Big hands - how to build forearm

Exercises for a healthy body

Everything in the body is to be beautiful and harmonious. Each muscle group should be to a certain extent is proportional to another. Only in this case can be achieved postoreniya ideal figure. Hence there is a need of an isolated study of all muscle groups. In general, the question of how to pump up the forearm should be given every person seriously engaged in the iron sports. After all, this muscle group is responsible for the extension (the outer side of the hand) and flexion (the inner side of the hand) wrist. Forearm consists of four muscles of the front and 2 rear. Other things being equal conditions of development in the first year of active employment they do not require additional pumping, receiving its load when performing basic exercises. But then inevitably have to do isolated exercises in order to keep pace with a forearm from other muscle groups in power and scope. Since the pump arm is most effective? Consider the most effective exercises.

Big hands - how to build forearm

Basic steps

First, a little theory. This group of muscles in our body is the nature of the developed, and in the daily life of the forearm are actively involved. Therefore, the number of repetitions in each set should be brought to 11-12 times. Pump them is recommended at the end of the entire training program when they are in a very heated situation. forearm exercise performed using the bar and dumbbell (present in any gym). The first and very effective exercise is performed with the help of the bar. Khvat normal (average), palms facing upwards. Sitting on the bench, to put almost the entire length of the forearm to his feet, leaving the brush in a hanging position. Unbend brush needed so that the rod is hung while holding one finger only. After that, the shell must be raised to the starting position, having carried out the function of flexion. Not recommended to tear off the forearm of the feet.

Big hands - how to build forearm

The second exercise is almost identical to the first, only to take up the post here need the opposite grip, palms facing the floor. Such an action can also be performed with dumbbells. Operating weight in this case is a little less. There is another exercise at the same time engage the bicep and forearm - a great way, if you are wondering how to pump up the forearm. Lifting barbell biceps reverse grip beautifully scored and is working on the data groups of muscles. Exercise is carried out in a conventional manner, only the grip in this case is the same as in the second exercise.

Big hands - how to build forearm How to build forearm at home

Here, the horizontal bar is an excellent tool with which you can perform hanging on the crossbar from worsening. An additional weight can be anything, the main thing - and securely fasten / attach it correctly to him (preferably to a belt). And you need to hang as How many have the strength. This method contributes to the development of the forearm endurance. Also in such a case you can use the expander, which is essentially a perfect exercise to work out arm muscles. Yes, and any other physical activity, in the course of which uses flexors and extensors wrist, effectively working on the forearm. In addition, it is important to try to perform the exercises in which these muscle groups will be involved.