Footballer Leonid Buryak: biography, photos, achievements and interesting facts

You know who the Leonid Buryak? What did he do? What has been achieved in life? On these and other questions we will answer in this article. Leonid Buryak - Ukrainian coach, Soviet football. In the past he was a midfielder and the USSR team "Dinamo" (Kiev), and in 2002-2003 was the head coach of the Ukrainian team.

Leonid Buryak in 1996 became the deserved trainer of Ukraine, in 1973 - the master of sports of the USSR, and in 1975 - the master of sports of international class of the USSR and the award-winning master of sports of the USSR.


It is known that Buriak Leonid I. The game starts in Odessa. He was noticed breeders "Chernomorets" and attracted to the games for the reserve team. Since he was a small muscle mass, the chief coach of the team Sergey Shaposhnikov insisted Leonid certain period of time engaged with the ball, not in the hall. As a result, young Buriak became a leading player "Chernomorets", and in 1972 appeared for the first time in the list of the best Ukrainian players.

Footballer Leonid Buryak: biography, photos, achievements and interesting facts

Shaposhnikov knew that more would not make sense to keep Buriak in Odessa, so in 1973 he blessed him in the transition to the "Dinamo" Kiev. Kiev league debut came in the match against "Ararat", held in the capital of Ukraine. In this game, Leonid Buriak was able to score, and the team defeated the opponent with a score of 3: 1.

The young athlete has become a good team player. His first successes in the "Dinamo" were - the 1974-75 Cup Winners' Cup, the super prize of the UEFA 1975 Cup and the championship in 1974.

In subsequent years, Leonid Buriak has also been a valuable player, "Dynamo". In the season of 1984, the people of Kiev were unsuccessful (in the national championship took only 10th place), and then left the football team. At first he wanted to link their fate with "Spartacus" (Moscow), even a few test matches played. Yet he changed his mind since realized that in Kiev the public does not approve of his move to the main football opponent. As a result, he was in Moscow "Torpedo". This command Buriak Leonid I. left in 1986 and went to Kiev, where he began to prepare for surgery Achilles tendon. However, surgical intervention is required. Buriak once again felt the power and accepted the invitation of the Kharkov "Metalist". In 1988, he teamed up with the team won the Moscow "Torpedo", and took the USSR Cup.

In the fall of Leonid Buryak (footballer) I went to Finland, where he continued to play, but at the same time fully conducted a training business. From 1991 to 1993 he worked as a famous athlete in the US Envansillskom University (left for America at the Ukrainian diaspora line).

In 1993, in October, he returned to Ukraine and led to polsezona Ternopil "Niva". This team he helped to stay in the top league. From 1994 to 1998, he coached Buriak Odessa "Chernomorets". In Odessa, Ternopil and it worked without a contract because it does not wish to associate itself with any obligations.

From 2014 to the beginning of Odessa held a football match "Cup Leonid Buriak." And in 2015, 13 September, in the alley of laurels football FC "Chernomorets" (Odessa), two registered new plates have been installed, one of which is devoted to Leonid.

Player Achievements

During his life many awards received Footballer Leonid Buryak. His biography is full of various interesting moments. It is known that this man as a player in 1974, 1975, 1977, 1980 and 1981 became a favorite of the USSR, and in 1975 won the cup holders of the UEFA Cup.

Footballer Leonid Buryak: biography, photos, achievements and interesting facts

In addition, he received the following titles:

  • The bronze medalist of the USSR championship in 1979.
  • Member Oleg Blokhin (106 goals).
  • Silver medalist of the USSR Championship in 1973, 1976 (Fall), 1978 and 1982.
  • The owner of the Cup of the USSR (1974, 1978, 1982, 1986 and 1988).
  • Member Gregory Fedotov (103 goals).
  • third kicker of the USSR (a weekly publication "Hockey, Football") - in 1981.
  • In 1975, a survey on the "Golden Ball" (France Football) took 23 th to 36 th place.
  • It is located in the list of the best players in the years 1972-1982.
  • His name is on the list of the best football players of the season in the USSR: №1 - 1977 1979-1982, №2 - 1975, 1976, №3 - 1978;
  • The bronze medalist of the 1976 Olympics.

Achievements coach

The more famous Leonid Buryak? Biography he is interested in all of his fans. As a coach, the football has reached such heights:

  • Best Mentor Ukraine 1994-1995.
  • Silver medalist of Ukrainian Championship: 1994/95, 1995/96 years.


