ladies generally believed that such a figure suggests tenderness, lightness and barely perceptible touch. For men, the symbol is a direct testament to their courage, boldness, strength, aggressiveness, unbridled temper. Creative people tend to believe that the tattoo means "feather" the love of freedom, self-expression, flight of fancy, openness to the world, ease of character.

In any case, prior to application to the skin should deal with personal intuitive understanding and perception pattern. It's not just a picture, decoration, and an element with a deep meaning.

Man often intuitively through means tattoo reinforce desired character quality. This is no mystery, since the frequent contemplation of the image, causing the same sensations truly strengthened desired personality.

Historical tattoos to "feather"

Strong and brave people who have weight in the Indian tribes, as well as shamans and healers wore tattoos "pen." Its value for the soldiers to get the Eagle-quality image or a falcon.

Also expressed a tattoo:

  1. Communication with the ancestors.
  2. The revival of life.
  3. Storm, wind and air as the three elements.
  4. Family Ties.

The inhabitants of ancient eastern states, to pass someone's power or the beauty of the vast night sky, using tattoo "pen." Meaning attributes ascribed peacock (vigilance, wisdom, nobility and richness), drawing was in Greece. Ancient Christians three pen depicted in the hand, were considered a sign of higher benefactors. A Egyptians thus implied connection to the gods. Buddhists it is a symbol of vigilance and compassion.

Modern tattoo to "feather"

It is possible to generalize that now the image are performed in two styles: traditional and modernized. Figures who prefer the fair sex are made exquisitely, often referred to a carrier bird feather: crane, eagle or a peacock.

You can list these variants of the symbol used in today's world:

  1. Easy and free flight.
  2. Weightlessness.
  3. Clean.
  4. Moving between worlds shower, shared thin veil.
  5. Rebirth.
  6. Victory.
  7. Dream.

If the pen is shown sectioned and incomplete, it denotes mental injury and pain. Figure, which also made the birds, symbolizes the desire for liberation of thought. Tattoo "pen" on the foot of girls choose, because it looks like the image is very elegant and beautiful. See also this figure is well on the shoulder, neck and arm.

What does the color of

Girls mostly prefer a more modern and creative, made with bright colors tattoo option "pen." The value attributed to the meaning of images of a man, more prosaically, and used to perform a dark tone. Gray or black colors indicate rigor, seriousness and restraint personality.

Which means that the selected tone:

  1. Feathers Red symbolizes passion and sexuality, as well as victory and life success.
  2. Figure in the green and blue tones is a silent message the owner about his desire tranquility, peace and stability.
  3. Pen, made in shades of purple, talking about principle and stubbornness.
  4. An orange and yellow as the warm tone denote heat carrier heart tattoos, and also in the presence of its character of ambition.

In any case, we must remember that the image remains in the body for life, so the approach to his choice should be thoroughly and thoughtfully. There is always a moot point as to whether it is destiny only youth, or only men, is a purely private matter.