Foot care at home: folk remedies, masks, recipes, reviews, photos

Every day, throughout the day, our feet undergo heavy loads, because they have to wear a weight of our body, often in high heels and uncomfortable shoes, plus we often carry something in their hands. In the context of an active lifestyle in the evening each of us just do not feel their feet. It is often visited by thoughts lie down on the sofa and did not move. And why not relax with a benefit for himself?

Care of legs in the home

Regular foot care at home should consist of the following main procedures:

Foot care at home: folk remedies, masks, recipes, reviews, photos
  • Cleansing.
  • Massage.
  • cream.

In need of special attention of the foot, which must be kept clean and avoid rough. To do this, each time washing is recommended to clean them with a pumice stone, and then they dry it thoroughly, and they applied the cream.

Before we proceed to the study of various domestic baths, scrubs and masks for foot care, let's see, what are the reasons for the formation of corns and rough.

corns on the feet and their causes

The main reasons for the formation of corns and rough on the feet as follows:

  • over dried skin.
  • Stand-up lifestyle.
  • uncomfortable shoes.
  • Stop Constant contacts with synthetics.
  • Missing steps to care in general.
  • The long-term stay in closed shoes.

In order to avoid over-dried skin, and as a result, cracks and roughness, you must constantly exercise proper care of your feet at home.

for meaningful care recommendations for the soles of

Foot care at home: folk remedies, masks, recipes, reviews, photos
  • In the summer before going out into the street, his feet wet the cream.
  • In order to better blood circulation is recommended to do a foot massage with moisturizing oils. For this purpose, you can buy a specialized cosmetics cream or prepare at home.
  • For the well-groomed feet at least once every seven days, prepare baths for feet and remove the horny layer of the skin surface.
  • Use a pumice stone.
  • Never use a razor to get rid of coarseness of the skin, it is very much damage the skin. Better rasparte good legs and remove all pumice.

As can be seen from the above recommendations, foot care at home is not that backbreaking labor, the main thing is not to run.

How to give your heels softness tell bath home. The components are selected individually in each case. When you select a component, always refer to your skin type and personal taste. These baths are herbal, soap, soda, salt, and so on. D.

Solutions for baths

1. Tray for softening the skin

Need: Dry chamomile flower, St. John's wort, sage and water. All herbs are mixed together in equal proportions and are filled with boiling water for fifteen minutes, after which the solution was filtered, and legs sink into it. Soar foot in the solution must be from twenty minutes to an hour. The proportions of water and herbal teas - forty-five grams of dried herbs taken half a liter of hot water.

Foot care at home: folk remedies, masks, recipes, reviews, photos

2 trays of white wine

Two hundred and fifty grams of wine is heated to bubble on the fire, then is poured fifteen grams of linden flower, stir and boil for five minutes. Ready broth is poured into a cup and a slightly lowered feet ostuzhennoy water for fifteen minutes. At the end of the foot time necessary to thoroughly rub the scrub brush and dip into the broth again. After the bath is recommended to walk in the footsteps of a piece of pumice and rub them with olive oil or a nourishing cream. This procedure should be carried out every thirty days. 3. Vnnochka milk

Pour two hundred and fifty grams of milk, the same viscous solution of soap, and forty-five grams of sodium chloride or sea salt. When the salt crystals are fully dissolved, the foot must be immersed in the solution for half an hour. As the cooling water may be added to hot water.

4. Foot Bath with vinegar

In a bowl with hot water is necessary to pour five spoonfuls of vinegar cider, and steamed to give a solution of the foot is not more than fifteen minutes. Then the legs are massaged with a soft washcloth, rough skin removed a stone pumice, at the end of the foot are rinsed in warm water and apply cream on them. This bath helps to effectively get rid of rough skin of the feet.

5. Tray of soap and soda

In a liter of water is poured half a cup of baking soda and a quarter cup of liquid soap. Put your feet in the resulting mixture, and hold for about ten minutes, then three brush, apply the cream at the end.

Presented available broths and solutions provide a minimum at home foot care to any of you.

Traditional medicine in the fight against corns

Now analyze foot care at home, folk remedies for corns.

The problem of corns fine ash handles. To do this on a daily basis to do a soda bath. Just dissolve baking soda in a liter of water and soak your feet there. After rinse your feet in water and wipe dry with a towel, it is also possible to spread the foot cream.