At the world famous Leonid Buryak. Nationality it easy to identify: it is the Slavic race. This athlete was awarded the Order "For Merit" III (2004), II (2013) and I (2015) degrees.


More than anything, my family loves Leonid Buryak. Born it is known to everyone. He was born in 1953, July 10, in the Ukrainian SSR in Odessa. Father Leonid died early. His mother raised three children alone.

Footballer Leonid Buryak: biography, photos, achievements and interesting facts

Wife of Leonid is Jeanne Vasyura - artistic gymnast. Footballer has grown children - daughter Oksana and her son Andrew.


It is known that Buriak is a graduate of children's factory will make "Prodmash" and №6 football school, located in Odessa. He played for such teams:

  • Odessa "Chernomorets" (Ukraine) - 1971-1972.
  • "VanPa" Vantaa (Finland) - 1990.
  • Kiev "Dynamo" (Ukraine) - 1973-1984 years.
  • "Kemin Toverit Pallo-85" Kemi (Finland) - 1988-1989.
  • Moscow "Torpedo" - 1985-1986.
  • The Kharkov "Metallist" - 1987-1988.

In the USSR Olympic team Leonid played in nine tournaments, scoring two goals. For the USSR national team, he played 49 matches and scored eight goals.


It is known that Leonid Buryak taught a lot of players to score goals. He coached the Finnish athletes in 1990 (team "VanPa" Vantaa), and from 1988 to 1989 (the team "Kemin Toverit Pallo-85" Kemi).

Footballer Leonid Buryak: biography, photos, achievements and interesting facts

This is a well-known footballer was the head coach of the following members:

  • Ternopil "Niva" (Ukraine) - 1993.
  • Odessa "Chernomorets" (Ukraine) - 1994-1998.
  • The Club "Arsenal" Tula - 1999.
  • The national team of Ukraine - 2001-2003.
  • "Alexandria" Club (Ukraine) - 2012.
  • Evansville University team (USA, Indiana) - 1991-1993.
  • "Dynamo" Kiev club (Ukraine) - 2005.

Among other things, Leonid assisted head coach of the Ukrainian national team from 1996 to 2005, he served as athletic director in the Ukrainian club "Dynamo" (Kiev) - 2005 and "Zarya" (Lugansk) - 2005. In 1996 he became an Honored coach of Ukraine.


He has presented the beautiful game around the world, Leonid Buryak. Personal life it evolved quite interesting. How he met his wife? It is known that after the completion of one of the studies, Blokhin Buriak invited to visit the October Palace with him. Leonid agreed, because at that time was free. In the hallway of the palace Oleg met her friend and started talking to her. Leonid stood beside him and for a while looked at the girl. She was slender, tall, with brown long hair and gray-green eyes merry. Then Leonid did not even recognize her name.

Footballer Leonid Buryak: biography, photos, achievements and interesting facts

After a while, he became ill with angina. Buriak felt disgusting, but he had to call home to Odessa, so he went to the Post Office. There, on telephone booths, Leonid faced with the very same stranger from October Palace, which was always thinking. He met her. She said her name was Joan Vasyura and that it is one of the best gymnasts of the country's artists. She noticed that Leonid sick and insisted that he go home. She asked him for the address, and the next day visited him and began cleaning the apartment. Leonid enthusiastically watched as she does all quickly.


Leonid Buryak and Jeanne Vasyura met for more than three years. Of course, it sounds loudly. In fact, they spent together during the year is not more than twenty days. After all, they were athletes: Jeanne trained in Kiev, and Leonid was permanently or at the games, or at the training camp. Lovers have not seen for months, but wrote letters to each other and called each other. As a result, Buriak realized that so can not continue. He was afraid of losing Jeanne.


So, you already know that Leonid Buriak is married to a wonderful lady. It is known that the decision to get married he has matured in Montreal at the Olympic Games. By the time Joan was already a world champion and together Deriugina Irina and Shugurova Galimov, who were her friends on the team, has performed with the exhibition program at the opening of the Olympics. While gymnastics has not yet received an official Olympic sport.

The next day the girls were supposed to fly home. Leonid agreed with Jeanne that when he returns from Canada, they will go to Odessa to relax and get to know his family. wedding date a couple discuss in Kiev, when she was visiting the parents of Jeanne. Young decided that Buriak play November 12 the final match of the season with "Spartacus" (Moscow), and the next day they will go to the registrar.


