Tattoo "Crows": description and value of the character

Raven - this is one of the most mysterious and mystical birds. Its image is present in many religions and folk beliefs most diverse ethnic groups. Someone thinks this bird a symbol of cunning and deceit, someone - the evil messenger of the other states that crows live a hundred years and has incredible wisdom. Because of such an abundance of conflicting interpretations is not easy to understand what it means to tattoo "Ravens".

The basic principles of interpretation tattoos


If you want to know what means this or that underwear image, try to assess its overall style and mood. Images of birds in contemporary art and tattoos are found in the schematic, and in an elaborated form. The most noteworthy general context. Tattoo "crows nest" can symbolize family and marital fidelity, soaring bird, or thoughtfully sitting on a branch - the desire for freedom and independence. Popular image - a raven on a gravestone or cross, such images often do in remembrance of the death of a loved one.

Tattoo ravens meaning in different countries


Beliefs of people around the world are quite different from each other. For example, in most western European countries and the raven is considered a messenger of war and death. But in Japan, the bird symbolizes the love and happiness in marriage. In the Christian tradition of crows is the personification of evil, tattoo with the image is hardly like a deeply religious people. The original interpretation of this simple character offer us an ancient civilization. In Scandinavian myths existed two ravens symbolizing the mind and memory. The Romans believed this bird a symbol of hope, and the Greeks believed that it brings fertility and longevity. However, all these traditions can be considered conventional in these days, and if you like a tattoo "Crows", feel free to choose the most interesting picture, without regard to public opinion. You want to make a bird more positive? Add the black feathers of white and gray blotches. Pay attention to the detailing: the beak and bones should not be too sharp and tense posture.

Modern treatment options for tattoo raven


Tattoos depicting birds, look equally good on the bodies of women and men. Raven - it is a "decent" and neutral pattern that is acceptable to place on the exposed parts of the body. The tattoo can represent a bird entirely, her head or silhouette sketchy. Effectively look drawings supplemented other elements, background, inscription. Out of competition tattoo "Crows gather in a flock," or image of a pair of birds. Instinctively, similar images attract creative people, "not of this world", with a special connection to the afterlife, and prone to mystification. Most probable interpretation: immortality, eternity, death, prediction, strength, cunning and wisdom. Do not forget that not all of their tattoos with some special meaning. Many of our contemporaries like wearable image only because of their beauty or use them to cover up scars and other skin blemishes. If you see someone has a tattoo, "The Raven", in any case, before you are likely people are incredibly creative and original thinking, do not miss the opportunity to socialize and get to know.