Another great tool - a salt bath. preparation of the principle is the same as that of soda. It is recommended to use sea salt, but if it does not, you can do ordinary, common.

No less effective folk remedy - aloe juice. This beautiful plant is used in folk medicine to treat many diseases, care for the body and face. Feet are not an exception to the use of aloe when necessary foot care at home. Reviews of aloe indicate that it greatly helps soften your skin heels and effectively helps to clear them from the stratum corneum. You need to cut the plants with a pair of fleshy leaves, cut them in half lengthwise, and juicy pulp to make callous skin heels. All this is to fix the bandage and go to bed. In the morning wash the feet with warm water and walk on them with a pumice stone, spread your favorite cream.

Simple and effective recipes for foot care

Foot care at home means not only washing and cleansing of the feet, and it must include measures to mitigate the skin heels.

Foot care at home: folk remedies, masks, recipes, reviews, photos

In this case, you will help ordinary hen's egg. Take only the protein and lubricates them stops, leave for twenty minutes, after time remove with warm water.

Soften and make the lighter skin of the feet to help the mayonnaise and sour cream. They should also be applied over the entire surface of the foot and hold for at least forty minutes, then rinse.

Sometimes due to lack of time we neglect the care of the feet, and as a result they become rough and cracked. To cure this disease will help us to foot care at home - folk remedies that can be found the hostess to any kitchen. One of those is kale. Take a couple of sheets of fresh cabbage grind them in a blender, and the resulting slurry was put on the foot. On top of polyethylene wraps and put on socks. At the end of half an hour we remove the socks with the film, to caress the feet with warm water, wipe dry and rub a cream massaged.

Corns - your "headache" pain?

we are often faced with the problem of running corns. Goodbye to them will help ordinary potatoes. For this purpose, do not throw away potato peelings after cooking, better rinse them thoroughly and prepare a decoction, which will help soften the skin. Thoroughly washed clean, pour a little water and simmer over low heat until they are tender, should get a paste.

Foot care at home: folk remedies, masks, recipes, reviews, photos

Foot before immersion in potatoes to steam must be good in a solution of soda, and then dipped in the slurry from potato peelings and hold from twenty minutes to an hour. Then feet washed in warm water and pulverized towel. At the end of the procedure should be actively to rub the heels with a pumice stone, and the softened horny layer is easily erased. Upon completion of the heel smear cleansing cream.

Fast and effective care heels

In the popular press are very common headers: "Foot Care at home: photos, before and after", under which presents the dream heels like a child, and instructions on how to achieve such a result. Here we are with you now look at one of these methods.

Foot care at home: folk remedies, masks, recipes, reviews, photos

So, in order to heel were soft and pink as a baby, not necessarily to buy expensive funds, this can help ordinary oatmeal. Preparing porridge as usual with oil, spread kulechka in two, one for each leg and to the foot put on top of a package, wear socks. In such "oat socks" recommended to go, the longer the better, at least an hour, and then the legs just with cool water. After this procedure, the feet become soft and pink heels.

A variety of masks for our feet

Also included in the foot care at home under the mask. Cook them simply, consider some options recipes to help solve any problems down the skin with little effort and cost.

1. Mask of celandine

Melem grinder or grind in a blender Fresh celandine sheets and we put this mess on the surface of the stop for the night, in the morning everything is washed away with water.

2. Cottage cheese and sour cream mask

Mix cottage cheese and sour cream, smear your feet and wear for twenty minutes, wash off. These components are perfectly moisturize the skin.

3. Olive oil

To stop the skin was soft and velvety, lubricate them with olive oil.

4. Aloe

To soften the skin of the foot, apply over the entire surface of the pulp of aloe and leave for half an hour, then rinse with cool water.

All known mask for feet is best applied at night, that our feet are relaxed at night, and it's time to revive them.

A few tips last

While reading the article, you will notice that the entire foot care at home - recipes - end application to a foot moisturizer. recipe for homemade cream I want to suggest to stop, which you can easily prepare yourself.

Foot care at home: folk remedies, masks, recipes, reviews, photos

For this we need: vitamin A, which can be easily purchased at any pharmacy and calendula ointment. Take part Vitaminki ointments and two "A", mix and place the resulting composition into a container with a lid and store in the refrigerator.

These are the plain and simple enough tips for your feet care get rid of unwanted imperfections, because your feet are worth it.