Traction T fingerboard: the most common mistakes and correct execution

Today we will talk about quite effective exercises that bodybuilders often perform and simply engaged in gyms people who want to pump myself back massive. It called this exercise Rod T-neck. In the article we will deal with the fact that this exercise is how to implement it should be, and what the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.


Traction T fingerboard: the most common mistakes and correct execution

Sometimes, engaging in the hall, you can see how to perform the exercise Rod T-neck in the slope of the other people. They allow a plurality of errors, which, firstly, result in reduced efficiency for the training of muscle growth, and secondly, may cause injury. To avoid this, we consider the basic intricacies of exercise.

Of course, a glance at the performance of the exercises easy to guess that Rod T-shaped neck is designed to work through the middle part of the back. The movement should be performed due to the fact that the blades are reduced and the entire load out here, to this target area. After looking at the newcomers, it is possible to note the primary key error.

Traction T fingerboard: the most common mistakes and correct execution

In the first place, the main mistake is always excessive weight gain. That is, people want to get the maximum effect, and so loaded with a maximum weight of the projectile, which can raise. In fact, the first time is not so much important weight as the correct execution of the exercises. Only when there will be a certain technique, and making mistakes is, therefore, possible, you can move on to higher weight, if necessary. What do inexperienced people? They once hanged, mostly between 60 and 80 kilograms, begin to perform thrust not at the expense of the back muscles, which must be pumped, but solely by hand. Here in the course are and biceps and triceps, and shoulders. In general, the sight of something else. Statistics show that up to 10 people commit such mistakes are not one person, not two, but more than half.

The Importance of T-Rod

Traction T fingerboard: the most common mistakes and correct execution

As previously mentioned, the thrust T-bar to the chest - an exercise that allows you to effectively increase the back, shake it. The girl in the eyes of men has a perfect figure, if it is skinny. But the ideal figure of a man, as is commonly believed, should be both a relief and massive. Not too much, but still. As they say, a triangular shape. That is the broad shoulders and a broad back, which is when approaching a narrowed waist.

Similar proportions just help achieve thrust T-neck to the waist. You can also perform pull dumbbells. In this case, one of the main results is not only a set of muscle mass in the dorsal sector, but also an overall improvement in posture of the athlete doing the exercise. Accordingly, at times reduced risk of injury and back muscles. What is the T-rod is different from other exercises that allow the burden on back muscles? But the fact is that in the course of the exercise to activate not only the surface portions of the fibers, but also the deeper, smaller. Involve them in the performance of standard exercises is not possible. We are talking about the thrust rod in the slope, as well as the thrust dumbbells. Thus, the T-rod allows to work dorsal muscles more detailed.

The benefits of the T-rod

Traction T fingerboard: the most common mistakes and correct execution

In the first place, this exercise can be used in the performance of a neutral grip. At the same time, we recall, the palms have to look at each other. It is very important to consider if you can call it, a biomechanical point of view. The fact that a neutral grip for the most traction is in a stronger position. That is, the back muscles are loaded most strongly. Consequently, it will be better and the effect on performance.

Second, the T-rod enables to depict the contour of a trapezoid. Rather, its middle part. In this case, the smallest back muscles will also be highlighted.

Third, in the course of the exercise in the case turned on a lot of different muscle sets. Generally, the T-rod is considered to be an isolated exercise. But loaded when performing not only the middle part of the back, but its lower sector. Not bad given load and abdominal muscles.

How to do the T-rod?

Traction T fingerboard: the most common mistakes and correct execution

Usually beginners who have just come to the gym, believe that the secret of the shortest and most efficient recruitment of muscle mass is to work with the utmost weight. This certainly makes sense. However, in the case of the T-rod, as is the case with some other exercises, it is important not only to allocate the limit for yourself (the maximum), individual weight. It is necessary to define it correctly. That is, at this weight still need to perform the exercise correctly.

Increase the weight at T-drawn, again, only need once you have mastered the correct execution and have adapted to it. So, how looks the exercise step by step?

Step 1

First you need the free end hang pancakes. It should be placed between the legs. It should take up the handle of the simulator. In this case, the grip should be slightly more than shoulder width. Fix feet on the footrests, put them there firmly. Knees should bend slightly, but the back will certainly need to keep smooth. Looking ahead will help you fulfill all these kind of goals. That's what starting position at T-drawn.

Step 2

The second step is to pull the neck to him. It does take a breath. When all goes to the end point of the trajectory, should tighten the muscles together. That is, it is necessary to pull together the blade. Now - on the contrary. Inspiratory return back weight. In this case, the platform should not touch it.


Before executing should determine the number of sets and repetitions. Watch out for the implementation, correct mistakes. Then soon you will be able to do the T-rod correctly on the machine.