Palette "Vellaton" by Wella

Permanent paint "Vellaton" represented by Wella palette comprising 32 tint. Professional formula means facilitates reliable fastening pigments in curls. The main advantage of the product - an opportunity to get lasting results and a full gray coverage, combined with bright, juicy nuances. "Vellaton" palette includes a range of natural, chocolate, light, red and copper colors. All of them are amazing brilliance and saturation.


The advantages of dye

Wella Company carefully monitors the quality of its products. Therefore, only high quality raw materials used in production. With regular use means hair structure is aligned, they become smooth. dyeing technology is carried out on an oxygen basis, which allows to obtain specular gloss and save it to the following procedure. Special attention should be paid not only the palette "Vellaton", but also the quality of the dye. Its advantage is a convenient creamy consistency and the absence of a sharp smell of ammonia. This point has already been able to assess many of the women who use the means. The product contains high quality fragrances and has a pleasant aroma. Included with the dye is restoring serum Color Therapy. It consists of a complex of at least one aminosilicone, medicinal oils, hair covering with a thin layer after staining and protect them.


Palette "Vellaton"

Variety of colors of dye allows you to experiment with colors and shades. It combines natural and expressive nuances. Now fashion naturalness, so much, actively tracking the latest trends, can choose any shade of brown colors - from dark to light brown-haired blond. The main product range includes gold, honey nuances, such as nutmeg, golden rye, meadow honey, ginger, ripe wheat, white linen, spicy cinnamon and many others. Palette "Vellaton" will please lovers of bright nuances like red volcano, exotic cherry, honey sunset. They just come to their liking. Brown tones presented six options: milk chocolate, dark brown, dark gray-brown, caramel and chocolate, nut. The line includes a separate series of products, which is based on shades of natural minerals: gold dust, quartz, amethyst valley sunset. Light shades are shown in saturated tones, this bright ash, shells, pearls and natural light blonde. Painting "Vellaton" (palette will be shown in the photo) offers a series of "nature inspired". These are three interesting nuance: cherry, ash and oak.


The use of

The dye for persistent staining tone on tone. Bright nuances can raise the color depth of one or two colors, not more. The product is applied to dry hair. It is mixed with the oxidant in a ratio of 1: 1. In the primary use should be applied to the roots and immediately to the whole length of the strands. Pigments funds tend to accumulate in the hair, so repeated and all subsequent staining must be carried out according to the technology: first paint the roots for 15 minutes before rinsing put on the length.

"Vellaton" - hair color (the palette is varied), which is designed for home use. In order to avoid low-quality staining results the manufacturer recommends not to exceed the allotted exposure time. And when choosing a shade always be guided by the original color.



coloring gray hair

The composition of the dye is developed taking into account the structural features of not only conventional, but also gray curls. The product is primarily intended for use with this type of hair. "Vellaton" - hair color (any shade palette allows to apply even with 80-100% gray content), which includes a variety of useful components. For example, an extract of coconut palms, it is perfectly nourishes and cares for curls. In addition, good line-up makes it easy to mix paint with the oxidant. Thick consistency makes application of a mixture of comfortable and fast.

Women with a high percentage of gray hair, it is recommended to mix fashion with natural nuances. Dye "Vellaton" (color palette is described in the article) permits mixing of all colors together to get a more interesting and saturated colors. Thus, if more than 60% gray, it is necessary to mix the desired shade with the same level of color tone, but the natural scale. Otherwise there is a risk that the color will turn transparent, unsaturated. Every woman can find in Wella palette suitable option. In addition, the dye is released in the form of a mousse, and great for toning, updates of color and light gray coating.