White Manicure: ideas and photos. White New Year's manicure with sequins

White nail polish - it is simple and at the same time stylish. Marigold classic light shade organically fit into any image. However monotonous manicure is no surprise, it can seem boring. Although white is the perfect field for the fantasy of the original design.

Black & White Classic

White manicure perfectly with the black stuff. But why not combine these two colors in the design of marigold? such options will look more impressive:

  • "Hearts":
    • nakraste transparent nail varnish (it is possible that the particles present therein Shimmer, it is interesting to look milky coating);
    • the size of each nail make stencils with a slot in the form of hearts and fix them on your fingers;
    • to fill the free space with white paint;
    • 1-2 nails of each hand Arrange hearts black;
    • coat the nail with clear varnish for fixing and sheen.
  • "Mosaic":
    • cover nails with white paint;
    • manually or by using a stencil, draw a black triangles, placing them in a chaotic manner;
    • apply fixing layer.
  • "Stripes":
    • cover the nails white lacquer;
    • when it is completely dry, glue the wide horizontal strips at equal distances;
    • top of the nail to paint black lacquer;
    • carefully remove strips and allow to fully dry;
    • Apply a clear coat.
  • "peas":
    • nakraste nails with white paint;
    • with a toothpick, needles or special DOTS put down black dots in a chaotic manner (they can also be small, and large);
    • Apply a finishing transparent coating or varnish with glitter.

Black and white manicure looks incredibly stylish. And if you want to make to your image a touch of originality, decorate each nail differently.

White Manicure: ideas and photos. White New Year's manicure with sequins

White Christmas manicure

White lacquer - the ideal basis for a New Year's manicure. On a light background festive bright colors will look particularly advantageous. So, to make a spectacular white New Year's manicure, you have to perform these steps:

  1. Prepared nails coat of white paint. It can be glossy, matte or pearl. It is possible to further cause the means with small spangles.
  2. a fine brush, dip in green lacquer on the nails and draw lines that mimic the posting of garlands. They can be straight, winding or twisted.
  3. Pick a few rhinestones same size and shape but different colors. It will be lights garlands. It is desirable that the stones have an elongated form droplets.
  4. Attach rhinestones in close proximity with a special adhesive or conventional clear lacquer to pre-draw "wires".
  5. Do not cover rhinestones transparent varnish, because they will lose their luster. It is better to put a little money at the bottom of the stones.
White Manicure: ideas and photos. White New Year's manicure with sequins

A bit of bright colors

White nail polish can be playful and bright, if we add to it a little bit of paint. First, let's consider a simpler version:

  1. nakraste nails with white paint. Can be in 2-3 layers, the color went tight and not translucent.
  2. With floss DOTS or put down on the edge of a number of nail varnish bright points (on one nail - pink, on the other - light blue and so on).
  3. to fix the result, covering the nails clear varnish.

There Bole elegant and sophisticated version that will make your image a romantic and gentle. For example, the following sequence of actions:

  1. Cover the nails thick layer of white lacquer.
  2. The thin brush in a bright dip lacquer and a diagonal from the upper corner of the strip before reaching a lower edge of the nail.
  3. On the sides of the color bar swipe thin stripes. The result should be something like a feather.
  4. On the rest of marigold paint the same feathers in different colors.
  5. For durability and luster, apply a clear lacquer.
White Manicure: ideas and photos. White New Year's manicure with sequins

Manicure White Glitter

If you're going for a celebration or you simply have a festive mood, you fit something sparkling. For example, a manicure white with sequins. It will be the most advantageous to look such an option:

  1. Cover all nails, except that on the ring finger, a dense layer of white matte lacquer.
  2. Cover the nail on the fourth finger of clear varnish and until it is dry, pour it large gold sequins, press gently with your fingertip and remove unwanted residues.
  3. Spangled nail cover layer of transparent varnish to protect it from fraying.
  4. The rest of the nails can be left white or further decorate sequins.
  5. In the corner of her nail swipe strip of clear lacquer and sprinkle gold glitter.
  6. Lightly press the finger pad and brush off excess glitter with a brush.
  7. Carefully, without touching a matte finish, go over the edge of the clear lacquer to glitter is not showered.

White Manicure: ideas and photos. White New Year's manicure with sequins

The strict geometry of the

White nail polish can be an interesting and stylish. Try this design:

  1. Cover the nails clear varnish. Acceptable use means a flickering Shimmer. Lovers of bold decisions, you can experiment with colored base.
  2. Wait for the main polish is completely dry.
  3. With decorative adhesive tape, starting from the lower edge of the nail, make a simulation of sharp arrows. White nail polish on short nails may be limited to 1-2 with arrows, and if the nails are long, it is possible to make 3 or more rows. The edges of the adhesive tape should go beyond the plate, so that it was convenient to remove.
  4. , apply a dense layer of white lacquer (gloss or matte). If you have used as a base color coat, you may need several layers, so that the color does not shine through.
  5. When the paint is completely dry, gently pull the tape edge and remove it.
  6. To fix the result, apply a layer of a transparent glossy varnish or matte coating.
  7. If you want to give a manicure "festive mood" at the base of each claw fasten small rhinestones.
White Manicure: ideas and photos. White New Year's manicure with sequins


If you just can not decide what color to paint your nails, give preference to black or white lacquer. A classic that will go with any wardrobe. Bright coating - the perfect solution for light romantic images. white manicure ideas are so numerous that your nails will look every time a new way.