Buriak thinks his game with "Spartacus" on the eve of the wedding remember his fans. He scored a goal kick from 35 meters, his team won, and Muscovites were in the first division. In that game, Leonid tore ligaments in the leg, and the next day he was put in plaster - from knee to foot. Buriak and had to marry - a wand and cast. The wedding was celebrated in Koncha Zaspa. We walked a few days. The triumph was delicious, but only the famous footballer was unimportant partner in the dance for the bride.


Did you know that on that day, when Buriak was born daughter, there was a plane crash that killed his friend with the team "Pakhtakor" (Tashkent)? Leonid did not want to upset his wife, so he pretended that nothing terrible has happened.

Footballer Leonid Buryak: biography, photos, achievements and interesting facts

After the wedding, Jeanne practiced for some time. And then she became pregnant, and she had to finish his career. In 1977, at Buriak son. About the birth of Andrei's father found on the base. He's in the hospital had not been able to go as a couple of hours with the team flew to Germany. The players returned after three days, and Leonid raced from the airport to the market, bought flowers and went to the hospital - his wife and son. And in 1979, 11 August, at the happy parents was born daughter Oksana. That same day, killed together with the team "Pakhtakor" (Tashkent) friends of his family - Vladimir Fedorov and Mikhail Antonov.

In the last century, in the 70-80s, Buriak was one of the greatest midfielders of Soviet football. His sports career is firmly intertwined with the Kiev "Dynamo". As part of that was for the indigenous families from Odessa, he, as a player, spent 13 seasons, was a sports chief, leading coach.

And no matter how hard worried Leonid parting with the club dear to the heart, it is always nice to remember the years lived with the "Dynamo".

The emotions of people

When Buriak appeared in "Dinamo", he immediately began to lay claim to a place in the basic composition. However, his first match, he held, appeared on the field as a replacement. When he started to play in the home game with the "Ararat" (Yerevan), his team lost 0: 1. Leonid managed to make the score equal to, and after the "Dynamo" raised the couple more goals and prevailed with a score of 3: 1. At the time Buriak mom was in the October hospital - she did on foot operation. Fans, and they were then more than 80,000 gathered in the stands of the National Stadium after the match went along the avenue and shouted: "Glory, glory to the player Leonid Buriak!"

Footballer Leonid Buryak: biography, photos, achievements and interesting facts

When Leonid walked into the hospital room, he saw the terrified mother's eyes. "What's the matter, son? - she asked. - Why do people march around the city, and chant your name? ".

Buryak told her: "Mom, your son scored a goal." The woman could not believe that football can cause people so much emotion. A very long time she thought activity Buriak only hobby.


Once a Buryak was such a case. When his mother was visiting him, she put things in order and came across a huge amount of money. Leonid did not yet know what the salary can be stored in the Savings Bank. All that he had received, carried home and folded in the locker. When he returned home, he was waiting for a scene similar to the scene from the movie "The Diamond Arm". In this film there are shots where the wife of the protagonist asks about the origin of funds, holding a pile of bills. Mom Leonid could not think that football can bring such a large income. "Son, where did you get so much money?" - she asked several times.

Visiting Vysotsky

At the Montreal Olympics Buriak and Blokhin been a guest of Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vlady, they met in Canada. It happened at the end of games. The players went for a walk around the city and accidentally met on the street Marina and Vladimir. In the process of communicating the famous singer invited them to his villa removable.

Oleg and Leonid went to visit them in the morning and returned to the Olympic village late at night. Then they flew over the "AWOL."

Famous footballers before were familiar with Vladimir Vlad, so unfettered feel in their company. Talked a lot, drank coffee, Vladimir sang for them a guitar. He gave Leonid cassette on which his new songs were recorded since learned that that has recently had a birthday. Vladimir said that these songs still has not heard and has forbidden to distribute them. Leonid I. - today Consultant of one of the foreign football clubs, and his wife, now rests on the pressing problems. The couple Buriak gorgeous children. Son Andrew is a member of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry: he a skilled diplomat, although previously also chasing the ball on the football field. Daughter Oksana lives in Germany, he performed dances in the ballet in Stuttgart, now bringing up kids. For Leonid Jeanne and there is no greater joy than when their comfortable house come the children and grandchildren (all four of them - three girls and a boy).