Tattoo "Bull" - the value of drawing on the body

What is the tattoo "Bull"? Such a pattern has a clear meaning. Tattoo "Bull" is the epitome of masculinity. This animal is associated with something powerful, invincible and strong. This - a symbol of sun and fertility.

Tattoo "Bull" - male pattern

So more. Tattoo "Bull" - a symbol of courage in any culture. This tattoo says about the power and the power of its owner. it also represents the male force, protect the woman.

In most cases, the tattoo crowd into mature men, leading a brutal, active lifestyle. bull applying to any part of the body indicates that they might.

In addition, Bull has always symbolized vitality. In popularity this figure passes a horse. However, the bull in all cultures is not just a symbol of power, as a symbol of divine power.

In addition, the bull is associated with a symbol of unbridled power. Remember the legend of the Minotaur, who was born in Crete. That's what she says. Bull was considered more a symbol of the universe. In Islam, this animal personified with the support of the world, and horns - with the waning moon.


Core values ​​

Tattoo "Bull" in many nations associated with deities. They are represented in the form of a strong and powerful animal. Bull - a symbol of the natural forces of nature, and the life of royalty. All these noble qualities embedded in the value of this tattoo. The only point. If you like this Underwear image, be sure to consult with the master, where to put it better. The main thing is to figure harmoniously fit into your image.


Different peoples

Tattoo "Bulls", a photo of which are present in almost every directory of professional salons, are markedly different from each other. Just like their symbolism. For example, the Celtic bull was exactly the embodiment of power, the Iranians - the soul of the world, the Buddhist - a strong personality, the Romans - the life force. In Egypt and India, the bull is still considered a sacred animal. Peotomu he is worshiped and respected. In ancient Greece, in the form of a bull often portrayed Zeus.

It should, incidentally, be singled out black bull. Such an image is a symbol of a fiery start, the demonic forces of the game with death.



Tattoo "Bull" has a value in most cases close to each other. However, an important role in its treatment, and also plays an embodiment of the pattern. Often, the tattoo was packed as one of the signs of the zodiac - a Taurus. It occurs sometimes a bull bullfighting. This animal is associated with taming the beast, and masculinity.

Considerable popular tattoo in the form of a man with a bull's head. This - the guard that protects a person from the dark forces. Many people are convinced that this pattern acts as a very powerful talisman that it gives its owner virility, vitality, vigor. In general, a tattoo of a bull is right for a strong half of mankind. By the way, do not forget that this figure stuffed in prisons. The owner of a tattoo is considered a fighter, a man easy to manifest itself in the order of their physical strength. Other values ​​can not be here. In this drawing the wild natelnyj bull bear exclusively positive value. Applied to such an image, as already mentioned above, for any part of the body. However, all harmoniously looked on the chest or upper arm.

Thus, we conclude. A tattoo of a bull has a fairly clear meaning and is considered exclusively male. Although sometimes, in very rare cases, there are such figures and female bodies. The main thing - it correctly chosen image. Do not forget to listen to the masters-professionals.