What does the tattoo with the letter "C" and an image of the crown?

Since ancient times, people have tried to stand out from the crowd, drawing henna tattoos, plant juice, clay and other dyes which we could find. This tradition continued into modern society. Now, unlike in the past, most tattoos are not just body decoration, but also a reminder of any event or name in a person's life.

Selecting a suitable design of the tattoo and body parts where it will be located - a very important moment. When considering as a thumbnail of any words, letters or symbols should be guided by their intuition and taste. But do not forget about the importance of symbols. You should also pay attention to many other details: size, color, and font of the slope. Some are convinced that it will bring happiness and confidence of the first letter of his name, famous quote or popular expression, indicating their position in life. Many people want to immortalize on his body a memorable date or occasion.

The value of the tattoo with the letter "C"

This symbol in the form of a tattoo can often be seen on the wrist or arm of both girls and guys. Tattoo with the letter "C" can mean quite a lot, starting with the first letter of his name and ending with the abbreviated name the place where people went and where he would like to come back again.

What does the tattoo with the letter

Sometimes a tattoo does not bear the total notional value and represents the way a memorable moment for the individual. Some stuffed a tattoo with "C" letter in order to capture important life event such as a wedding. That is why a number or a tattoo may be the date and the first letters of the names of the bride and groom. Others use the symbol "C" as an abbreviation name of the beloved and dear person - a parent, a child, a close friend or lover. This tattoo will carry the exactly the meaning that it will lay the owner.

Location tattoos

Most people make drawings on the skin, not only for themselves but also to their estimated the other. Tattoo with the letter "C" on his arm is almost always in full view of others and will surely make her interested in value. If you have invested in her a deep and intimate sense, which would not like to tell others, then you should seriously think about the location of your secret on the skin. In this case, a tattoo with the letter "C" can be placed on the hip, chest, shoulder blades and in those places that are often hidden under clothing.

Crown Symbol - this greatness

With time gave the crown the image symbolized as a deity. Its presence, along with other symbols gives them the presence of the great importance and credibility. Qualitatively made colored tattoo on her wrist with the Latin letter "C" and the crown will decorate the person, regardless of his social status and age.

What does the tattoo with the letter

Girls prefer to depict the crown along with the letter to emphasize its importance and to show that it is for the owner means a lot. Basically, these tattoos can be seen on the neck, wrist and waist. Crown emphasizes the owner of superiority over the other girls, because the value of a tattoo - power.

What does the tattoo with the letter

The men often bought large crown and stuffed her in the chest or back. Thus, they emphasize their power and authority. Tattoo gives them strength and confidence.