Meaning tattoo "Rose": A brief history and description

Tattoo today - it's not just a fad, or the most common way to stand out among the crowd of the same type. Drawing on the body - it is symbolic, elegant and mysterious. The most common option is the color image, and of particular interest today is just a rose. Meaning tattoo "Rose" is multifaceted, and today there are many interpretations of this figure.


Since ancient times, color images are very common symbols. For example, in ancient Egypt, the rose was a symbol of the transience of life. In Christianity, it symbolized goodness, and Islam - blood of the prophets. Moreover, this image of a flower is often found on the arms and emblems of some countries, as great writers often used the symbolism of the rose in his literary masterpieces.

Meaning tattoo

The beauty and grace, nobility and sophistication, innocence and passion - values ​​of this plant a huge amount. Surely that is why people from ancient times is particularly true for the rose, albeit in different ways interpret the meaning of such a beautiful character.

The value of the tattoo "Rose"

Image Rose can have a different meaning. The symbolism of this figure depends on what composition it is full, any color directly flower itself, where it is located, and so on. D. Nevertheless, there is a fairly widespread interpretation that says that the rose symbolizes the image of love and beauty. That is the person on the body that has the image of a flower, like to talk about their internal and external appeal. Meaning tattoo "Rose" may indicate distinctive features of a human. For example, spikes eloquently that the owner of a tattoo attaches great importance to its inner world. In addition, the most beautiful flower, surrounded by thorns, is credited with evidence that true love can not do without suffering.

The color scheme tattoo

Color plays an important role in image interpretation. It should be read with some embodiments of the color performance of the tattoo and its significance.

  • The red rose symbolizes love, respect, passion, romance, wellness.
  • The white color is shrouded in mystery and mysticism. He characterizes the youth and innocence, sanctity and purity of love.
  • Yellow flower can mean a strong friendship and loyalty, but at the same time it is - it is envy and jealousy.
  • blue rose - a symbol of inspiration and inspiration, as well as fantastic (not surprising, because blue roses do not exist).
  • The value of the tattoo "Rose" black - the darkness, and the darkness of death.

In addition to the color and location, it is of great importance and compositional structure drawing.

Meaning tattoo

The combination of roses with other patterns

That can mean a rose on his arm? Tatu, whose value can be interpreted in two ways, characterizes the inner world of man, his feelings and aspirations. For example, a flower surrounded by barbed wire symbolizes unhappy love, and rose with a skull and cross means regret the loss of a loved one. Dagger entwined rose - a symbol of passionate love, and guys tattoos (spouses, for example) is characterized by devotion.

Meaning tattoo

The value of the tattoo "Rose" or the girl from a young man does not as such significant differences. In fact it is one and the same character. Some professionals allocate another classification values ​​- at the place of the tattoo location, but the emphasis is on color gamut and the pattern composition.

That is why, going to a tattoo parlor, you should carefully examine the symbolic signs and choose the most appropriate in all respects drawing.